Chapter 265: Completed Elixir

Ming Lu stood silently beside Pei Rumo as the latter’s thoughts ran wild.

After the time it took one incense stick to burn, Pei Rumo said calmly, “I want you to visit the general’s residence tomorrow and invite Young Lady Luo Chu to tour the lake with me.” 

Now that Ming Lu knew how much his master cared about Luo Chu, he no longer bothered questioning Pei Rumo’s choice.

After Bai Luochu refined the medicinal ingredient, she started to refine an elixir for the Green Flame Eagle. Even though she had superb medical skills, she had no experience when it came to refining elixirs for spiritual beasts. She had to proceed step by step cautiously.

Even though she had no experience, she followed the prescription that she had read from the Pill Sculpture when she was in the palace. She had perfect memory so it was easy for her to recall everything she had read.

Most of the refinement methods recorded in the book were unique and she had already gone through numerous trials. The only part she hadn’t tried was refining elixirs for spiritual beasts.

Even though the herbs' medicinal effects were the same, the dosage of medicinal ingredients were different. After all, humans had different physiques from spiritual beasts. Luckily, the book recorded everything she required to concoct the spiritual beast’s elixir. The recipe was written by an orphan who was raised by spiritual beasts. He went on to become a famous doctor later in his life.

Throughout history, spiritual beasts had been coveted by humans and injury was common ground. The refiner decided to feed spiritual beasts elixirs made for humans. Even though recovery was slow, the spiritual beast managed to stay alive. He didn’t realize that there was a need to refine the elixirs differently until a spiritual beast died even though he fed it the Nine Returning elixir. From that day on, he started to research elixir refining for spiritual beasts. He kept his research up to date all the way till the day he breathed his last. Bai Luochu could see that the essence of his research was recorded in the last chapter. 

However, the book wasn’t circulated widely as most refiners felt that it was a waste to use  precious elixir on spiritual beasts as they were seen as tools instead of companions. If it died, they would simply find another one to replace it.

Bai Luochu was the first to try using the method recorded in the book. She was extremely careful and was no longer able to estimate the dosage according to her experience. She had to rely on the memory in her past life in order to ensure the success of the refinement.

After setting out the required dosage, she used her spirit qi to ignite a fire. After all, she was strong enough and no longer needed to use firewood. With her skills, forming a complete product wouldn’t be a problem. The only problem she might face was the quality of the elixir. In order to prevent complications, she bought ten sets of ingredients.

Under the purification of her spirit qi flame, the essence of the medicinal ingredient was gradually purified and extracted into spirit fluid of varying colors. She separated the fluids into different containers before pouring them out into the cauldron.

In order to succeed, she had to pour them in the correct order. Otherwise, the elixir produced would be nothing more than slag. If anything bad were to happen, the elixir might very well be a poison elixir.

Furthermore, the process of fusing the spirit fluids affected the quality of the elixir as it would affect the structure and surface. If she fused them properly, a high quality elixir would be produced.

After pouring everything into the cauldron, Bai Luochu increased the heat. Seeing that the fluid was gradually turning blue, she knew that the time to form the elixir had come.

The final step was where many refiners failed. If they were lucky, the elixir would fail to form. If they were unlucky… the cauldron might even explode and claim their lives in the process. After all, there were numerous cases in history where outstanding physicians died due to cauldron explosions.

As the cauldron started to shake, Bai Luochu poured her consciousness into it. It started shaking even more violently before calming down. Bai Luochu breathed a sigh of relief after seeing a complete elixir. The only thing left to do was to figure out the grade of the elixir.

Bai Luochu took a deep breath to calm herself before opening the cauldron.

A smooth elixir emitting a faint luster laid quietly inside the cauldron. A faint medicinal fragrance wafted out of the cauldron and Bai Luochu took a deep breath. A smile slowly formed on her face as she knew that she had succeeded.

Bai Luochu was pleasantly surprised that she had not only succeeded on her first try but had also produced a superior grade elixir. She knew that the chances weren’t high since she used her barely strong enough spirit qi as fuel. When she thought about how her success rate would only rise as she refined more elixirs in the future, she was elated.

Right now, Bai Luochu could provide elixirs for the Green Flame Eagle’s younglings as well! The more she thought about it, the faster her refining speed became.

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