Chapter 259: The Needle is Sharp but so are Words

After a long time, Bai Luochu laughed softly and said, “Haha, I didn’t know that Your First Highness is actually a person that likes to joke around. I didn’t think that the imperial clansmen of the Cloud Water Nation are all improper in their conduct... If Your First Highness wants to arrange men by my side, you should probably ask for my opinion, right?”

“Even if you don’t agree, will the outcome change? I think not. Even if I agree now, I can return and send them out again, isn’t that right?” Pei Rumo seemed to be declaring war on Bai Luochu.

“From Your First Highness’ words, it seems like you don’t wish to carry out negotiations. In Your First Highness’ opinion, if I can avoid Pei Qingfeng’s men today, what makes you think your men will be able to keep an eye on me?” Bai Luochu saw that Pei Rumo wasn’t willing to take a step back and immediately broke out into threats.

When Pei Rumo heard Bai Luochu’s words, he suddenly noticed that something was off. Bai Luochu was actually able to avoid detection by Pei Qingfeng and meet him at the teahouse, alone.

This was also the reason for why Bai Luochu insisted for Cai Ling to deliver the invitation to the First Prince’s residence the day before. Even if Pei Qingfeng were to show up, Bai Luochu would still have her ways of sending Pei Qingfeng out so that she could have a proper negotiation with Pei Rumo. But by doing so, she would have one less bargaining chip in her hand. Even if her negotiation with Pei Rumo was successful, it was inevitable that she would suffer some losses. However, if Pei Qingfeng didn’t appear from the start to the end, it would be easier to deal with Pei Rumo. The two princes’ secret guards were evenly matched and if she was able to avoid Pei Qingfeng’s secret guard, she would naturally be able to avoid Pei Rumo’s secret guard. Pei Rumo didn’t need Bai Luochu to spell it out for him.

“Fine, what do you want?” Pei Rumo closed his eyes and frowned while asking Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu finally let out a breath of relief after hearing his response. She had won the bold gamble and she turned to him and fearlessly asked, “Isn’t Your First Highness being too anxious? I know what is happening and I am not a person who is greedy and would ask for unreasonable conditions. Right now, I simply wish for Your First Highness to withdraw your men. I do not wish to be monitored constantly as I feel like a golden sparrow in a cage right now. I cannot eat or sleep properly.”

Seeing how reasonable Bai Luochu sounded, Pei Rumo knew that he had no choice but to agree. Why would he waste anymore of his time. After all, everything had a limit and if he needed her to do him a favor, this would serve as a bottom line, right?

After thinking about it,  Pei Rumo spoke in a straightforward manner, “Alright, I agree. I will withdraw my men, but I have another condition. If you agree, I will ask my secret guard to return.”

Bai Luochu squinted her eyes in response. The poison needle was already prepared in her hand. She was currently evenly matched against Pei Rumo and her spiritual energy was stronger than him. If there was a confrontation, it was possible for her to use her hidden weapon to subdue him.

Pei Rumo saw the wary look in Bai Luochu’s eyes and immediately clarified himself. He was afraid she would try to move against him because of her anger. “Hold on... I will not propose any unreasonable conditions. Why don’t you listen to me before making a decision? Everything can be discussed considering we are such great friends.”

Bai Luochu heard Pei Rumo’s words and withdrew her murderous aura. However, the poison needle remained in her hand. She spoke sarcastically, “Haha, what do you mean great friends? Your First Highness has the audacity to talk about friendly relationships? Whatever… Tell me your condition. If it is a reasonable demand, I will accept it. If it isn’t… we can restart negotiations.”

Bai Luochu revealed a smile after speaking, but it was pretentious. Pei Rumo felt that it was rather frightening.

“My condition is simple. I hope that you will accept all my invitations in the future. Furthermore, I can guarantee that the meeting will be beneficial to you. Please do not worry.”

Bai Luochu shifted her eyes away as though she was thinking it through.

“Is it that simple?” Bai Luochu asked.

Pei Rumo nodded solemnly and answered Bai Luochu, “That’s right. It is that simple.”

Bai Luochu heaved a sigh of relief. This condition might be within her range of acceptance but Pei Rumo was a person that wouldn’t move without benefits. How could he possibly use such a simple condition to negotiate with her? Something was definitely wrong.

Pei Rumo stared at Bai Luochu. As a fox who had been involved in the imperial court for years, he was a seasoned veteran. How could he not see the look of doubt in her eyes? Without a choice, Pei Rumo had to explain for himself.

“You didn’t hear it wrongly. That’s all I ask.” Pei Rumo stared into her eyes as though he was trying to convince her.

“You might not believe it, but I am trying to rope you in. If I rescued you from the Bestial Battle Arena because I wanted to make use of you to trouble my Third Brother, that is no longer applicable. Right now, I want to bring you onto my side because of your skills. Your medical skills are amazing and you are an extremely strong individual to boot. Furthermore, if I don’t remember wrongly, you were unable to cultivate due to innately crippled meridians. Today, your strength is comparable to mine and this is enough reason for me to recruit you.”

Pei Rumo constantly observed Bai Luochu’s expression and when he noticed that her expression had loosened a little, he carried on, “There is one more thing, the most important factor. In my eyes, we are the same type of person. Vicious and merciless, scheming, the willingness to sacrifice everything to achieve our objectives... In fact, there are times where we will even make use of ourselves to achieve our goal. Luo Chu, you should understand that the two of us are the ones that can set the world right. Your talents and wisdom... I will never be able to find another woman in this world so similar to myself.”

Bai Luochu looked at Pei Rumo quietly as though she was trying to digest everything he was saying.

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