Chapter 244: Taking the Initiative

Her aunt who originally wanted to buy some rouge and cosmetics with her good friend had stumbled from shock due to Bai Luochu’s sudden greetings. She lost her balance and fell backward. It was fortunate that her servant girls had quick reactions as they managed to catch hold of her before she slammed into the ground.

Under the brilliant rays of the sun,, Bai Luochu’s sharp teeth reflected off the dazzling golden color and those who were unaware of her true nature would think that she was an innocent and delicate young beauty. As for her aunt… she knew that this lass standing in front of her was scarier than a real demon. Her sharp teeth looked like they were about to tear the skin off someone’s face.

Since she was already here, her aunt felt that she had to exchange some pleasantries. She was a senior and she couldn’t embarrass herself in front of a junior. “Luo Chu, aren’t you really busy? Where did you find the time to look for your aunt?”

Bai Luochu’s brows arched upwards and felt that her aunt was becoming more intelligent. At the very least, she wouldn’t try to provoke Bai Luochu like a fool and throw herself into the pit dug by the she-devil.

Since she is behaving so politely, I can’t really mess with her, right?

As Bai Luochu thought about what she was about to do, the smile on her face became 100x more brilliant. Even though she looked like a sweet young girl, everyone else present felt as though they were looking at a terrifying monster.

“Aunt, there is a saying, ‘Filial piety is most important out of all the virtues.’ This niece has been too busy sorting out some trivial matters lately. After some self-reflection, I thought that it had been a long time since we had a nice chat. This is the reason I am visiting you right now. I am here to pay my respects.”

The aunt felt her glabella jolting and her first thought was that Luo Chu had fallen on her head: Why would she look for me for a chat? Is she possessed?

But the aunt immediately had second thoughts: This lass never wants to see me… Now that she is here to look for me, she might have found something out.

The alarm bell in the aunt’s heart had gone off: No, I cannot allow this stupid lass to make her accusations. I have to make the first move.

Instantly losing her mood, her aunt no longer felt like going out to shop. She immediately spoke to Bai Luochu in an amicable manner, “Oh my, it is rare for Luo Chu to be so considerate. As your aunt, how can I disrespect my junior? Hurry up and follow me inside.” After speaking, she turned around and entered the room.

Bai Luochu brought Cai Ling along and entered the main courtyard’s entrance casually. Without caring about her manners, she sat down without a care for the world.

Her aunt barked out an order the moment she entered the room. “All of you are dismissed.” Cai Ling didn’t move and just as the aunt was about to say something, she felt as though something wasn’t right. This person is Luo Chu’s personal servant and I am probably unable to command her. 

The aunt immediately turned to look at Bai Luochu as a signal for Bai Luochu to dismiss Cai Ling.

Bai Luochu didn’t respond and looked at her aunt with a flat gaze. “She is one of my people and there is nothing wrong with her being here.”

This statement shattered the aunt’s idea of dismissing Cai Ling.

The aunt had no other choice but to sit down obediently, “I wonder what is so urgent for our Young Lady to personally look for an old woman like me?” Now that all the outsiders were gone, the aunt tore off her pretentious mask and spoke with an irate tone.

Bai Luochu didn’t reply and asked her own question instead, “I am almost done with the investigation of me being thrown into the Bestial Battle Arena. I wonder if Aunt knows anything about it?”

Bai Luochu turned to look at her aunt. When the afternoon sun shone on Bai Luochu’s face, her skin was illuminated and seemed to glow a soft golden color. Her skin looked so fair and rosy and perhaps it was due to the overly intense sunlight, even the pores on her skin were clearly visible. The color of her pupils had turned lighter due to the sun, giving her the looks of a foreigner. Even her hair looked like they were coated in gold.

Even though Bai Luochu looked like a living and gorgeous beauty from painting, in the eyes of her aunt, Bai Luochu was the emissary of death who was drenched in blood and had overcome all obstacles from hell.

As soon as the aunt heard Bai Luochu mentioning the words ‘Bestial Battle Arena’, her expression changed. She was afraid that Luo Chu would unearth the truth. After all, she had a guilty conscience and when she spoke again, she was in a disadvantageous position, “Speak. What do you want.”

The aunt might sound like she wasn’t willing to admit defeat, but her tone had weakened significantly. Bai Luochu smiled with satisfaction and immediately spoke with her final objective in mind, “Since cousin has been confined by Aunt, I haven’t seen her for a long time. I am anxious about her well-being and I hope Aunt can shed some light on her current situation. After being cooped up in her room for such a long time, she should be really bored.”

When she heard Bai Luochu’s question, the aunt became a little suspicious. She wondered about the reason behind Luo Chu’s sudden interest in Qianqian.

The aunt might be a sharp and unkind individual, but that attitude was reserved for Luo Chu. She was truly kind to her own daughter and after hearing Bai Luochu’s question, she assumed that Bai Luochu had a scheme in mind. She immediately became nervous and asked, “What... What are you thinking of doing? If you want to do something, do it to me. Don’t punish Qianqian.”

When Bai Luochu saw how her aunt was so anxious about her daughter’s well-being, Bai Luochu did feel a little pity for her aunt. She thought about how someone could be so cruel to others yet behave so differently when other people were plotting against their child.

“What is Aunt thinking? I feel that cousin has the temperament of a child and it is good enough to teach her a lesson by confining her for a few days. Why do you have to keep her confined until now? I am afraid she might be bored to death. Why don’t you just let her out? After so many days of confinement, I think she should have learned her lesson.” Bai Luochu spoke in a composed manner.

This aunt was dumbstruck and didn’t react for a long time. She thought that Bai Luochu and Qianqian were like fire and water, but from the looks of it now, something strange was going on.

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