Chapter 267: Frightened in the First Prince’s Residence

Ming Lu was cursing silently. The servant really takes after her master. Young Lady Luo Chu is so overbearing...  Her personal servant has the same personality...

Ming Lu couldn’t help sighing as he thought that he was really having a bad day.

They arrived at the study room in the blink of the eye. Cai Ling said to Ming Lu, “Go in and notify your Master that we are here. Let me do the talking.”

Due to the fear of Pei Rumo overhearing her statement, Cai Ling had suppressed her voice to the best of her abilities. But Pei Rumo was far superior to her and had naturally heard all the commotion outside. In fact, he heard them clearly. He then spoke to Ming Lu from within the study room, “Ming Lu, since there is a guest, why don’t you quickly invite her in? Why are you waiting outside?”

Ming Lu was complaining in his heart and he knew that things weren’t going to end well.

Cai Ling frowned in response and felt that the First Prince was truly hard to deal with. It seemed like she had to be very cautious today. It was fine if she was to lose her life, but the important matter was her mistress losing her support and being alone in the general’s residence.

Ming Lu looked at Cai Ling who had a fearless look on her face and immediately opened the door. She bowed to Pei Rumo before speaking, “This servant is Young Lady Luo Chu’s personal servant, Cai Ling. I hope Your First Highness will forgive me for the intrusion.”

Pei Rumo looked at Cai Ling whose every move was neither obsequious nor supercilious.

Interesting. Pei Rumo was a little angry because Bai Luochu had rejected his invitation. But right now, he wanted to see how capable Bai Luochu’s personal servant was.

Pei Rumo made fun of Cai Ling, “You are a rather interesting servant girl. Your Mistress didn’t say a thing and you actually decided to come over and speak with me. Are you not afraid that I might order to have you killed?”

Cai Ling heard what Pei Rumo said but she didn’t feel an ounce of fear. “Your First Highness definitely knows about the situation in the general’s residence. My Young Lady only trusts me. She is currently in seclusion and will be unable to keep her promise. I made the decision to visit you as I was afraid Ming Lu might not be able to explain the situation properly.”

“According to what you say, Ming Lu is supposed to thank you?” Pei Rumo raised his brows and questioned. His tone was calm and no one knew what he was thinking.

“This servant is older than Ming Lu and if my explanation can save him from a scolding, saying a simple ‘thank you’ should be worth it. My Mistress is unable to attend as she is currently at a crucial point in her cultivation. She mentioned about her agreement with Your First Highness and said that she would send you an invitation when she exits seclusion.” Cai Ling repeated Bai Luochu’s instructions.

Pei Rumo smiled and knew that since this servant girl had the guts to barge into the First Prince’s residence, she would definitely be prepared. He immediately replied, “After what you said, I have no reason to doubt your words. It seems like Ming Lu should properly thank you.”

Cai Ling heaved a breath after hearing Pei Rumo’s response. Before Cai Ling was able to relax, Pei Rumo shot a question which made her heart jump. “Once again, are you not afraid of me making things difficult for you?”

Cai Ling’s expression didn’t change and she replied in a steadfast voice, “Nope. If I am worried about something, it will be about my Mistress being left alone in the general’s residence with no  one by her side.”

Pei Rumo looked at Cai Ling and squinted his eyes as though he was trying to see if Cai Ling was lying. After looking for a long time, he saw her determined gaze and there wasn’t a trace of fear in her eyes. Pei Rumo suddenly smiled and praised Cai Ling, “You are truly worthy of being trained by Luo Chu. Be it your courage or wits, they are the best. Since this is the case, remember to report to your Mistress about my invitation. Don’t allow her to forget about her promise. If she forgets about it, I will blame everything on you.”

Cai Ling smiled in response and knew that she had passed. She immediately replied to Pei Rumo, “Your First Highness doesn’t have to worry, this servant shall not forget. If Your First Highness has nothing else, this servant shall take her leave.”

“Alright, I shall not keep you any longer.. Your Mistress is still in seclusion and it will be better for you to go back and take care of her, Ming Lu, hurry up and escort her out. Remember to properly thank Young Lady Cai Ling, otherwise, your task today shall be considered a failure. You won’t be able to escape punishment.” Pei Rumo didn’t forget to make fun of his personal attendant.

Ming Lu pouted his lips and said reluctantly, “Thank you, Big Sister Cai Ling.” His voice was as soft as a fly.

Cai Ling looked at Ming Lu and felt that it was rather funny. Too bad for her, she wasn’t able to tease him any longer as her most important task was to return to the general’s residence. She immediately said to Pei Rumo, “There is no need for the escort. This servant has already remembered the way when I came in. This servant shall take my leave now. Many thanks to Your First Highness.” Cai Ling bowed after speaking and walked out by herself.

Ming Lu complained after seeing that Cai Ling had walked far away, “Master, why did you make me thank her? I didn’t beg her to come. She embarrassed me!”

Pei Rumo looked towards the entrance of the residence and words slowly left his mouth, “That young lady might be helping Luo Chu to explain the situation but she didn’t need to make a trip here. She is kind at heart and you are merely offering your thanks. Why are you complaining as though someone cut a chunk of flesh off your body?”

Just as Ming Lu wanted to retort, he was interrupted by Pei Rumo.

“Furthermore, that young lady has the courage to come alone to the First Prince’s residence and negotiate with me. She isn’t a simple person. As expected, all her subordinates are outstanding ones.” A profound light flashed through Pei Rumo’s eyes.

Ming Lu was completely silent after hearing what his master said. Pei Rumo was right, Cai Ling wasn’t a mere servant girl. Even his master’s imposing presence wasn’t able to suppress her and just this point alone would make her much more superior than the young ladies from those noble clans.

No wonder Master wants to rope in Young Lady Luo Chu. For her to teach such a servant girl, the mentor herself must also be an incredible person...

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