Chapter 243: Long Time No See

Bai Luochu squinted her eyes in response to Cai Ling’s comments and no one knew what she was thinking about. After a long silence, Bai Luochu finally spoke again. She mumbled under her breath, “That’s right... She’s not one to stay in her room like a good girl.”

Bai Luochu suddenly leaned into the chair and closed her eyes. She looked like she was napping but her actions were too sudden and Cai Ling thought that she had fainted. Luckily for Cai Ling, she saw Bai Luochu smoothing out her brows right before she screamed for help. After hearing Bai Luochu’s unhurried breaths, she realized that her mistress was thinking about something. Cai Ling returned to her position to wait for Bai Luochu’s next instruction.

After a long time, Bai Luochu finally opened her eyes and spoke to Cai Ling, “Let’s go. I have been busy with too many things to the point where I forgot to pay a visit to my Aunt. Why not do it now? Let us visit the Madam immediately!” Bai Luochu revealed a profound smile after speaking and she left the room. She headed straight towards the main courtyard of the general’s residence.

Cai Ling shivered when she saw Bai Luochu’s smile. She knew that someone was in for trouble.

Since Luo Chu’s parents passed away, her uncle’s family had been taking care of her. Even though it seemed like they were taking care of her, it was more appropriate to say that they were taking advantage of the fact that she wasn’t of age. They took over the residence and never provided anymore more than food.

Luo Chu’s life might not be great, but she didn’t need to worry about food and clothes. After all, her uncle’s family was still mindful of how outsiders looked at them. There was a saying, ‘Just as distance determines the stamina of a horse, time reveals a person’s true nature.’ After such a long time, they snapped. Their daughter was obviously much better than the wastrel who couldn’t cultivate, yet she wasn’t the Young Lady of the residence. Even if their daughter was pretty, she didn’t have the status to be a first wife. Adding on the fact that Luo Chu’s uncle was a gambling addict, the already poor general’s residence was going to declare bankruptcy. Since they had to prepare a dowry for their daughter, Luo Chu’s uncle decided to make a move on her.

It was also the reason behind Luo Chu’s appearance in the Bestial Battle Arena. However, it was also the reason Bai Luochu was able to reincarnate into her body.

When the madam’s personal servant saw Bai Luochu arriving, she instantly felt chills down her back. A chilling aura traveled from her foot all the way to her head as she knew that the king of hell was here. She might very well be the unlucky one who would have to suffer from Bai Luochu’s wrath.

“Young Lady Luo Chu, why... why are you here?” The servant girl might be afraid but she braced herself to ask the question. Since she was a servant girl, this was her job.

Bai Luochu had a calm expression and no one could figure out what she was thinking. Bai Luochu smiled and asked, “Where is my Aunt? I have been so busy these days and have forgotten to visit my Aunt. It is truly my fault as a junior. Since I am free today, I am here to have a nice chat with her.”

When the servant girl heard Bai Luochu saying ‘nice chat’, her knees instantly went soft and nearly knelt down on the ground.

What kind of chat is this young ancestor talking about, she is obviously here to stab a knife through Madam’s heart.

“In response to Young Lady Luo Chu’s question, Madam is now having her afternoon nap and it is really bad timing. Why don’t Young Lady return to rest for now before coming over later?”

How could Bai Luochu allow a maid to chase her away so easily? Bai Luochu raised her brows and spoke to the servant girl, “I prepared my speech for such a long time. Are you trying to chase me away?”

“This servant doesn’t dare to, this servant is just afraid that Madam will blame me, thus, I cannot allow Young Lady Luo Chu to enter. This servant has no intention to obstruct you and I hope that you will not blame me!” The servant girl kneeled on the ground as she pleaded with Bai Luochu.

When Bai Luochu saw how terrified the servant girl was, she revealed a brilliant smile and said, “Why are you so nervous? I am not going to blame you. Since the weather is pleasantly cool, why don’t you bring me a comfortable chair so I can rest in the courtyard? When Aunt wakes up, just let me know.” Bai Luochu didn’t forget to help the servant girl stand after speaking.

The servant girl knew that Bai Luochu wasn’t going to leave no matter what. She immediately stopped beating around the bush and asked a few manservants to bring over a marshal chair before putting a firm cushion on top. “Is this to Young Lady’s taste?”

Bai Luochu nodded and she closed her eyes to rest. Even though the weather was pleasantly cool, Cai Ling felt that the afternoon sun was still very glaring and asked the servant girl to provide a fan to block the sunlight.

Bai Luochu sat and waited for a full hour and when she had almost fallen asleep, she suddenly heard the sound of doors opening.

“I had a rather nice nap this afternoon.” The madam spoke with satisfaction. It was unknown if it was the pleasant afternoon nap or the sunlight, the madam’s sharp and unkind face looked rather mellow and gentle. Just as she was preparing to venture out to shop around with her good friends, she noticed an unknown object in the courtyard. Perhaps she was still drowsy and wasn’t able to see clearly but she snapped at the servant girl who was standing at the door, “What’s that?!”

Just as the servant girl was about to explain, Bai Luochu jumped out of the chair and smiled at her aunt with a brilliant smile which seemed to dull the radiance of the sun, “Long time no see, Aunt.”

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