Chapter 273: Green Flame Eagle’s Birth

“Tell me, what exactly is his intention?” Bai Luochu faced the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling while talking to herself.

“I am not a fool, even if I am a wooden block, I will be able to detect his feelings towards me. But... it is destined that I am unable to reciprocate. I have no feelings for him. Even if I feel something for him, it is gratitude at best. I just don’t know when his feelings will stop...” Bai Luochu looked at the Green Flame Eagle’s egg and looked like she was truly in distress.

The Green Flame Eagle’s youngling looked as though it wanted to reply to Bai Luochu as it shook a little.

When Bai Luochu noticed the slight movement from Green Flame Eagle’s youngling, she laughed, “Oh you, are you thinking to emerge to speak to me? Fortunately, I didn’t put you high up in the air. Otherwise, you’ll roll off and smash yourself into mush. I am leaving, hurry up and hatch. After you are born, I will go and tell your mother that I have rescued one of her children.” Bai Luochu stroked the eggshell gently after she spoke.

After Bai Luochu stroked the egg, she turned and was preparing to return to the surface and continue her elixir concoction.

But just at this moment, Bai Luochu heard a cracking sound.

“Crack!” Bai Luochu was shocked. She raised her head to look at the ceiling of the underground palace. This is such a concealed place… No one will be able to find it. However, this place is too old! Is this place falling apart?

Bai Luochu shook her head: It’s time to call Ying Lan to repair this place.

But when she took another step, she heard the same cracking sound. Bai Luochu was shocked. She really thought that the place was going to collapse. She immediately returned to where the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling was and she hugged it before running out.

Just as Bai Luochu was about to reach the entrance of the underground palace, she heard the third crack. This time, she was able to confirm the source of the sound. It was precisely the egg in her arm.

Is it hatching?

When she thought about the possibility, Bai Luochu placed the egg onto the ground before walking far away. She fixed her gaze on the hatching egg.

The sound grew increasingly frequent and the crack lines on the egg became increasingly obvious. Bai Luochu might not have witnessed a spirit beast’s birth, but she understood that this youngling was about to emerge from the egg.

With the final crack, the entire egg split into two. A clammy and feathered little head emerged. The two bright and big eyes turned to look at Bai Luochu.

A human and an eagle stared at each other while having individual thoughts.

The little Green Flame Eagle was thinking: Where is this place? Where is my mother? This human can’t possibly be my mother, right?

As for Bai Luochu... This Green Flame Eagle is so different from an adult one! Its body is filled with greyish feathers. A newborn Green Flame Eagle is so ugly! It looks more like a quail than a Green Flame Eagle. Apart from the beak and eyes, nothing else looks the same!

The Green Flame Eagle seemed to have read Bai Luochu’s thoughts and it shrieked at her.

Its voice had not matured yet and Bai Luochu laughed when she heard it. She thought that the Green Flame Eagle was rather cute. Now that the Green Flame Eagle was born, she should inform Ying Lan and the others.

“Be good and wait for a moment, I will be back soon.” Bai Luochu immediately went to the surface and instructed Cai Ling, “Cai Ling, make a trip to the Remote Paddy Inn and ask Ying Lan to bring Guan Yue and Meng Luoping to the underground palace. Tell them that the Green Flame Eagle’s egg has hatched and I need to discuss our next course of action.”

Cai Ling wasn’t surprised to hear that the Green Flame Eagle was born. After all, her mistress would go over to talk to the egg whenever she was free. She would also transfer some spirit qi to the youngling. Hence, it wasn’t strange for it to be born so quickly.

Cai Ling had just opened up the tunnel and was preparing to leave, but she was called by Bai Luochu again, “Remember to buy some bird feed. I think the little bird is hungry.”

Cai Ling was speechless as her mistress was treating the Green Flame Eagle like her child. It was difficult for Cai Ling to take her seriously.

Bai Luochu didn’t feel anything inappropriate and immediately went back into the underground palace to play with the newborn eagle.

In just a short moment, Cai Ling reached the Remote Paddy Inn and informed Ying Lan about the news. Ying Lan then called Guan Yue and Meng Luoping before heading over to the underground palace with a sack of bird feed.

As soon as they entered the underground palace, everyone saw a scene. Bai Luochu was seated on the ground and the Green Flame Eagle was staring at her. The human and eagle might not be interacting with each other but everyone could feel a warm atmosphere.

Right now, the Green Flame Eagle was dry and it looked a little more presentable. But in terms of physique, it was far inferior to the adult Green Flame Eagle. It was hard to imagine that this little thing was the Green Flame Eagle that everyone coveted.

Meng Luoping one of them. He had always been a talkative man and the jokester of the team. He had asked with suspicion, “This little bird is the Green Flame Eagle? Isn’t it far too different? Divine Physician Bai, were you duped by the Phoenix King Valley Elder?”

Just as Bai Luochu wanted to explain herself, a grey shadow rushed at Meng Luoping and he realized that the little bird was gone.

Bai Luochu instantly understood that the Green Flame Eagle had rushed at Meng Luoping to settle the score.

There was a struggle. The Green Flame Eagle might still be a youngling but it was still an agile beast. Meng Luoping wasn’t able to hold it back. Guan Yue and Ying Lan laughed after exchanging looks but didn’t do anything else. The two of them thought that it was perfect that the Green Flame Eagle was taking care of the annoying Meng Luoping.

After the struggle, Meng Luoping wasn’t injured, but his originally neat hair looked like a bird’s nest. A wave of laughter ensued.

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