Chapter 251: A Great Show

Qianqian was extremely proud of herself. She felt that Pei Wuchen’s disgusted expression was because of Bai Luochu’s disgraceful behavior and he was merely holding himself back from lashing out at her. Qianqian was about to add fuel to the fire when Pei Wuchen spoke up.

“I didn’t know that the general's residence is filled with snakes. My fiancée has actually been living in such an environment with these vile people. Even after how politely she treats you, you dare to you slader and defile her reputation. I am truly disgusted by your behavior! I originally thought that everyone in the general’s residence is cultured and refined, until I met you. You have the nerve to make false accusations about the Young Lady in front of an outsider. Do you know what the word ‘shameless’ means?!”

Pei Wuchen was agitated. Even though his behavior was somewhat excessive for an imperial prince, there wasn’t anyone in earshot. He wasn’t afraid that people would start to gossip and spread false rumors about himself. Since the words had already left his mouth, he had no regrets.

When the words entered Bai Luochu’s ears, they sounded like music to her ears.

Of course, seeing as how Pei Wuchen was yelling at Qianqian, Bai Luochu knew that her scheme had succeeded. Since the start, she had no intention to personally step in. Since Qianqian was already at her boiling point, she wasn’t going to care about Bai Luochu’s feelings. As for her uncle and aunt… They were hoping that their daughter would turn into a phoenix and soar through the skies. They never dared to raise their voice at her, much less lecture her about her behavior. Bai Luochu started to scheme against her by making use of the princes. After all, Qianqian was dreaming of marrying into the imperial clan. The words of a prince should be able to wake her up. However, there was a reason behind Bai Luochu’s plan to make the Third Prince scream at Qianqian. 

This was Bai Luochu’s plan all along. Pei Qingfeng had a good relationship with her and if she had a conflict with her cousin, Pei Qingfeng would brainlessly defend Bai Luochu and ridicule Qianqian. His words were like knives and it was possible for him to kill someone by lecturing them. However, seeing as Qianqian was deeply infatuated with Pei Qingfeng, she might be staring at his face instead of listening to his scolding. Hence, using Pei Qingfeng wasn’t too good of a choice.

As for Pei Rumo, there was no way she would allow him to get involved. With his personality, after seeing Qianqian’s disgusting behavior, he might even get someone to erase her off the face of the earth. Of course, Bai Luochu didn’t intend to kill her cousin. However, if some mishaps were to happen, she might not be able to bear the consequences.

After thinking it through, there was only one candidate left... the Third Prince, Pei Wuchen.

Why was he the one? When the world mentioned the Cloud Water Nation’s Third Prince, the last disciples of the Phoenix King Valley Master comes to mind. He was also the most ‘upright’ out of the princes and his status as an imperial clan member was extremely fitting. After some basic deduction, Bai Luochu guessed that he was tired after fighting over the throne with Pei Rumo. He should be someone who despised internal conflicts within families. According to Bai Luochu, Pei Wuchen would be disgusted if he saw the way Qianqian behaved towards her.

How could she be so confident that no harm would befall her? Of course, it was all part of her calculations. Normally, she would add fuel to the fire after Qianqian’s harsh criticism, but today, she remained silent while her cousin was chewing her out. The more Qianqian spoke, the more Pei Wuchen would lean towards Bai Luochu’s side.

Why? Because Pei Wuchen felt a sense of guilt when facing Bai Luochu.

“Your Third Highness? You should be criticizing her, not me!” Qianqian saw how Pei Wuchen was yelling at her and felt very surprised. She realized that the situation wasn’t developing how she wanted it to.

“I am an imperial prince. Since a young age, my Master has taught me that a man needs great aspirations to make it further in life. He taught me that a man shouldn’t bother about such internal strife, but you really disgust me. I hope you can learn from your mistakes. I never once hit a woman but I feel like strangling you right now. Even if Luo Chu isn’t a member of the imperial clan, my Grandfather arranged a marriage between the two of us. She can be considered half an imperial clansman and how can an imperial clansman be slandered by you?”

Since the show was already playing out, Bai Luochu realized that she couldn’t remain silent as the lead actor. She quickly shifted in between Pei Wuchen and her cousin before bowing to the Third Prince. “She is the only child of my Uncle and Aunt. It’s natural for her to be a little pampered. After all, she is a young lady and might be envious of all the outstanding men around me. I will lecture her on behalf of my Uncle and even though we had an unpleasant conversation, I hope Your Third Highness will forgive the both of us.”

“She is a young lady and she can afford to act arrogant and rude. Are you going to allow her to do whatever she likes?” Pei Wuchen asked Bai Luochu in return.

Bai Luochu lowered her head for some time before raising her head to look into Pei Wuchen’s eye, “I am used to it.”

Bai Luochu’s eyes were red and it seemed as though tears were about to roll down her face. She sniffled and it seemed as though she was holding her tears back.

Her teary eyes made Pei Wuchen uncomfortable. He felt as though something was moving in his chest and that his heart was about to break free of his ribs. It was as though it was beating in accordance to her sadness.

“Sorry for disturbing you. Please take care of yourself. I have something important to attend to and shall take my leave.” Pei Wuchen turned around and left quickly. However, he turned to look at Bai Luochu before leaving the general’s residence and from where he stood, he could see her straight back as she stood her ground. She looked like a lotus flower rising to the sky.

Making sure that Pei Wuchen had left, Bai Luochu withdrew her tears and said to Qianqian, “Let’s go, follow me to look for your mother. It seems like she didn’t properly carry out my instructions.”

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