Chapter 250: A Series of False Accusations

Pei Wuchen had never visited the general’s residence before, hence, he didn’t know who was the young lady who came out of nowhere to slander Bai Luochu. He had no choice but to turn around to request for help.

Bai Luochu spoke calmly, “As the Young Lady of the residence, I am at fault for not giving an official introduction. This is my younger cousin, Qianqian. I was raised by my uncle’s family and grew up together with her. She is a frank and outspoken girl. Please pardon her, Your Third Highness.”

Frank and outspoken? Pei Wuchen looked at the arrogant and willful young lady whose eyes were filled with sinister light. The corners of her mouth curled upwards and her chin was tilted towards the sky. She looked like she was out for blood. Why was Luo Chu defending someone with such poor behavior? It seemed as though the sisterly bond between the two of them was quite strong.

Pei Wuchen came to a conclusion on his own but he didn’t know that he had already fallen into one of Bai Luochu’s schemes.The moment Qianqian showed up, the gears in Bai Luochu’s brain had already started to turn. A plan to cause Qianqian to fall into the pits of hell was already thought up the moment she opened her mouth.

“Frank and outspoken? Haha, sister is going out of her way to cover up all the scandals. What a nice way to describe me… It seems like my sister's brain has grown a little after leaving the Bestial Battle Arena…” No matter what Bai Luochu said, Qianqian would find a way to turn it into an insult. Her brain was already muddled by Bai Luochu’s constant humiliation and she had no idea she was sinking deeper and deeper into Bai Luochu’s trap. 

Pei Wuchen’s brows slowly arched upwards. He thought that the both of them shared a strong bond but after hearing Qianqian’s words, he was having second thoughts. How could they treat each other so differently?

It seemed as though the Young Lady of the general’s residence was treating her younger cousin well. As for her cousin… she was probably jealous of Bai Luochu’s status in the residence. After all, the Young Lady of the residence was Bai Luochu, not her.

The moment Pei Wuchen formed the image in his head, a distaste for Qianqian rose in his heart. To him, she was like an unkind and unreasonable shrew in the market.

“Third Prince might not about this, but...” Just as Pei Wuchen was sizing Qianqian up, she turned around to make things worse. “Your Third Highness only knows about the First Highness. Before the incident with His First Highness, she used her identity as Divine Physician Bai to stick around His Second Highness. She paraded herself ostentatiously around town and behaved unrestrained.” Qianqian might be talking to Pei Wuchen, but her eyes had been staring at Bai Luochu. She was trying to observe the changes with Bai Luochu’s expression in order to grasp her weakness.

Bai Luochu’s eyes suddenly contracted and a sense of danger washed over her. It seemed as though it was a wise decision to release this lass from captivity. If she hadn’t allowed her aunt to release Qianqian, who knew what she might have done. Bai Luochu shook her head silently. The people she was afraid of were those who would try hundreds of ways to look for trouble. It was impossible to guard against people who quietly prepared grand schemes.

How would Qianqian miss her change in expression? She was just like a cat who had stolen a fish and she became extremely complacent. She quickly spoke about the matters between Bai Luochu and Lu Wenshu. “The person is someone Your Third Highness is familiar with. This person is Lu Wenshu and since the incident at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, he has been sticking close to my cousin. Using the excuse of seeking forgiveness, he appears in the general’s residence every other day. Even though he might be apologising for injuring His Second Highness, he would often drag out the conversation with my elder sister. As for the reason behind my elder sister’s willingness to meet with him… Your Third Highness, do you need this commoner to tell you?” Qianqian let out a resplendent smile and stared straight at Bai Luochu with a haughty expression.

On the contrary, Bai Luochu calmed herself down and she put on an indifferent expression. Her job was done. The only thing left to do was to wait for someone else to put Qianqian in her place. After all, Qianqian was the one who had overestimated her abilities.

Pei Wuchen’s brows pricked up slightly but no one knew the meaning behind his action. When Qianqian saw that Pei Wuchen wasn’t saying a word, she assumed that Pei Wuchen was enraged with Bai Luochu’s behavior. She started to run her mouth off.

“My elder cousin is so willing to see this Young Master Lu because of her admiration for him. Since she was young, she viewed him as her hero. If possible, I’m sure my elder sister would like to marry him.” Qianqian turned to look at Pei Wuchen’s reaction.

After waiting for a long time, the Third Prince remained silent. According to Qianqian, Pei Wuchen had already started to despise her slut of an elder sister. After all, she had already thrown out so many accusations, dragging Bai Luochu’s reputation through the mud.

When Qianqian saw that Pei Wuchen was merely standing there without a word, she assumed that her words weren’t poisonous enough. She carried on, “Doesn’t Your Third Highness feel that something strange is going on? Young Master Lu wants to apologise to His Second Highness but came to the general’s residence instead. Let me enlighten Your Third Highness. Everything happened because of this loose woman, Luo Chu. Not only does she have an ambiguous relationship with the First Prince and Lu Wenshu, she even allowed His Second Highness to stay in the general’s residence for half a month. She made use of her good reputation as a physician and the fact that she didn’t need to consider the differences between a man and a woman to do so. In fact, her head was filled with filthy thoughts!”

After speaking for what seemed like half a day, the reception pavilion regained its tranquility. Bai Luochu felt that the silence was pleasing to the ear compared to Qianqian’s grumbling. Only the sound of birds chirping and fishes splashing about in the pond remained. It seemed as though there were plenty of wonderful things in the world with the explicit exception of her cousin, Qianqian. 

Pei Wuchen stared at Qianqian with a look of disgust in his eyes. He didn’t understand why this woman would slander her cousin to such an extent. When he turned around to look at Bai Luochu, he caught sight of the composed expression on her face. It was unbelievable that she was able to remain calm in such a filthy environment.. She was just like a lotus flower that would grow out unsullied from the mud around her.

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