Chapter 241: Fruitless Investigation

“Are they just going to arrest people randomly? Won’t they implicate many innocent people?" Bai Luochu looked at the streets for a long time before asking Ying Lan.

Ying Lan seemed to be in a difficult position. He spoke after a short silence, "They aren’t just arresting people randomly. The elder had been investigating the source of the sleeping incense in the black market. After realizing that the sleeping incense hadn’t been sold in the black market, he redirected his attention to the medicine shops in the capital city and the cities around. After wasting his time, he activated people from the commandment hall.”

Bai Luochu nodded and spoke calmly, “That is good. I cannot allow innocent people to suffer because of me.”

“Mistress, for the next few days... can you please lay low and stay in the general’s residence? This subordinate heard that the Phoenix King Valley’s commandment hall has a treasure to locate items with spirit qi.” Ying Lan  reported his findings to Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu muttered to herself, “For the next few days, I will be extra careful. But... this information might be used by the Phoenix King Valley as intimidation.”

“Why does Mistress think so?” Ying Lan was confused by Bai Luochu’s comment.

The corner of Bai Luochu’s mouth curled upwards as she spoke of what she had surmised, “The Phoenix King Valley’s commandment hall does have that treasure. However, it has always been kept in the valley. Even an elder wouldn’t be able to bring the treasure out for his personal use. If I’m not wrong, the treasure is unable to detect the Green Flame Eagle’s younglings.”

“Mistress… Do you think that they are trying to make the thief panic? If that happens, there is a chance for them to catch the culprit.” Ying Lan continued Bai Luochu’s explanation and clarified the matter.

“You are pretty smart.” Bai Luochu looked at Ying Lan and nodded with satisfaction before continuing, “To be safe, I will be cultivating in the general’s residence for the next few days. Unless an invitation comes, I will not be exposing myself in public. Since the general’s residence is being monitored right now, you should use the secret tunnel in the secluded courtyard.”

“This subordinate understands. Please be at ease.” Ying Lan bowed and escorted Bai Luochu out of the building.

Bai Luochu’s guesses were correct. The Phoenix King Valley Elder released the information about the treasure as intimidation. Even the men he sent out weren’t from the commandment hall. They were merely disciples of minor factions that served the Phoenix King Valley.

“Are there any clues?” The Phoenix King Valley Elder had a gloomy expression as he addressed the disciples of the ‘commandment hall’.

The disciples looked at each other in dismay and didn’t say a word. The Phoenix King Valley Elder immediately understood that there was no headway and his already gloomy face became a shade darker.

“Did you guys release the information as per my instructions?” The Phoenix King Valley Elder spoke in a deep voice and his voice and it was clear that he was about to erupt.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder wasn’t his usual friendly self, scaring the disciples of the minor factions. After a long time, someone finally spoke up. He stammered, “We have already released the information. We have also observed those people Elder asked us to, however, nothing seems out of the ordinary. There… there isn’t any result.” His voice became softer and softer as he was afraid the Phoenix King Valley Elder would punish him for the failure of the group.

“A bunch of useless idiots!” The Phoenix King Valley Elder was extremely enraged and he yelled at those disciples. He swept his sleeves across the table, sending everything tumbling to the ground. As though his anger hadn’t quelled in the slightest, he pointed at the disciples and yelled at them, “It has already been so long and I have already handed over the investigation to all of you! Apart from following my instructions, all of you aren’t using your brains to figure out the next step!”

Even though the disciples were from minor factions, they were youngsters at the end of the day. They weren’t pleased by the scolding and their expressions showed it.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder’s heart sank even further. In order not to alert the culprit, he sent the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples back. However, he used his strength to threaten the weaker sects into handing over their disciples to assist in the investigation. In order to capture the culprit as soon as possible, he didn’t hesitate when fabricating lies. He didn’t elaborate about the stolen items and simply said that his personal items were stolen. If anyone else learned about the loss of the Green Flame Eagle’s egg, a blood storm would sweep through the capital city. He couldn’t be sure that he would be able to retrieve the egg.

There was also no way he would take it lying down. The Phoenix King Valley Elder wasn’t willing to accept this setback and he quickly started his investigation. He started from the black market and extended his reach towards the surrounding cities. With such a huge commotion, everyone was alarmed and when he felt that the timing was right, he released the information about the treasure from the Phoenix King Valley’s commandment hall. He originally thought that he would be able to catch the culprit, but contrary to his belief, no one showed signs of suspicious movement. The culprit was just like a venomous snake hiding in the dark, observing the situation silently.

“All of you go out and continue the investigation. Report back to me if there is any new information.” The Phoenix King Valley Elder detected the odd expressions on their faces and he quickly changed his tone.

When they heard the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s instruction, everyone rushed out of the room. It was as though there was a fire burning their backs and it seemed as though they were oblivious to the elder’s murderous aura.

When he saw them running out, the elder sank into the marshal’s chair and sighed. He looked like he was about to collapse and thought to himself: It seems like I will have to accept this miserable loss...

After leaving the manor, the disciples started to curse out the Phoenix King Valley Elder. They weren’t really respectful of the old man anyway...

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