Chapter 245: Freed from Confinement

The aunt pondered over the reasons before asking, “Why will you… Shouldn’t you be...” Her meaning was obvious, shouldn’t Luo Chu be wishing for her daughter to die during confinement? If that was the case, Luo Chu wouldn’t need to look at her again. Why was she asking for Qianqian to be released all of a sudden?

“Aunt, you are thinking too much. In the end, I am the elder sister and cannot possibly be so calculative with my younger sister. I was originally in conflict with her due to the anger in my heart. There was also a small conflict between us. She constantly tried to make things difficult for me, therefore, I had no choice but to make a move. After thinking things through, I decided to let the matter rest. There is a saying, ‘It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive.’ Furthermore, she is my younger sister closely related to me by blood. How can I allow her to suffer like this?” Bai Luochu’s explanation had no shortcomings and no matter how the aunt thought about it, she couldn’t understand Luo Chu’s true objective. Without a choice, she simply let out a sigh of relief.

“Since that is the case, I will make a trip over there personally. I will also tell her to not create anymore trouble after coming out. As a mother, on her behalf, I shall thank you for your kind intentions.” The aunt spoke truthfully.

Bai Luochu nodded with satisfaction after hearing her aunt’s promise. She bade her aunt farewell before returning to her courtyard.

“Hong Xiu, prepare the things, I will go and visit Qianqian.” The moment Luo Chu left her sight, the aunt ordered her servant to get ready. She couldn’t wait to visit her daughter. In fact, the aunt already wanted to release her daughter but after considering Luo Chu’s change in personality, she was afraid Qianqian would be bullied after coming out. In the end, she hardened her heart and confined Qianqian for a long time. Apart from protecting her daughter, she wanted her daughter to sever all thoughts of provoking Bai Luochu.

After all, the current Luo Chu was no longer the orphan who would allow people to take advantage of her. Putting aside her relationship with the various imperial princes, just her medical skills was already fearsome enough.

“Who is it! Don’t you know that this young lady isn’t in a good mood?! How dare you come over and provoke me?!” When Qianqian heard someone knocking on the door, she responded rudely.

The aunt’s servant girl was in a difficult situation and felt that Qianqian was behaving too audaciously. After all, the person visiting her was her mother.

The aunt wasn’t offended as Qianqian was her daughter. She simply said, “Qianqian, it’s your mother. Mother is here to see you.”

There wasn’t any commotion inside the house and a moment later, a servant girl opened the door and said, “Madam, please enter the house.”

The aunt immediately saw Qianqian with swollen eyes due to all the crying and felt an extreme heartache. She then consoled Qianqian, “Qianqian, why do you look so pitiful... Aiyo, I am truly heartbroken. Come and let mother take a look.” The aunt then took out her handkerchief to wipe off Qianqian’s tear stains.

No one expected for Qianqian to swat away her mother’s hand, “Isn’t this all because of you?! You actually took the side of that slut and not me! You confined me for such a long time… I even embarrassed myself in front of that slut!”

The aunt knew that this matter was related to her but she was doing it for the sake of her daughter. It was fine if her daughter couldn’t understand her intentions, she even had to suffer from her daughter’s scolding. It was truly disheartening and she felt really wronged.

She then explained to Qianqian, “Qianqian, you have to know that mother is doing it for your own good. Luo Chu has become very wicked and if you are determined to struggle with her, you will not get anything in return. You will fall deeper into her schemes. Furthermore, that lass has complicated relationships with the imperial princes. If you aren’t careful and offend an imperial clansman, ten heads won’t be enough to keep us alive. Mother confined you in order to protect you from Luo Chu, do you understand?”

Qianqian seemed to be emotionally moved after hearing her mother’s words. But she immediately had second thoughts as she still had to continue suffering in this small house. She was instantly displeased and asked her mother, “Mother, that might be true, but I can’t possibly be locked up in my room for my entire life, right? When can I finally get out of this place?”

Qianqian acted coquettishly at the end. Originally, the aunt was rather hesitant and was afraid that this was one of Bai Luochu’s schemes against her daughter. After seeing how pitiful her daughter was, she didn’t have the heart to allow Qianqian to suffer. She tried to comfort herself and she readily consented, “Aiyo, you are mother’s precious baby. Today, mother completed negotiations with Luo Chu so that you can be released. However, you need to promise me something.”

“Please give me your advice....” In order to get out of this place, Qianqian quickly asked.

“Even if you are freed from confinement, do not go looking for Luo Chu. Our Qianqian is a precious jade artifact while Luo Chu is just a broken tile. We shouldn’t clash with her any longer. Looking at how she conducts herself, trouble will befall her sooner or later. Do you understand?”

“Your daughter understands. I will not mess with her again.” Qianqian naturally agreed.

“That will be for the best. Mother still has something to do and shall take my leave. I have specially prepared this dingsheng cake for you. Eat some for good luck.” The aunt finished speaking and walked out.

Qianqian picked up a piece of the cake and munched on it ruthlessly as though this cake was her nemesis. After nearly choking on this mouthful of cake, Qianqian muttered in a soft voice, “Luo Chu, just you wait!!!!!!”

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