Chapter 270: Ripples of the Heart

“I heard from Elder Li that he spoke to you about me inviting him to offer assistance. I hope you will not feel that I am a busybody and I’m here to explain myself.” Pei Qingfeng spoke sheepishly.

Bai Luochu raised her brows in response and spoke unhurriedly, “Why do you need to explain yourself? Back when Elder Li offered his assistance, I already suspected that you were behind all that. Right now, I merely confirmed my guess. Since you have helped me out, how can I turn around and bite the hand that helped me? I definitely can’t do that. Then again, you shouldn’t blame Elder Li for doing things without your approval. He told me because he wanted me to know the things you have done for me. He also wants me to know that you went through a lot of trouble for my sake. He is a senior that is genuine and sincere in his feelings. Even if you feel embarrassed, don’t vent your anger on him.”

Pei Qingfeng was rather stunned after hearing Bai Luochu’s explanation. As it turned about, she was never angry at him. He was getting upset over nothing for the past few days. Not only did she guess Elder Li’s intention, but she had also guessed his attitude towards Elder Li afterwards. Pei Qingfeng’s valuation of Bai Luochu went even higher. Originally, he thought that she was only a bookworm that had great medical skills, and was a person who was overly serious and couldn’t fathom people’s feelings. From the looks of it now, it wasn’t completely accurate. 

Then... does she know about my feelings for her?

Once a thought emerged in the mind, it would experience rapid growth and become a massive tree. Right now, Pei Qingfeng ignored the consequences and asked, “Do you know my intention for going through all those troubles?”

This time, it was Bai Luochu’s turn to be dumbstruck. Bai Luochu might have destroyed her view on love in her previous life, but it didn’t mean that she couldn’t sense other people’s feelings. The way Pei Qingfeng looked at her was how a man would look at the woman he adores. Bai Luochu initially thought that she should ignore it. After all, Pei Qingfeng was an imperial prince. Sooner or later, his enthusiasm would wear off. 

But Bai Luochu didn’t imagine that since the moment Pei Qingfeng agreed to let her check his pulse, she was destined to be someone different to him. Bai Luochu’s ignorance had actually given Pei Qingfeng hope, causing the look in his eyes to grow more and more intense. During the trip to Falling Cloud Mountain Range, when Pei Qingfeng blocked the fatal attack for Bai Luochu, she was emotionally moved. However, she quickly suppressed it.

Now that Pei Qingfeng was asking her, Bai Luochu was speechless. She told herself, In my previous life, I fell because of my love affair, I must not make the same mistake in this lifetime. I have too much to worry about and I need to take revenge for the temple! I am destined to be alone… The heavens have already dictated my fate.

When Bai Luochu convinced herself, she smiled and replied, “I naturally understand. Your Second Highness fancy my medical skills and wants me to remember your favor and to expel the poison array in your body. Your Second Highness doesn’t have to worry, I, Luo Chu, always repay the kindness offered to me. I thank Your Second Highness for the trouble.”

Pei Qingfeng could easily see that she was brushing him off. He knew that she was trying to escape. She was trying to avoid his questions and most importantly, she was trying to avoid her feelings.

However, Pei Qingfeng suddenly rejoiced. Even if Bai Luochu was trying to escape now, it was much better than her personally rejecting him. If it was a rejection, there would be no more possibility, from the looks of it, there seemed to be hope, right?

Pei Qingfeng smiled as his thoughts ran wild. He was a carefree prince and had plenty of time, he was able to wait. He had a long life ahead and he could spread his net and wait for Bai Luochu to willingly give herself up.

If she took one step back, he would take two steps closer, the distance between the two of them would get closer and closer. One day, the distance between them would be reduced to zero.

But, Elder Li is right about something, I am going too slowly. If this carries on, she will never admit her feelings. It seems like I will have to force her to do something.

Now that Pei Qingfeng knew that Bai Luochu wasn’t angry at him and wasn’t going to ignore him, he became his usual self. He started to make fun of her, “Since Luoluo knows that I have gone through a lot of trouble to help you, why not start repaying me.”

Bai Luochu assumed that Pei Qingfeng was asking her to diagnose the poison array in his body. She immediately placed her hand on Pei Qingfeng’s wrist and closed her eyes as she prepared to release her spiritual energy and her spirit qi.

Pei Qingfeng saw Bai Luochu closing her eyes and immediately revealed a smile. His smile didn’t contain a trace of malice. Instead, it actually contained unlimited love, making this sight excessively sentimental.

Pei Qingfeng looked at Bai Luochu for a long time and after confirming that she had closed her eyes, he leaned forward towards Bai Luochu’s ear and whispered, “Luoluo, you have to give your heart to me in order to repay me.”

Pei Qingfeng was very close to Bai Luochu and he could see the thin white hair on her skin. Also... Bai Luochu’s ear rapidly flushed red.

Bai Luochu’s spiritual energy was abnormal and her senses were very acute. When Pei Qingfeng’s charming voice echoed in her ears, she felt his warm breath extending down towards her neck.

Even in two lives, Bai Luochu had never experienced something like this. She immediately withdrew her hand and she jumped up like a frightened rabbit. Her voice shivered as she said, “Your Second Highness, please... please conduct yourself with dignity.”

Bai Luochu could feel her face burning and she was starting to panic. She took deep breaths in order to calm herself.

Pei Qingfeng had never seen Bai Luochu like this. Because of her embarrassment, Bai Luochu’s cheeks were pinkish. They looked like juicy peaches ready to be eaten. Due to the frenetic feelings in her heart, tears welled up in her eyes and it seemed exceptionally clear as the brilliant golden glow of the sun reflected off it.

Bai Luochu revealed an expression of a sweet and charming young lady that she never revealed before. For a moment, Pei Qingfeng stared at her blankly.

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