Chapter 254: Glady Agreeing

“You’re telling me that Pei Wuchen personally visited the general's residence and used the identity of a fiancé to lecture Luo Chu?” Pei Rumo was speaking calmly and no one knew what he was thinking.

When the secret guard heard the question, he felt that something was up. However, he still replied to Pei Rumo, “That is correct...”

As soon as the secret guard replied, he felt that the atmosphere in the room changed. Before he could excuse himself, Pei Rumo started to rant. “Hah, Pei Wuchen is really mature! He actually dares to show off his authority in front of her? Did he finally recall that he is Luo Chu’s fiancé? Where was he when Feng Wan’er threw her into the Bestial Battle Arena? During the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, it was Second Brother who rescued her. Right now, he is using his identity to criticize Luo Chu? I never noticed how thick skinned he was...” Pei Rumo was raging at Pei Wuchen and the secret guard didn’t dare to interrupt him. He was afraid that Pei Rumo might vent his anger and punish him instead.

After a long time, Pei Rumo’s anger seemed to have subsided. He muttered to himself, “Hmm.. it seems like Third Brother thinks that I am too close to Luo Chu. Since that is the case, I shall up my game.”

After voicing his thoughts, he yelled towards the door, “Ming Lu! Get in here!”

Ming Lu who was standing at the entrance didn’t know what was going on in the room but he ran in as quickly as he could. He was afraid he would cause a delay in Pei Rumo’s plan and incur his wrath. After all, Pei Rumo sounded really angry.

“Master, is there anything you need this subordinate to do?” Ming Lu entered and asked respectfully.

Pei Rumo rummaged through the pile of invitation cards that he had prepared previously. He was deciding on the excuse to use and after making a choice, he tossed the invitation card to Ming Lu. “Make a trip to the general's residence right now and give this invitation card to Luo Chu. She must accept it no matter what, understand?”

“This... Master, didn’t we give up on the recruitment? Why are we following through with the plan?” Ming Lu was rather confused as Pei Rumo was a person who wouldn’t change his mind easily.

The secret guard who stood by the side was silently praying for Ming Lu: Aiyo, my little ancestor Ming Lu, even if Master dotes on you, you shouldn’t be adding oil to the fire, right? Can’t you see that there is a giant flame burning in front of you?

Before the secret guard could complete his thoughts, Pei Rumo snapped. “Hah, someone pinned such a huge accusation on my head. How can I rest easy without making his accusation real? Hurry up and give her the invitation! Why are you questioning my decision? Are you the First Price or am I the First Prince?” Even though Ming Lu had no idea what was going on, he acknowledged the order and ran out of the room.

After Ming Lu left, Pei Rumo finally turned to the secret guard commander in the room. An awkward atmosphere started to build up and Pei Rumo finally broke the silence. “Good job. I will instruct the accounts room to give you a raise at the end of the month. You can head back now. If anything happens in the future, be sure to report back in a timely fashion.”

The secret guard commander bowed to Pei Rumo before running off as quickly as he could.

He felt extreme fear in his heart, What a bad day. Master’s behavior is so weird! Well, this isn’t an easy sight to come by...

As soon as the secret guard left, Pei Rumo regained his composure. Pei Wuchen, I didn’t feel like messing with you if you didn’t resort to underhanded means. Too bad for you, you tried to meddle in my personal affairs. Don’t blame your older brother for not showing mercy.

By this time, Pei Rumo’s anger had already dissipated. He picked up an imperial notice on the table as his hand started to move again.

When Ming Lu delivered the invitation card to the general’s residence, Bai Luochu was still asleep. When Ming Lu saw that Cai Ling was the one to accept the invitation, he let out a breath of relief. He silently rejoiced that Young Lady Luo Chu didn’t appear to personally accept the card. Even his master was unable to deal with her, let alone him.

When Ming Lu wasn’t paying attention, Cai Ling had already snatched the card from his hand. “Hey, little attendant, why did you deliver the invitation card again? My Mistress said that she would be able to enjoy some peace and quiet. Why is there another invitation card?”

Ming Lu’s face turned bitter as he heard the question and explained to Cai Ling, “Big sister, my Master said the same thing to me and told me that there was no need to deliver invitation cards any longer. However, something came up and he insisted for me to bring another card here. He even chased me out of the residence. I feel rather wronged too!”

As Ming Lu spoke, he revealed a wronged expression. When Cai Ling saw that the kid was sobbing, she no longer bothered with him. She had no choice but to accept the invitation card. However, she gave him a warning, “I will show my Mistress this invitation card. However, I cannot promise you whether or not she will attend. If your Master blames you, please do not try to shift the blame to me.”

When Ming Lu heard that Cai Ling was willing to accept the invitation card, he immediately withdrew his wronged expression and said to Cai Ling, “Big sister doesn’t have to worry. I might be young, but I understand such things. I shall take my leave.”

Cai Ling felt that she had been scammed the moment Ming Lu’s expression changed. She felt that the little attendant was as temperamental as his master.

Cai Ling kept the invitation card and returned to Bai Luochu’s courtyard. By the time she came back, Bai Luochu was already awake and she was sitting at the study table. “Why weren’t you around when I woke up? Where did you go? I called for you but realized that you were missing.”

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