Chapter 274: Discussion in the Underground Palace

“Alright, stop fooling around. Hurry up and come back, I still have important things to say.” Bai Luochu saw that they were messing around for quite some time and she decided to recall the Green Flame Eagle.

The little Green Flame Eagle might not be satisfied with the fight but when it heard Bai Luochu’s call, it instantly flew back onto Bai Luochu’s shoulder. It didn’t forget to give Meng Luoping a provocative glare.

Meng Luoping was so angry and wanted to make a move to teach the little eagle a lesson, but he didn’t expect for Bai Luochu to stop him.

“Enough. You are a human, why are you fighting with a spirit beast? Weren’t you the one who insulted it first?” Bai Luochu put a stop to this matter.

When the little eagle heard Bai Luochu standing up for it, it intimately rubbed its head on Bai Luochu’s face.

Bai Luochu found it funny because of the little eagle’s action, however, she also criticized the little eagle.

“You too! Why did you treat him like that? It is very rude and you can’t do that in the future, understand?”

The little Green Flame Eagle might be unwilling, but it still responded with a chirp. Seeing the Green Flame Eagle’s cute expression, Bai Luochu instantly revealed a brilliant smile.

Everyone felt that Bai Luochu had changed. She was originally an overly serious person, but right now, she was actually glowing radiantly with motherly love because of a Green Flame Eagle.

Just like that, the matter ended and Bai Luochu regained her serious expression, “I called all of you here today to discuss our next step. The secret tunnel is too narrow and it will be difficult for the Green Flame Eagle to leave. If that happens, it can’t leave unless we tear down the entire palace. Right now, we need to resolve this matter as soon as possible.”

Everyone nodded and agreed with Bai Luochu’s consideration.

“Let’s raise the little bird here and talk about it after the commotion blows over. If it can still leave the tunnel, we will bring it to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. If we can’t, we will wait for a little more. In the worst case scenario, we can buy a life spirit ring to keep it inside before going out. That's the safest way.” Ying Lan spoke his mind.

Bai Luochu nodded and said, “Ying Lan’s suggestion isn’t bad. Apart from the large sum of money to purchase the life spirit ring, the rest isn’t a problem. What about the rest of you? Do you have any good suggestions?”

Meng Luoping suddenly thought of something and immediately spoke up, “What if we set up a contract with it? After becoming a contracted spirit beast, it would be able to change shapes like a shadow. Getting out wouldn’t be a difficulty.”

Before Bai Luochu spoke, Guan Yue expressed his disagreement, “That will not do. With our current capability, we can only set up contracts with suitable spirit beasts. If we do it now, our strength will directly affect the Green Flame Eagle’s strength. Similarly, the Green Flame Eagle’s strength will also affect us. This isn’t a good choice no matter how we look at it. Furthermore, this Green Flame Eagle is still too young. If we go against its will to form the contract, it won’t be nice.”

Meng Luoping didn’t feel resentful and nodded as an indication that he agreed, “You are right. I am the one who didn’t consider it through.”

Bai Luochu could see the improved mutual understanding between the trio and was rather gratified. She was thinking about how they would grow into her left and right arms.

Bai Luochu nodded and expressed her admiration.

“Why don’t we use Ying Lan’s solution for the time being? If there is a better solution, we will discuss it again. What does everyone think?”

The trio looked at one another and nodded in agreement of Bai Luochu’s idea.

After the matter about the Green Flame Eagle, Bai Luochu brought up another point. “This time, I called all of you over for another important matter.”

“Mistress, please speak.” Ying Lan responded.

“Recently, I have obtained the news that the Phoenix King Valley Elder is no longer in the capital city. I do not know if this information is true or false and I am afraid that this is an intentional plot set up by the Phoenix King Valley Elder. It has been several days since the update and we no longer have information related to the Phoenix King Valley. For the past few days, I have been concocting elixirs for spirit beasts and if I’m almost done. If the Phoenix King Valley Elder has truly given up, that will be for the best. I am thinking of going to visit the Green Flame Eagle. It was in a weakened state after giving birth and it even suffered injuries. After it carried me and Pei Qingfeng out of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, it would probably have escorted us back into the capital city if I hadn’t stopped it. Shouldn’t I take care of such a loyal spirit beast?” Bai Luochu stated.

Ying Lan heard Bai Luochu’s words and reported the latest news. “I have asked men to monitor the various checkpoints. They discovered that the Phoenix King Valley Elder has indeed returned to the Phoenix King Valley. If Mistress wishes to visit the Green Flame Eagle at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, it is feasible. However, this subordinate thinks that Mistress should bring someone with you.”

Bai Luochu naturally understood that Ying Lan had given it a lot of thought, but she felt that the manpower on their side was truly scarce. She immediately refused, “It will be fine for me to go alone. I still need Cai Ling to cover up for me at the general’s residence. The three of you need to worry about the various matters of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and won’t be able to spare much time. I shall go alone. Nothing will happen to me.”

They knew that once Bai Luochu made a decision, no one would be able to change her mind. They merely reminded her to be careful. 

Bai Luochu felt there was nothing else and dismissed them.

It was night time and Bai Luochu up for her adventure to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. Cai Ling was at the side to help her pack.

Bai Luochu felt a little puzzled as Cai Ling didn’t try to dissuade her. She asked, “In the past, you would always ask me not to go. Why aren’t you saying anything today?”

Cai Ling was startled for a moment and spoke after a long time.

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