Chapter 246: A Scandal

“Young Lady, Madam asked us not to provoke Luo Chu, why don’t we keep to ourselves?” Qianqian’s servant girl had been serving her for quite some time and understood that Bai Luochu was someone who had plenty of schemes up her sleeves. She quickly spoke up to dissuade her young lady.

“When did you start listening to my mother? My mother mentioned that you are not allowed to speak privately with the servants of the residence. Speak. What medicinal dregs did you pour into the back garden previously?” As Qianqian was enjoying the cake in her hand, she started talking about the matter between a man and a woman. Her expression didn’t change even though she was a young lady speaking of such things. 

The servant girl was extremely shocked and immediately knelt down with a ‘plop’ and begged for mercy, “Young Lady please spare my life. This servant had a moment of folly. After the incident, I was extremely afraid and bought the contraceptive medicine. I hope that Young Lady will not tell Madam. If you need this servant to do anything, please give the order. This servant will risk my life to complete the task.” The servant girl never imagined that Qianqian would be able to discover her use of the medicine..

In fact, Qianqian wasn’t intentionally spying on the servant girl. After staying in her courtyard for such a long time, Qianqian felt a little bored and decided to wander about the back garden. It was deep into the night and Qianqian usually had the habit of walking on her tiptoes, it was difficult for anyone to notice her presence. The moment she stepped into the back garden, a smell assaulted her nose and her face flushed red. Her heart raced and she immediately noticed that something was wrong. 

“You badie, hurry up! If Madam finds out about us, we will have to suffer the consequences!” A delicate female voice echoed through the silent garden. Even though Qianqian felt that she had heard the voice before, she couldn’t quite connect the face to the voice.

“Aiyo, Lü Luo, don’t be so anxious!” A male voice followed up and Qianqian’s eyes opened wide.

Lü Luo? Isn’t that my personal servant? Why would she...

When Qianqian heard the man, she was too ashamed to continue spying on them. She immediately turned around and returned to her bedroom. She laid in bed and closed her eyes. When she noticed that someone was walking by her room, she pretended to stir as she asked, “Who is it?”

The easily startled Lü Luo became flustered and the teacup in her hand fell to the ground.

Lü Luo forcefully calmed herself before replying to Qianqian, “Young Lady, it is I, Lü Luo. I was having diarrhea earlier and went out for a moment to relieve myself. I was afraid that you would wake up in the middle of the night and there would be no one here to take care of you.”

Due to the excitement earlier, she had yet to change her coquettish tone. Qianqian immediately understood that she was carrying out indecent acts with the man earlier and after confirming that it was her personal servant, Lü Luo, Qianqian felt a wave of disgust wash over her. She gave a half-hearted answer and went back to bed.

She didn’t expect that Lü Luo would behave suspiciously several days later. Qianqian noticed Lü Luo digging a hold in the back garden and in her curiosity, she dug it up. After noticing that Lü Luo buried the remains of several medicinal herbs, a thought sprung up in Qianqian’s mind.

After hearing Lü Luo’s confession, Qianqian realized that her guess was right.

“If I fail to put Luo Chu in her place, how can I get rid of the ball of anger in my stomach?! Get up! Remember your promise to me!” Qianqian placed the cake down and used a handkerchief to wipe her hands. She returned to her bed and instructed her servant, “Dismiss everyone. I feel tired right now and would like to take a short nap.”

On the other side of the residence, Bai Luochu was in her room, thinking of something. Initially, Cai Ling didn’t want to interrupt Bai Luochu’s train of thoughts but there was a question in her mind she couldn’t answer no matter how hard she thought about it. “Mistress, why did you take the initiative to look for the Madam? Why did you allow her to release Qianqian? She is trouble through and through. Shouldn’t Mistress allow her to rot in her room?” Cai Ling spoke truthfully.

After hearing Cai Ling’s question, Bai Luochu felt that this little servant of hers had developed some animosity towards Qianqian. She felt that Cai Ling was behaving like a child and she slowly explained her actions. “An enemy in the light is better than one in the dark, right?”

“Did Mistress release Qianqian on purpose?” Bai Luochu’s explanation immediately allowed Cai Ling to understand Bai Luochu’s true intention.

Bai Luochu nodded as she continued, “You can say that. After all, I cannot allow someone like her to ruin my plans now that we are at a critical stage. She might be in confinement but it is hard to be sure that she is not plotting against me in the dark. During confinement, she has nothing to think about other than revenge against me. Now that she is out of confinement, we will be able to observe her and notice any abnormal behavior. The moment I notice something wrong, I will be able to react accordingly.”

Cai Ling nodded repeatedly like a chicken pecking grains and thought that her mistress was truly a farsighted person.

Even though the matter with Qianqian was settled, Bai Luochu’s head was aching as there was a problem she couldn’t solve. It was about her cultivation as no matter how she cultivated, she failed to make any progress. Even though her spirit qi was growing more concentrated, she failed to break through.

No matter how concentrated her spirit qi was, if there wasn’t a change in quality, she wouldn’t be a match for those experts. It didn’t matter if she had enough spirit qi to cover the world...

Right now, Bai Luochu thought that her crippled meridians were hindering her progress.

Bai Luochu thought about it for a long time and was trying to think of a good method to solve her problems. She sat in front of the window and waited for night to fall.

At nightfall, when the first ray of moonlight pierced through the window frame and illuminated Bai Luochu’s face, a thought struck her. She turned around to order Cai Ling, “Go and stand guard at the door. Don’t let anyone inside!”

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