Chapter 264: Devastated Pei Qingfeng

Of course, he hid his thoughts in his head. 

Pei Qingfeng was filled with shame as he knew he had overreacted. He found out that he couldn’t control his emotions whenever Luo Chu was mentioned. Other than the attendant who found his reaction absurd, all his other guards were used to his reaction.They couldn’t believe that their indifferent master would fall for a lady like Luo Chu.

The attendant took a deep breath before speaking. “Elder Li revealed the incident to Divine Physician Bai on accident.”

The attendant spoke quickly as he was afraid Pei Qingfeng would harp on the ‘accident’.    

Pei Qingfeng wasn’t able to catch the mistake but he raised his voice as he questioned the attendant, “What did you just say?! Elder Li revealed my actions in the dark?!”

The attendant nodded his head and repeated Elder Li’s message, word for word. “Elder Li also said that he was helping you as she wouldn’t have learned about it otherwise.” 

“How is he helping by doing that?! He completely ruined my chance! I was planning to take things slow!”

The attendant grumbled softly, “Well, I thought he did the right thing…”

“What did you just say?! The two of you are so unreasonable! How am I supposed to face her now? She probably thinks I’m someone who doesn’t take responsibility for my actions.” Pei Qingfeng got even angrier after hearing the attendant’s words.

The attendant squirmed and finally countered, “Drop your act! You’re afraid she will ignore you and you won’t even be able to remain friends! Master said that a man should be decisive! If a servant like me can understand such a simple logic, why can’t the Second Prince of the Cloud Water Nation understand it?!”

Pei Qingfeng was stumped as he couldn’t retort the attendant.

When he saw his master in an awkward situation, the guard quickly came in and mediated the situation. “Master, since things are already as it is, you should come clean and tell Young Lady Luo Chu the truth. It’s not like you did something wrong. You should also show your goodwill.”

Pei Qingfeng sank into his chair and pondered for a long time before finally speaking up, “If there’s nothing else, you can return to the Hundred Herbs Hall. Thank Elder Li for his goodwill on my behalf.” No one knew the meaning behind his words.

The attendant obeyed him and returned to the Hundred Herbs Hall. 

The silence in the study room was deafening. Even the sound of incense ash dropping to the ground could be heard.

“Let’s wait another day before visiting the general’s residence.” Pei Qingfeng was unwilling to accept his face.

The guard realized that Pei Qingfeng was serious about Bai Luochu after hearing what he said. The Second Prince who was unafraid of rumors spreading about him, the Second Prince who fearlessly faced high-ranking officials head-on, the Second Prince who was like a flower high up in the mountains, unreachable by others… At this moment, the guard felt a trace of humanity in the Second Prince’s heart.


At the same time, Pei Rumo was meeting with his secret guard who was stationed at the general’s residence.

“Luo Chu found out about my actions and confronted me in the teahouse.”

The hidden guard knelt to the ground and begged for forgiveness. “I was unable to complete master’s task. Please forgive me!”

Pei Rumo did not punish the guard. Instead, he blamed himself. “I am the one at fault. My impatience caused the information to leak.” 

The guard secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed as though his head would remain firmly attached to his neck. Whatever the case, it was time to prepare for the next mission.

“What should we do now? Now that Young Lady Luo Chu knows about my existence, should I return to the First Prince’s residence?”  

Pei Rumo narrowed his eyes and it was clear he was forming a plan.

“Even though I already promised to recall all the secret guards, I still need to know her every move. Isn’t she a high profile character?”

Pei Rumo was absentmindedly sweeping away the ashes from the table as he spoke. 

The hidden guard understood that he would have to adopt a different way of watching the general’s residence in the future.

“It shall be done.” The hidden guard declared as he awaited further instructions. 

Pei Rumo revealed a slight smile.“You will continue spying on the general’s residence as per usual. Only report back to me when something major happens. As long as you are careful, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Yes, your subordinate understands. If there’s nothing else, I shall return to the general’s residence.” 

Pei Rumo said nothing and waved his hand to dismiss the guard.

Leaving through the front door, the secret guard disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Ming Lu who stood beside Pei Rumo asked, “Aren’t you afraid of Young Lady Luo Chu finding out and ignoring you for the rest of her life?”

Pei Rumo understood Bai Luochu’s temperament and sighed. “We can only hope that she doesn’t find out. If she does, there is nothing we can do about it. After all, she is a rising star and everyone’s attention is on her.”

Pei Rumo fell into his thoughts after speaking.

Ming Lu lamented in his heart as he saw how much his master cared about Young Lady Luo Chu.

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