Chapter 288: Pei Rumo’s Considerations

Ying Lan snapped back to reality. He never thought of such an aspect. He couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Bai Luochu saw that Ying Lan had already understood her meaning and she started speaking of her considerations. “You should already understand my meaning. Once we provoke them, we will be facing an enemy completely unknown to us. The enemy appeared out of nowhere and we are like a blank piece of paper to them, but to us, they might also be a blank piece of paper. Who knows what kind of massive entity might be behind them? How can we not be afraid?”

“Mistress, do you have any instructions for the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence?” Ying Lan understood the severity of this matter and immediately asked for Bai Luochu’s decision to avoid getting caught unprepared.

Bai Luochu muttered silently for a moment before giving Ying Lan detailed instructions. “Be extra careful and avoid attracting attention to ourselves. The Palace of Brilliance Resurgence is currently in the center of attention right now. Before we learn of their objective, it is better to lay low. All of you will still oversee the business and don’t worry about daily operations. As for the establishment of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence... I’m afraid that a mere poison array isn’t enough. Ask them to cultivate diligently.”

“We shall do as Mistress says.” Ying Lan felt that Bai Luochu’s arrangement was watertight and he accepted it. He quickly relayed a message to the heads of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence.

On the other side of the city, Pei Rumo received information about the mysterious group of people.

“Master, after Young Lady Luo Chu left, she has yet to return to the general’s residence. Do you think something is wrong?” The secret guard spoke of the suspicion in his heart. He had been complying with his master’s orders and monitoring Bai Luochu for a long period of time, hence, he had quite an understanding of Bai Luochu’s actions.

Bai Luochu was a through and through cultivation maniac. If she didn’t have anything to do, apart from her three meals and sleeping time, she would basically be cultivating or moving about in the secluded courtyard. The guard felt as though his job was too boring and he even hoped that Pei Qingfeng would visit her everyday so he could report back to the First Prince. If he were to stay on the tree the entire day to watch over Bai Luochu, a layer of mold would definitely grow on his body. His skin might even stick onto the tree, making him part of it. 

Pei Rumo felt that something was fishy and he asked, “Luo Chu has yet to return to the general’s residence?”

The secret guard nodded to express his affirmation..

Pei Rumo felt that things were getting weird. According to Luo Chu’s character, she would return to the general’s residence at the earliest opportunity. Why is she taking so long today? Has she been targeted by someone? If someone kills her, won’t all my efforts be in vain?

Pei Rumo shook his head and tried to dispel the doubt in his heart. He regained his composure and instructed his secret guard, “If she doesn’t return by nightfall, let me know. If she returns to the general’s residence, report back to me.”

The secret guard acknowledged the instructions and backed out of the study room quietly.

Ming Lu was busy the entire day and he felt that his arms and legs were sore from work. Zi Su was the one serving Pei Rumo in the study room.

When Zi Su saw the secret guard leaving, she asked a question, “Master, His Majesty sent the group of mysterious people to the residence beside the Second Prince’s residence. I think that they have an extraordinary identity. Furthermore, the group of people headed straight to the imperial palace the moment they entered the city. His Majesty even received them personally. He also discussed a guard due to misconduct.”

“That is rare. My Emperor Father is so afraid of the throne running away that he pities the fact that he can’t stick himself to it. He took the initiative to invite someone into the palace and even fired a guard? It seems like these people are truly extraordinary.” Pei Rumo frowned and he sank into thought.

Zi Su continued her report, “That isn’t all. After they entered the palace, Eunuch De Quan left the palace to bring someone back. Why don’t Master guess the identity of that person?”

“What is wrong with you recently? Ming Lu has been behaving like a cheeky little brat and you’re acting the same.” Pei Rumo noticed that Zi Su was building suspense and he felt a little annoyed.

Zi Su didn’t reveal a fearful expression and she spoke her mind. “Master, please forgive me. This servant thought that if Master can guess the person’s identity, Master will also be able to guess the identity of the group of people. Since Master doesn’t wish to guess, this servant shall reveal his identity.” Zi Su paused for a moment before speaking again, “The person who was summoned in a hurry was His Second Highness.”

Pei Rumo raised his brows and thought. I would be summoned most of the time when entertaining foreign guests. If I’m not the one doing it, it would be the brat, Pei Wuchen. Since when did Emperor Father start summoning Pei Qingfeng? If what Zi Su said is true, this is a really strange matter.

Zi Su quickly reminded Pei Rumo, “Master, those people’s true objective might be His Second Highness. Master should remember that His Second Highness is...”

“Quiet!!” Before Zi Su could finish speaking, Pei Rumo immediately interrupted Zi Su’s sentence. When Zi Su first spoke, the possibility had already flashed through Pei Rumo’s mind. He never thought that Zi Su would be bold enough to speak of it openly.

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