Chapter 258: Laying the Cards on the Table

Cai Ling felt that her mistress’ recent behavior had been getting increasingly unfathomable. But Cai Ling understood that Bai Luochu always had her reasons for doing things a certain way. As a servant, it was already a blessing to be able to listen to her mistress rant. Naturally, Cai Ling didn’t have extravagant hopes. She realized that doing her job properly was the most important thing she could do.

At the First Prince's residence, Ming Lu hopped into the study room and spoke to Pei Rumo, “Master, when this servant was preparing to exit the residence, I happened to come across Young Lady Luo Chu’s servant girl. Make a guess. What do you think she was here to do?”

When Pei Rumo saw that his attendant was behaving without proper etiquette, he helplessly shook his head. He didn’t wish to crack down on Ming Lu’s enthusiasm, hence, he asked, “I cannot guess it. Why don’t you tell me what has happened?”

Ming Lu immediately smiled and figured that his master wouldn’t be able to imagine the reason behind Cai Ling’s visit. “Young Lady Luo Chu sent an invitation. Her personal servant says that I need to personally hand the invitation over to you.”

Pei Rumo was startled after hearing Ming Lu’s words and had a look of disbelief. He tried to confirm it again, “Are you sure she is the one who sent the invitation?”

Ming Lu nodded and said to Pei Rumo, “I am absolutely sure. If Master doesn’t believe me, you can take a look.” Ming Lu handed over the invitation card he had been hiding all this while.

Pei Rumo took a glance and understood that Bai Luochu was really inviting him for lunch. He immediately instructed Ming Lu, “There is no need to prepare for afternoon tea. Luo Chu has invited me to the High Leisure Pavilion for tea.”

On the next day, Bai Luochu rested for a short moment after having her lunch and headed for the High Leisure Pavilion. In order not to alert Pei Qingfeng’s secret guard, she used the secret tunnel to leave the residence.

The day before, Bai Luochu already notified the staff that she would be hosting a guest. Meng Luoping reserved Heaven’s Sign room number 1 the moment he got the notification and prepared for Bai Luochu’s arrival.

Right now, it was just slightly over lunchtime and his mistress had already arrived, Meng Luoping even assumed that he was the one who mistook the timing.

“Mistress, didn’t you say you will arrive in the afternoon? Why are you here? I have yet to tidy things up.” Meng Luoping quickly explained to Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu didn’t mind and shook her head, “It doesn’t matter. I am the one who invited a guest over and I need to be ready for it. I can also take a look at how our business is running.”

The stone in Meng Luoping’s heart immediately fell to the ground. Originally, he was worried that he had made a mistake in this matter. After all, this was the first time his mistress had ordered him to do something. If he were to mess this up, it wouldn’t be easy to explain himself.

“Mistress doesn’t have to worry. This teahouse might not be as profitable as the Remote Paddy Inn and the Silk Flower Pavilion, but we have never lost money.” Meng Luoping replied honestly.

Bai Luochu nodded in response and said to Meng Luoping, “You can’t compare the different businesses. The Remote Paddy Inn is a restaurant and no matter what, humans will need to eat. As for the Silk Flower Pavilion, it is a money squandering establishment for those nobles. It is normal for the High Leisure Pavilion to make less money. Originally, the High Leisure Pavilion is meant for collecting information and its making money is secondary. Alright, I do not have to worry with you around. Instruct the kitchen to prepare the tea and refreshments. Later on, the teahouse will start to get busy. Don’t neglect the other customers because of me.”

“Yes, this subordinate understands.” Meng Luoping quickly acknowledged.

After Bai Luochu gave her instructions, she headed up and straight for the teahouse’s Heaven’s Sign room number 1.

Pei Rumo arrived on time.

“I wonder what special location Divine Physician Bai would pick for our meeting. Even the name of the private room is ordinary. Why would Divine Physician Bai pick such a place?” Pei Rumo sighed at the inelegant name of the teahouse’s private room.

Meng Luoping stood at the side while cold sweat dripped down his face. He was thinking, The name of this private room is named by this ancestor standing in front of you. It might sound crude, but it is easy to note down the different fees for the rooms.

Bai Luochu wasn’t angry after hearing Pei Rumo’s criticism. She offered him a seat politely, “Your First Highness, please take a seat. Why bother about the name? The tea and refreshments here aren’t bad. Once Your First Highness tastes the food, you will understand the reason behind my invitation.”

Pei Rumo sat down quietly. As soon as he sat down, the waiter in the High Leisure Pavilion served tea and refreshments. “Will our guests please enjoy...”

Pei Rumo picked up a piece of cake and put it inside his mouth. Bai Luochu took the initiative to pour a cup of tea for Pei Rumo and pushed it in front of him. She then raised her hand slightly as an indication for Pei Rumo to have a taste.

Pei Rumo swallowed the cake and drank a mouthful of tea. He immediately understood the wonder of this place. The cakes might look mediocre but it was superior when it came to enhancing the flavor of the tea. There was really nothing for him to pick on.

Pei Rumo sighed and spoke to Bai Luochu, “Speak. I’m sure you didn’t invite me here to taste tea and cakes.”

Hearing Pei Rumo’s question, Bai Luochu went straight into the topic, “Shouldn’t you withdraw your men from the walls of the general’s residence?”

Pei Rumo’s brows raised in response. He didn’t think that this lass would be so direct.

Pei Rumo pondered for a moment and asked, “When did you find out?”

“I guessed it a long time ago. It might be a guess, but I’m sure of it now.” Bai Luochu spoke bluntly.

Pei Rumo understood that he was too impatient and his actions leaked the news. Since he had already sent his men out, there was no reason to call them back. He had also replied bluntly, “What will you do if I refuse?”

The moment the words left Pei Rumo’s mouth, the room fell silent. The atmosphere in the room was completely different from the outside world.

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