Chapter 261: The Last Straw

“According to what Mistress said, we should be safe?” Ying Lan inquired.

Bai Luochu thought deeply for a moment before replying, “There is no need to hurry. Why don’t we sit back and wait. It might just be a diversion. If the elder suddenly kills his way back, all our efforts will be ruined.”

“Mistress is right.” Ying Lan responded.

“For the next few days, I will be concocting medicines in the residence. If the Phoenix King Valley Elder has truly left, it will be time for me to head over to where the Green Flame Eagle is hiding. Back then, it suffered severe injuries and shouldn’t be able to move about freely. If there is no news of the elder after several days, I will make a trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range.”

Bai Luochu spoke of her arrangements and Ying Lan didn’t raise any objections. With no reason to stay, Bai Luochu entered the tunnel and made her way back to the general’s residence.

As for the reason behind the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s departure, everything started two days ago.

“You useless fools! It has been two weeks, but none of you found anything... You didn’t even catch a single suspicious person for me! Tell me, what use do I have for all of you?!”

Looking at the disciples from the various factions, the Phoenix King Valley Elder was enraged.

Initially, the disciples conducted the investigation without a word as they revered the Phoenix King Valley. As time went by and with the elder raining curses on them non-stop, the grievance in their heart accumulated. They were close to their breaking point.

“Elder, you can’t blame us for not producing results!” The one who spoke was the same man who reported to the Phoenix King Valley Elder in the past.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder’s eyes opened wide in response. It was as though he couldn’t believe the words which left the man’s mouth. “What did you say? Aren’t you getting awfully smug? Are you very capable now? How dare you talk back to me!”

“I do not have the intention to disobey Elder, but Elder has been too overbearing! It is fine if we are the ones doing the hard labor as Elder is reluctant to make disciples of the Phoenix King Valley do the dirty work. After all, our factions are obtaining resources from the Phoenix King Valley and we won’t be able to defy your orders. This is also the reason behind our compliance. Even if we need to blame someone, we can only blame ourselves for not being strong enough. However, if you really want us to look for something, you should at least let us know what you are looking for! We are following your orders and you blame us when your item can’t be found! How can we be at fault? If Elder thinks you can’t trust us because the item is the Phoenix King Valley’s supreme treasure, why request for help in the first place? We changed our faction uniform into a robe that looks like a funeral attire and rushed about day and night in order to be rewarded with a scolding from you! How is this logical?”

His reasoning turned the Phoenix King Valley Elder into a mute as the elder didn’t know how to retort. After all, he was right.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder didn’t know what to say for a moment as he realized his folly. However, he couldn’t tell them that he had lost the Green Flame Eagle’s egg! If the news came to light, half the Cloud Water Nation would receive the news! If that were to happen, another bloodbath would wash through the lands.

How did they obtain the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling? It was because the Phoenix King Valley learned about the information before time and sent an elite force over to snatch the eggs. The prize was supposed to be the Green Flame Eagle and three of its eggs! With the slip of a tongue, the Phoenix King Valley ended up with only a single egg! If everyone knew that it was stolen right under his nose, all the experts would be sweeping through the Cloud Water Nation to look for the egg! Alone, he wouldn’t be able to retrieve the egg if it boiled down to a fight.

Once the volcano erupted, it wouldn’t stop until the lava had cooled. Right now, these disciples were filled with rage, the moment the man released the gates, no one would be able to stop all of them.

Countless curses and criticisms blasted towards the elder. His mind was filled with chaotic voices and a huge ache formed in his head. Among the cacophony in his head, a single voice rose above the rest and it blamed him for losing the egg. The voice was none other than his own. After all, if he stayed vigilant, none of this would happen!

“Enough! Just shut up!” The Phoenix King Valley Elder was no longer able to tolerate their criticisms and he snapped.

The manor fell into silence. The chirpings and the flowery fragrance gave life to the land in the cold weather. However, the atmosphere inside the manor was still and dead. 

“All of you may go. Change and leave. Don’t come back.” The Phoenix King Valley Elder sighed and dismissed them.

Originally, he was an energetic person as his body had constantly been nourished by spirit qi. Right now, he looked shriveled and it was hard to associate this person with the Phoenix King Valley Elder.

There were some disciples that were bold enough to take off their outer robes before flinging it onto the ground. They stomped on it before leaving in a huff. On the contrary, the disciples who spoke up first left in a polite manner.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder slouched in his chair for a moment before packing his baggage to leave the manor. He was preparing to enter the city to search for the ring himself.

What could he possibly do?! The elder’s chance of finding the ring was 0%. Be it his treasures or the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling, Bai Luochu had hidden them properly.

After several days, the elder gave up and returned.

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