Chapter 276: Returning the Invitation

When Bai Luochu returned to the general's residence, she didn’t see Cai Ling. She recalled something and went over to Cai Ling’s room to look for her and realized that Cai Ling was cultivating. She laughed helplessly and felt that her brain wasn’t functioning properly. She was the one who asked Cai Ling to cultivate and she was also the one who didn’t know why Cai Ling wasn’t around.

As such, Bai Luochu returned to her room and started to cultivate.

At night time, Cai Ling still didn’t know that Bai Luochu had returned. In order to put on a show, she picked up the dinner to look for Bai Luochu.

As soon as Cai Ling entered, she saw Bai Luochu sitting at the table busy with something.

Cai Ling was shocked. “AHH!” Had it not been for her normally stable hands, Bai Luochu’s dinner would be all over the ground.

Bai Luochu was also frightened by Cai Ling’s scream and nearly dropped the teacup in her hand. After some time, she said to Cai Ling, “Why are you getting flustered? When I returned, I noticed you were cultivating and didn’t want to disturb you. I thought that you would look for me at dinner time and didn’t think my presence would shock you.”

Cai Ling frowned and started to complain to Bai Luochu, “Mistress, you... Why didn’t you tell me?! This servant thought you would be gone for a long time and wasn’t prepared to see you in the room. I almost died from shock! What if a thief was in your room?”

“Alright, alright. I’m the one at fault here. Since it’s dinner time, hurry up and serve dinner. I didn’t eat during lunch and I’m starving.” Bai Luochu started to take the dishes from the meal box and arranged them on the table.

Cai Ling heard that Bai Luochu was starving and she quickly helped to lay the dishes. Seeing as the two of them were eating together, Cai Ling quickly picked up some dishes with her chopsticks before putting them into Bai Luochu’s bowl.

“Mistress, why are you back so early? This servant thought that you were only going to return after a period of time. Did something happen to the Green Flame Eagle?” Bai Luochu packed as though she was heading out for several days but she came back by dinner time.

Bai Luochu swallowed the vegetables in her mouth and explained to Cai Ling, “That’s the exact opposite of what happened. I came back so quickly because everything went smoothly. I gave the elixirs to the Green Flame Eagle and told it that the little bird had hatched. It was elated and brought me back.”

“That is great. Oh right, Mistress, don’t forget to return the invitation to His First Highness after you are finished with everything. If you forget about it, His First Highness will blame me.” Cai Ling pretended to complain.

Bai Luochu shook her head helplessly and smiled, “I know, how can I bear to let Pei Rumo settle the scores with you? Don’t worry, I will write the invitation card later, you just have to bring it over tomorrow morning.”

Cai Ling nodded as an indication that she understood. The mistress and servant spend a rather quiet dinner after that.

On Pei Rumo’s side, he was currently listening to a report from his secret guard.

“Luo Chu didn’t leave her residence but appeared in the afternoon?” Pei Rumo listened to the report and asked in shock.

“That is correct. This subordinate thinks that the general's residence has a secret passage that leads outside.” The secret guard spoke of his conjecture.

“There might be a secret passage, but it isn’t important. Are you here just to report this?” Pei Rumo felt that it wasn’t surprising for Bai Luochu to construct an underground tunnel inside the general's residence. To be accurate, he wouldn’t feel surprised no matter what Bai Luochu did right now. After all, she was a capable and bold lass. In Pei Rumo’s opinion, there was nothing she didn’t dare to do.

The secret guard hesitated for a moment before speaking up, “Those people outside said that they saw Luo Chu in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range.”

The room fell into silence. Pei Rumo was able to guess the reason behind her appearance in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. He was also able to guess what she was up to.

“You may be dismissed. I have my own way to deal with this matter.” Pei Rumo instructed.

After the secret guard left, Pei Rumo asked Ming Lu, “Do you think Luo Chu will send an invitation to me?”

Ming Lu felt that this question wasn’t easy to answer and if he answered poorly, he might get in trouble.

Ming Lu hesitated for a moment before speaking, “This servant cannot answer this question. However, Master mentioned that Young Lady Luo Chu is a person who keeps her word. She will probably send an invitation.” Ming Lu answered with uncertainty and when Pei Rumo heard it, he felt it was rather funny.

“What are you nervous for? It doesn’t matter if she visits or if she sends me an invitation. This is a matter between the two of us, why will I vent my anger on you?” After Pei Rumo’s explanation, Ming Lu felt a little better.

“Wait at the entrance tomorrow. She will definitely send someone.” 

Ming Lu didn’t know why his master was so certain, but the First Prince had his way of doing things.

Cai Ling was currently grinding ink for Bai Luochu and before the brush landed on the paper, Bai Luochu asked, “What did the First Prince invite me to do?”

Cai Ling pondered for a moment and finally recalled the invitation. “Previously, His First Highness invited you with the context of strolling by the lake. Does Mistress not know what to do?”

Bai Luochu nodded and explained to Cai Ling, “That’s right. They are usually the ones who send the invitation. It is rare for me to be writing an invitation card. I have no idea how to write one as I don’t normally visit other people to apologize.”

Cai Ling giggled, “Why don’t Mistress just invite His First Highness for a meal? No matter what, having a meal is the best solution.”

Bai Luochu considered for a moment and felt that Cai Ling’s words made sense. She then nodded and praised Cai Ling, “You are right. Let’s invite Pei Rumo for a meal.”

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