Chapter 275: Revisiting the Falling Cloud Mountain Range

“Previously, this servant thought that Mistress was like myself, a weak little girl. This servant felt that even though Mistress has heaven-defying abilities, Mistress should still be like other clan’s young ladies and live through peaceful days. But now, I feel that it isn't really possible. Mistress is destined to be the phoenix soaring through the nine heavens. Mistress shouldn't be trapped in the general's residence as a canary. Since Mistress might not listen to what this servant says Mistress can do as you please. This servant will deal with the aftermath. Please be at ease.”

After hearing Cai Ling’s reply, Bai Luochu suddenly realized that this lass had unknowingly matured.

Bai Luochu felt rather touched, it felt as though she had personally nurtured a person into a talent

"You will probably be in for a hard time. If anyone visits, you have to help me stop them. Tomorrow, I will use the tunnel to travel to the Remote Paddy Inn before purchasing a carriage to exit the city, allowing the least possible chance of exposure. You should know that there are plenty of eyes in the capital city on me. It is hard to say if anyone will notice my actions. In the worst case scenario, look for Ying Lan if you can’t handle them. He has followed me the longest and has handled many things. He should be better at dealing with this." Bai Luochu stated.

Cai Ling understood that Bai Luochu was worried she might suffer in the general's residence alone without support. Thinking that her mistress trusted her so much and had also laid down a route of retreat for her, Cai Ling nodded and gave her word, "Mistress doesn't have to worry. I will definitely be able to handle everything they throw at me."

Bai Luochu nodded with gratitude and said, "You must learn how to adapt. Since I will be away for the next few days, why don't you make use of the time to cultivate. On the path of cultivation, if one stops, your level will decline. You are someone who will stand beside me and cannot be weak. Otherwise, in crucial moments, I will need to waste some effort to protect you.”

“Yes, this servant understands.” Cai Ling didn’t say much.

Bai Luochu saw that everything was almost packed and instructed Cai Ling, “Alright, you can go back. I shall rest early tonight and leave early in the morning.”

In response, Cai Ling left in a respectful manner.

After a good night’s sleep, Bai Luochu headed towards the Falling Cloud Mountain Range the moment the rays of sunlight touched the earth.

Bai Luochu had pushed her movement skill to the extreme and with her quick speed, she reached the foot of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range before noon.

Bai Luochu looked through her memories to look for the mountain cave but when she entered, she found no signs of the Green Flame Eagle.

Immediately, Bai Luochu felt rather frantic as she was afraid that the Green Flame Eagle might have encountered some trouble. However the Green Flame Eagle descended outside the cave just as she predicted the worst case scenario. It was returning from its hunt and when it saw a person inside the cave, it went on alert mode. When Bai Luochu felt the Green Flame Eagle’s presence, she ran out from the depths of the mountain cave and said to the Green Flame Eagle, “Don’t be afraid, it is me.”

The Green Flame Eagle immediately withdrew its cold and murderous aura before walking forward to rub its head on Bai Luochu’s shoulder like a spoiled child.

Bai Luochu took out the elixirs from her bag and passed them to the Green Flame Eagle. “These are the elixirs I have concocted the past few days and they are all made specially for you. However, I do not know the exact medicinal effects... Do you want to try it?” Bai Luochu asked.

When the Green Flame Eagle heard that Bai Luochu had concocted the elixir for itself, it swallowed everything without hesitation.

One had to admit that Bai Luochu’s elixir had extraordinary effects when used on spirit beasts. In the time it took one stick of incense to burn, the Green Flame Eagle fully recovered.

The Green Flame Eagle felt its injuries disappearing and was very happy as it extended its wings to hug Bai Luochu. It rubbed its face on Bai Luochu’s cheeks and the scene felt rather warm. 

Bai Luochu felt ticklish due to the feathers and she laughed, “Hahaha, I have another piece of good news, do you wish to know?”

The Green Flame Eagle stopped and looked at Bai Luochu with a hopeful gaze. It could still remember that Bai Luochu had promised to bring back the little eagles. Did she already accomplish her task?

Bai Luochu saw the Green Flame Eagle’s hopeful eyes and didn’t want to keep up the suspense. “A few days ago, I took back one of the eggs from the Phoenix King Valley Elder. It hatched yesterday and I am raising it in my residence right now. It is very safe and I’m feeding it well. Once the commotion is over, I will bring it over to you.”

Spirit beasts also had feelings as tears rolled out of the Green Flame Eagle’s eyes. It prostrated on the ground to show its gratitude to Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu felt rather embarrassed and said to the Green Flame Eagle, “You don’t have to thank me now. There are still two more younglings. It won’t be too late to thank me when I bring them all back to you.”

Bai Luochu saw that much time had already passed and immediately said to the Green Flame Eagle, “It is rather late, I shall return and it is better for you to hide here for some time. I will give you the rest of the elixirs and you need to finish them all.” Bai Luochu separated all the elixirs so that the Green Flame Eagle wouldn’t eat the wrong ones.

Bai Luochu might have declined repeatedly, but she still wasn’t able to stop the Green Flame Eagle. In the end, she had no choice but to allow the Green Flame Eagle to carry her out of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range.

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