Chapter 280: Mystery Organization Entering the Capital

Just as she was acting spoilt, a person came in and bowed to the middle-aged man.

“Honored Sir, this disciple scouted the capital city. There isn’t anyone who knows about our identity and I don’t think there is a need to worry. But... ” He seemed to hesitate when he spoke.

The middle-aged man didn’t mind and said, “Just speak your mind.”

When the disciple heard what the middle-aged man said, he instantly reported his findings. “When this disciple was in the capital city, it seemed like I encountered Young Master Qingfeng. He seemed to have noticed me and he gave chase. This disciple went through a lot of trouble to shake him off. Not only so... when this disciple saw Young Master Qingfeng, he was having lunch with a beautiful young lady. However, it is possible this disciple was mistaken.”

The middle-aged man responded and said something rather surprising.

“Young Master Qingfeng doesn’t really pay attention to his own words. If others know about it, things might get out of hand. It will definitely affect the agreement between the Patriarch and the rest.”

The young lady called Xian’er was startled and she looked towards the floor. No one knew what she was thinking.

That middle-aged man didn’t say anything else, causing the atmosphere to stagnate.

Xian’er had a lively character and wasn’t able to endure the silence. She immediately piped up, “Aiyo, Honored Sir, rather than us standing around and making wild guesses, why not clarify things with Brother Qingfeng? That’s one of the reasons why we should enter the capital city as soon as possible. We will be able to stay warm and we can even confirm our suspicions. Xian’er will also be able to meet Big Brother Qingfeng!”

The middle-aged man who originally had a gloomy face was amused by Xian’er, “You… you are taking advantage of the love the Sect Patriarch and your Big Brother Qingfeng have for you to run amok. Alright, this old man shall listen to you and enter the capital city. However, you need to promise me something.” The middle-aged man’s tone changed as he spoke to Xian’er.

Xian’er interrupted him before he could say anything. “Xian’er knows. Others might not know our identity, but everything we do represents the sect. When we are in the capital city, I cannot behave willfully and I must not embarrass the sect. Calluses are growing in my ears after hearing Honored Sir’s repeated reminders.” Ling Xian’er pouted her lips to show her dissatisfaction.

The middle-aged man laughed heartily and said, “Hahaha, I hope you will keep my instruction in mind. Alright, I shall not repeat myself. Let us quickly enter the capital city before all the inns are filled up.”

With a wave of his hand, the middle-aged man commanded everyone to advance. The group moved in a grandiose manner towards the capital city.

When a group of outstanding individuals entered the capital city in such a high-key fashion, there was no doubt they were going to attract a lot of attention.

“Hey, hurry up and look! Who are these people? All of them look like celestials! I thought that the members of the Phoenix King Valley were outstanding talents but from the looks of it, they look like bumkins compared to these people…”

“Exactly! Look at their attires. They don’t seem to be from the other two immortal sects either. Who exactly are these people?”

“Hurry up and look. The three young ladies behind the leader look like goddesses! I have never seen such gorgeous looking young ladies!”

When Bai Luochu heard the clamor, she quickly turned around to look at the group of people entering the capital.

A single glance was enough for her to identify their clothes.

The commoners were amazed by their appearance but Bai Luochu was amazed at their clothing.

“Moon Descent Cloud Brocade?” Bai Luochu tilted her head slightly and muttered. Tilting her head the other way, the color of their clothes changed. Bai Luochu confirmed the thoughts in her mind.

It was actually Moon Descent Cloud Brocade! The fabric was extremely valuable as only one roll of it could be made in a year. Superior and natural silk was waved together to form the Moon Descent Cloud Brocade. It was made using special weaving methods and the color of the fabric would change depending on the angle of observation. The fabric gained its name as one would look as though they were wearing a coat made from moonlight when standing under the sun.

When Bai Luochu noticed that everyone in this group was wearing clothes made of the Moon Descent Cloud Brocade, she couldn’t help but envy them. She was even more curious as to where these people came from. She turned around and asked Pei Rumo, “Your First Highness, do you know these people? Who are they?”

Pei Rumo had already noticed this group of people for a long time and had already roughly guessed their identity. But Pei Rumo felt that it wasn’t appropriate to tell Bai Luochu and acted as though he didn’t know, “I don’t know either. I have never seen these people around.”

Bai Luochu nodded helplessly and thought if she had spare time, she had to investigate them.

They didn’t stop as they headed straight for the imperial palace.

The guards at the imperial palace’s gate stopped them. “Halt! Who are you? How dare you barge into the imperial palace.” The guards at the gates felt nervous when he saw this group of people walking over in a grandiose manner. They were afraid that the group was here with malicious intent.

The middle-aged man didn’t feel unhappy because he was stopped. He simply took out a jade pendant and explained to the guard, “I don’t wish to make things difficult for you. Please look for His Majesty’s close aide and show them this jade pendant. His Majesty will definitely allow us to enter.”

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