Chapter 255: Everyone has Their Own Plan

Cai Ling was grumbling in her heart. She originally thought her mistress would only wake up during lunch she hadn’t slept for the entire night. But Cai Ling had forgotten that Bai Luochu possessed much stronger spiritual energy compared to regular people. She recovered much faster and was fine after a short rest. Right now, she had yet to think of an excuse and was already caught red-handed by her mistress. Cai Ling didn’t know what to do, she cursed silently: If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have promised that little brat earlier.

Bai Luochu saw that Cai Ling wasn’t saying a word and didn’t reply her question. She assumed that something was wrong and stopped cultivating. She raised her head to look at Cai Ling.

Looking from bottom to top, Bai Luochu’s gaze finally fell on Cai Ling’s face. She already caught sight of the invitation card in Cai Ling’s hands. Feeling that the card was somewhat familiar, she asked, "What’s going on? What is that? Why are you holding it in front of your chest like some sort of treasure? Let me see it, I will return it to you after reading it."

Bai Luochu continued to look up at Cai Ling's face and when Bai Luochu noticed her awkward expression, she knew that something was wrong.

Cai Ling realized that she couldn’t hide the truth anymore and had no choice but to brace herself and make her report, “Mistress, this thing... Mistress might get angry if you read it. Mistress must promise this servant that you will not get angry at this servant before I show it to you.”

Bai Luochu found it rather funny and simply said to Cai Ling, “Alright, I will not get angry at you. Show it to me.”

Cai Ling handed over the invitation card and quickly threw out the excuse she prepared, “Mistress, Ming Lu came over to deliver the invitation card while you were asleep. He said it was given by His First Highness and wanted to hand it to you personally. This servant thought that Mistress was still sleeping and felt that it wasn’t good to let a child wait at the entrance of the general’s residence. I accepted the invitation card on Mistress’ behalf. Even though this servant accepted it, I made it clear that Mistress would make the final decision.” Cai Ling was afraid Bai Luochu would blame her and she spoke quickly.

Bai Luochu wasn’t angry after hearing Cai Ling’s explanation. Instead, she sunk into thought. After a short moment, she muttered to herself, “This isn’t right. Logically speaking, he should leave me alone. Why is he sending more invitation cards?” Bai Luochu was confused and immediately asked Cai Ling, “Did Ming Lu reveal the reason behind His First Highness’ invitation?”

Cai Ling thought carefully about what Ming Lu had said earlier before quoting his words, “Ming Lu said that something happened today and his Master insisted that he delivered the invitation card. His First Highness even chased him out of the residence.”

Bai Luochu analyzed the situation in her head.

Pei Rumo… It doesn’t seem like he is trying to recruit me any longer. He probably heard something to change his mind. Only his enemies or people he deeply cares about can make him change his mind… According to my understanding, there is no one he truly cares about. As for his enemy… Pei Wuchen!

Bai Luochu suddenly recalled Ying Lan’s words. He told her about the secret guards around her residence and after the incident in the morning, Pei Rumo probably received a report from his subordinate.

Even with her calm personality, she was triggered by Pei Wuchen’s appearance, let alone Pei Rumo who had always been prideful and insufferably arrogant. It seemed as though Pei Rumo was trying to find a way to clash with Pei Wuchen. Whatever the case, Bai Luochu hoped that they wouldn’t harm the innocent populace and bring disaster to the capital city. After all, she was one of the fishes in the pond right now.

“Mistress? Mistress? About the invitation...” Cai Ling saw that Bai Luochu was immersed in her thoughts, hence, she pulled her back to reality. As a servant, she couldn’t decide if her mistress would accept the invitation. Bai Luochu had to be the one to confirm her attendance.

After being called out by Cai Ling, Bai Luochu immediately came back to her senses. “Make a trip to the First Prince’s residence now. Tell them that I accept and I hope that His First Highness won’t forget about it.”

Cai Ling was curious. However, she followed Bai Luochu’s instructions and left for the First Prince’s residence.

“Master, why would Young Lady Luo Chu agree?” When Ming Lu returned, he quickly went to look for Pei Rumo.

Pei Rumo smiled and left behind four words, “She already guessed it.”

Ming Lu was confused and before he could follow up with another question, Pei Rumo had already left the study. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to answer Ming Lu’s question.


As for Pei Qingfeng… He found out about the incident in the morning and was already cursing to the high heavens, “What in the world is Pei Wuchen thinking? He acts civilised all the time but why is he stirring up so much trouble now? What an annoying guy. If I want to look for Luo Chu after this, I will have to go through a lot of trouble.

Just as Pei Qingfeng was lamenting, his secret guard brought back another piece of news.

“Master, His First Highness is hosting a feast in his residence. He invited Divine Physician Bai for a chat.”

“Again?!” Pei Qingfeng instantly felt a headache when he heard that Pei Rumo was inviting Bai Luochu for a banquet. Suddenly, he felt that his First Brother wasn’t as annoying as this was a great chance for him.

“Inform the kitchen that I will not be eating lunch tomorrow. I shall head over to the First Prince’s residence to evaluate the quality of his chef.” Pei Qingfeng was initially angry that Pei Rumo was being so insistent. However, he quickly realized that it was a heaven sent opportunity for him to meet with his ‘Luoluo’. The more he thought about it, the happier he felt.

As for Pei Wuchen… Who cares about him? Since he has already portrayed me in such a way, I shall live up to his expectations.

A day passed by in an instant. Pei Rumo barely returned from the imperial palace when Ming Lu and the other servants swamped him with questions.

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