Chapter 271: The One Who Threw My Heart into Disorder

Breeze, delicate flowers, sunlight, beauty. Especially when she was the most beautiful person in his eyes. In Pei Qingfeng’s eyes, this was simply a painting of a goddess. He had seen plenty of beauties in the capital city and none of them were able to amaze him. Even though Luo Chu had yet to fully develop, in a few more years, she would be superior to all the aristocratic young ladies in the capital city.

Pei Qingfeng was able to think clearly and he knew that if he continued to stare, he would come off as being rude. He immediately shifted his eyes and coughed gently.

“Cough Cough.” It was unknown what Pei Qingfeng was thinking when he had shifted his eyes from Bai Luochu to the ground.

Bai Luochu composed herself and felt that Pei Qingfeng was intentionally teasing her. She immediately got shy and angry as she pouted, “Your Second Highness, even if I have a good relationship with you and I’m indebted to you for saving my life, I'm just a normal girl and you’re an imperial prince! You should understand what decorum is, right?”

Pei Qingfeng saw that Bai Luochu was angry and didn’t dare to make fun of her anymore. He quickly apologized as he was afraid that she would flare up at him.

“Don’t be angry Luoluo, I was rude. Let’s do it this way, if you have free time, why don’t I invite you for a meal? You can eat anything you like.” Pei Qingfeng suggested.

As they said, “In order to capture a man’s heart, one must capture his stomach.” This saying was probably the same for a woman. Whatever the case, that was the thought running through Pei Qingfeng’s mind. No matter what happened, he was going to invite her out for a meal.

Bai Luochu wasn’t really angry at Pei Qingfeng. She just felt that if she yelled out, she would be able to conceal the trace of ripples in her heart.

“Sure, but I am very busy recently. If Your Second Highness sincerely wishes to invite me for a meal, why don’t you wait till I’ve wrapped up everything on my end?” Bai Luochu spoke calmly.

Pei Qingfeng was rather surprised that Bai Luochu’s was able to compose herself so quickly. Seeing that Bai Luochu was no longer angry, he quickly agreed.

Bai Luochu noticed that the two of them had been talking for a while and immediately invited him to leave, “If Your Second Highness has nothing else, please return to the Second Prince’s residence. I still have some unfinished business that needs to be completed soon.”

Pei Qingfeng understood that Bai Luochu really had something urgent to deal with and he no longer bothered her. After walking two steps, he turned around and asked a question, “Luoluo, can I ask you a question?”

Bai Luochu didn’t know what Pei Qingfeng was thinking and simply nodded her head.

Pei Qingfeng saw the response and he wanted to tease her again. “Luoluo, why did you blush when I whispered into your ear?”

After Pei Qingfeng asked his question, he immediately left as though he was afraid that Bai Luochu might fly into a rage. He didn’t even stay to listen to her reply.

Bai Luochu pondered on this question for a long time and couldn’t understand the reason behind her reaction. She blamed the fact that she hadn’t been interacting with members of the opposite sex for a long time.

When Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard saw his master leaving the general’s residence with a radiant smile, he understood that the meeting had gone smoothly.

“Master, what did Young Lady Luo Chu say?”

Pei Qingfeng described Bai Luochu’s behavior to his personal guard but he didn’t mention a word about him teasing Bai Luochu.

The personal guard responded by speaking in a straightforward manner, “Didn’t I say so? Young Lady Luo Chu still cares about you and definitely won’t leave you to die. Master is just scaring yourself...” The personal guard suddenly realized that he had said something wrong and immediately shut his mouth.

Pei Qingfeng didn’t have the intention to blame his personal guard. Now that knew that she had feelings for him, there was nothing left to do. He only had to wait for her to submit to her feelings.

Pei Qingfeng who was in a great mood felt that everything he looked at was pleasing to the eye. Pei Qingfeng quickly pardoned the guard who spoke out of turn.

On Bai Luochu’s side, she wasn’t doing that well. After getting teased by Pei Qingfeng, she wasn’t in the right state of mind. Originally, she had achieved a 100% success rate in her medicine concoction, right now, she only had a 50% success rate. This was all because of Pei Qingfeng, causing her heart to shake.

Bai Luochu didn’t have a choice as she entered a meditative state and recited the Clear Heart Mantra. Too bad it wasn’t effective. The moment she closed her eyes, she thought about how Pei Qingfeng whispered in her ear. Bai Luochu couldn’t compose herself at all, she could only curse silently, “Damn Pei Qingfeng!”

Seeing that she couldn’t concoct the elixirs anymore, she simply entered the secret basement of the secluded courtyard and went to see if the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling had been successfully incubated.

Pei Qingfeng was immersed in joy but Bai Luochu wasn’t able to concentrate on her concoction. As the two of them immersed themselves in their world, there was a gloomy individual listening to a report from his secret guard.

Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng’s actions had been witnessed by Pei Rumo’s secret guard. After thinking it through, the secret guard felt that this was important enough to make a report.

As the secret guard’s report got increasingly detailed, Pei Rumo’s face got increasingly gloomy.

“You are saying that Pei Qingfeng went into the residence and met with Luo Chu?!” Pei Rumo asked with an unpleasant expression.

The secret guard could obviously feel the tension rising and he stammered, “Ye... Yes, that is correct.”

The secret guard closed his eyes after answering and was prepared to welcome his master’s wrath.

But the anticipated punishment didn’t arrive, instead, he heard Pei Rumo’s laughter, “Hahaha, interesting! I thought Pei Qingfeng would stick his warm face on her cold buttocks! From the looks of it, this Luo Chu should also be interested in Pei Qingfeng. This is going to be a great show. It seems like I am an eyesore in someone’s opinion. You can return and continue to monitor the situation.monitoring. If anything else happens, come back and report to me.”

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