Chapter 281: Conflict at the Palace Gates

“Get lost, get lost! A group of lunatics coming out of nowhere in funeral gear... How dare you request an audience with the Emperor! Do you think you are related to the imperial family? Do you think you can see him just because you said so?” That guard chased them away.

The Honored Sir’s brilliant smile collapsed as he berated the guard. “Even if you don’t believe me, you can’t insult my disciples like this! This old one has traveled this world for a long time and has never seen a young man as vulgar and rude like you.”

When the guard heard the scolding, he was immediately enraged, “What are you talking about? As an old man with one foot in the coffin, you should return home and live out the rest of your days in peace. If we need to give you a beating and send you away, things would get ugly.”

Due to his overwhelming power, the middle-aged man had to conceal his true strength. The guard had a misconception that he was stronger as he was unable to feel the middle-aged man’s aura.

The middle-aged man squinted his eyes and spoke with disdain, “Are you sure you are going to treat me like this? If we really have to fight, you might not be able to defeat me.” The middle-aged man stated.

The atmosphere between the two sides turned into a state of mutual hostility.

“What’s going on?” De Quan just so happened to be sent out by the emperor and he noticed the situation at the gate. He quickly tried to de-escalate the conflict.

“Chief De Quan, this person wants to barge into the imperial palace with his group of men. I stopped him and he even wants to threaten me.” This guard spoke quickly.

“You... Not only are you unreasonable, you dare to accuse me when you are in the wrong! I showed you my token as a proof of identity and you insulted us in return. You even threatened to beat us up! This eunuch, please take a look. This token is proof of my identity. If you present it to His Majesty, he will surely invite us inside.” This middle-aged man stated with a serious expression. De Quan who originally didn’t believe him was now rather convinced.

De Quan felt that there might be a chance this middle-aged man was some kind of big shot. If he were to detain him outside the palace gates, he might be in deep trouble. De Quan quickly took the jade pendant and said, “Sir, please wait for a moment. This old servant will make a report to His Majesty. Regardless of whether His Majesty is willing to invite you in, this old servant will return with an answer.”

That guard saw De Quan’s attitude and realized that things were going south. He immediately prepared to stop De Quan, “Chief De Quan, you must not do that! It might be a plot to get you into trouble.”

De Quan rolled his eyes at the guard before yelling at him, “Who do you think you are? Who would wish to plot against us? If they wish to plot against us, do they need to come over in the day? What a retard.”

De Quan finished speaking and headed straight for the throne room.

When the emperor finished listening to De Quan’s report, he immediately asked, “You said he handed something to you? What is it? Bring it to me.”

De Quan obediently handed over the middle-aged man’s jade pendant to the emperor.

The emperor was originally very sleepy but when he saw the jade pendant, he immediately sat up straight. He yelled at the top of his lungs, “De Quan, comb my hair and straighten my clothes! I need to personally receive them!”

De Quan instantly knew that he had done the right thing. He called for more eunuchs as he went out to make the ceremonial preparations.

In just a short moment, the emperor was ready and he prepared to receive the group of people at the gate.

Before reaching the palace gates, the emperor broke into a light jog. He greeted the middle-aged man as soon as he arrived. “Oh my, Honored Sir. Why didn’t you inform me in advance? I didn’t even prepare for your arrival… You even had to wait at the gates of the palace… I apologize.”

De Quan instantly reacted by putting the blame on himself, “Your Majesty, this old servant is at fault. Had it not been for this old servant’s fear of setbacks and didn’t dare to allow them in, our esteemed guests wouldn’t have to wait for such a long time.”

When the middle-aged man saw the two men play in front of him, he laughed it off. “Your Majesty, we arrived too suddenly and by the time I realized that I hadn’t sent the invitation card, I was already in the capital city. It wouldn’t matter if I was alone, but these children came with me. I cannot allow them to suffer hardships with me.”

The emperor responded by laughing heartily. “Hahaha, it isn’t a problem. My imperial palace is very spacious! If all of you would like, you can simply reside in the imperial palace. It’s getting windy and let us enter the palace before continuing the conversation.” As the emperor spoke, he gestured to invite the man inside.

Right when they were about to enter the palace, a delicate voice echoed through the air, “Emperor Uncle, don’t you know that someone threatened to beat up Honored Sir when we were waiting at the entrance? Shouldn’t you do something about it?”

The emperor paused and he turned to look at the trembling guard. He tried to think of a way to appease their anger.

That middle-aged man quickly reprimanded the young lady who spoke, “Xian’er, what is wrong with you? What are you saying?! Hurry up and shut up!” After scolding her, the middle-aged man turned around and spoke to the emperor. “Your Majesty, this child is behaving willfully. You don’t need to mind her. Let us enter the palace quickly.”

The emperor wasn’t going to allow this matter to rest and he immediately questioned the guard. “What is going on? Hurry up and give me an explanation.”

That guard’s knees immediately went soft as he knelt on the ground, “Please spare my life! This servant failed to recognize an important person and didn't know that he was an important guest! Please forgive my sins!”

The emperor wasn’t going to pardon him. “De Quan, bring this person to the inner affairs department and ask him to hand over his waist token. Issue him this month’s salary and let him leave. He shall no longer guard the imperial palace.”

De Quan acknowledged his orders and responded respectfully, “Yes.”

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