Chapter 247: Moonlight Guidance

Bai Luochu was silently angry at herself as she should have thought of it sooner. She had only recalled what she needed to do when the moonlight fell on her face. In fact, it wasn’t Bai Luochu’s fault as she was never placed in this situation before. In her previous life, she had abnormal innate talents and didn’t need to use such methods when cultivating.

This cultivation method was one that Bai Luochu read from an ancient text that was almost lost in the river of time. The ancient text recorded all the strange cultivation methods since ancient times and Bai Luochu was thinking of using one of the methods.

The first person who used this cultivation method was said to have perished on his first attempt because he was lacking in the spiritual energy department. The second person had succeeded and they were in rather similar circumstances as Bai Luochu. In the end, Bai Luochu decided to bet it all and follow in the footsteps of the early cultivators.

As for the second person who succeeded, they had crippled meridians, similar to the current Bai Luochu. Since he wasn’t able to absorb heaven and earth spirit qi to cultivate, he used this method in order to reconstruct their meridians. Furthermore, there were plenty of difficulties during future breakthroughs. Whenever that person encountered a bottleneck, he would use this method in order to break through. Even though he wasn’t considered the hero of a generation, he was a rather well-known figure.

As for whether the method was really useful… no one knew.

Bai Luochu had no other choice  and was prepared to take the risk. This method was only recorded down by predecessors and it wasn’t given a name. After all, this cultivation method might look like complete nonsense to others. In the end, Bai Luochu decided to give it a name… Moonlight Guidance.

It was named Moonlight Guidance because it would take advantage of the full moon on the 15th day of the month. The user would guide the energy from the moonlight through their body in order to strengthen their meridians. With stronger meridians, the cultivator would be able to circulate more spirit qi through them, easing the path of cultivation. After all, everyone had a limit to how much spirit qi they could circulate and this limit was based on their width and toughness of meridians.

Before the moon had gotten its name, it was previously addressed as Excessive Yin. The reason behind its name was because the burning sun in the morning sky was called Excessive Yang. Secondly, the energy from the moonlight was mostly chilly yin energy. If one blindly guided the energy into the body, one might breathe their last without knowing it.

As soon as Bai Luochu chased Cai Ling out, she immediately headed to her backyard. Bai Luochu’s backyard might not be massive and was rather desolate as no one was there to take care of it. However, it was the perfect place for Bai Luochu to immerse her body in the moonlight.

Bai Luochu sat in a meditative posture in the backyard before releasing her spiritual energy to communicate with the starry sky. She slowly started the transfer of energy between the moonlight and her body. As her spiritual energy got closer to the moon, she felt a higher concentration of yin energy. At the highest parts of the sky, the energy had nearly materialized.

In the end, Bai Luochu realized that the moonlight energy wasn’t exactly the same as what others had described. Originally, Bai Luochu assumed that the moonlight energy was extremely cold with a yin attribute. When her spiritual energy came into contact with the moonlight energy, she only felt a short chill before burning heat took over. She was suffering unspeakable misery and Bai Luochu finally understood the reason why the first person perished. The first person who used this method was dead because his spiritual energy couldn’t withstand such torment.

Right now, Bai Luochu didn’t have time to think of such trivial matters and she focused on the absorption of the moonlight energy.

After a short while, Bai Luochu finally absorbed enough energy. She didn’t hesitate to guide the energy through her body.

The moonlight energy inside Bai Luochu’s body was currently compressed into a small sphere by her spiritual energy. It was barging through Bai Luochu’s meridians and due to the characteristic of the moonlight energy, Bai Luochu felt as though her body was burning up for a moment before feeling as though she submerged herself into a pool of ice in the next. Due to the torment, even the tenacious Bai Luochu was groaning in pain.

After getting calcined by the moonlight energy, Bai Luochu noticed that her meridians were constantly turning tougher and they became much healthier compared to before.

But the moonlight energy didn’t seem to have the intention to stop as it continued to circulate around Bai Luochu’s meridians. It would destroy Bai Luochu’s meridians first before reconstructing it again. The sensation was too painful to describe and Bai Luochu nearly fainted.

Before she knew it, the entire night went by and Bai Luochu awakened at daybreak.

As the first ray of sunlight basked down onto the world, the moonlight energy in Bai Luochu’s body vanished completely. As the laws of heaven and earth descended on Bai Luochu, she suddenly realized that she had gained a lot from her cultivation session the night before. She actually advanced by one entire rank, much to her delight.

“Mistress? Mistress, where are you?” Cai Ling’s voice echoed in the bedroom and Bai Luochu finally recalled that she had left her room in order to cultivate. She immediately stood up and she dragged her weary body into her bed.

Bai Luochu raised her head and she saw the eyebags on Cai Ling’s face. They were so bad they were almost drooping down to her jaw. Bai Luochu felt rather guilty and said, “Sorry, I didn’t think I would cultivate through the night.”

Cai Ling didn’t really mind the fact that she wasn’t able to sleep for the entire night. On the contrary, she returned the question to Bai Luochu, “Mistress, what happened to you? Why are you in this state?”

Bai Luochu had suffered for an entire night and her clothes were soaked through. Her hair hung down her back, painting a miserable picture.

“What else? Everything happened because of my cultivation. It doesn’t matter, help me change into a fresh set of clothes. These are really uncomfortable.... “Bai Luochu spoke and already started to strip off her outer clothes.

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