Chapter 240: Lu Wenshu’s Thoughts

“What is Mistress going to do? You can’t just go hungry.” Cai Ling stopped after hearing Bai Luochu’s words. She blamed herself for allowing her mistress to go hungry.

Bai Luochu thought for a moment and said to Cai Ling, “It just so happens that I have to look for Ying Lan. I will head over to the Remote Paddy Inn and have a meal there. If anyone visits, let them know that I am not around. If something urgent comes up, send them to the Remote Paddy Inn to look for me.”

Perhaps it was because Bai Luochu was really hungry, she turned around and left immediately after speaking.

When Bai Luochu arrived at Ying Lan’s study room, he was currently settling the accounts for the Remote Paddy Inn. When he saw Bai Luochu entering, he immediately thought that there was something important and asked Bai Luochu with concern, “Mistress, did anything happen? Did the First Prince give you any trouble?”

Ying Lan went through multiple scenarios in his mind. When he saw that Bai Luochu was in a rush, he assumed that something major had happened.

He was stunned by what Bai Luochu said next.

“Hurry up and get the Remote Paddy Inn’s chef to cook two dishes for me! I am famished!” Bai Luochu yelled and collapsed into a chair. It seemed as though her legs became weak due to her hunger.

Ying Lan could see that Bai Luochu was truly famished and immediately instructed the innkeeper to serve some food. “Bring two dishes up here. Get a plate of meat and a plate of vegetables. Serve something palatable...”

“Mistress, why are you so hungry? Did Pei Rumo lock you up without giving you food?” Ying Lan looked at Bai Luochu and thought about his meeting with the First Prince. An unlikely scenario popped into his head.

Bai Luochu rolled her eyes at Ying Lan in response, “What are you thinking about? You were never this weird before! I’ll tell you everything after eating my fill.”

Before long, the two dishes appeared in front of Bai Luochu and she shoved everything into her mouth. Those who didn’t know might even think that she had been starving for a month or two. After swallowing the last of her rice, she downed a huge cup of water before narrating the event in the First Prince’s residence.

After listening to Bai Luochu’s story, Ying Lan immediately asked, “From what I can tell, the First Prince shouldn’t be bothering you for quite some time, right? This can’t be the reason for your appearance in the Remote Paddy Inn.”

Bai Luochu muttered to herself before replying, “Indeed, I am not here to eat. The food is secondary. I am here to speak to you about Lu Wenshu.”

The moment the name left her mouth, Ying Lan jumped out of his seat. “Mistress, did Lu Wenshu see through your reincarnation?”

Bai Luochu saw how anxious Ying Lan was and tugged on his sleeve as an indication for him to calm down. After he calmed down, Bai Luochu started to speak again. “Don’t be anxious. I am not done yet. Initially, I thought that he was paying more attention due to the fact that my name is similar to the one I had in the past. After encountering him at the First Prince’s residence earlier, I could feel that he was trying to get closer to me in order to verify my true identity. He is being really annoying.”

Ying Lan let out a breath of relief and responded, “Does Mistress think that Lu Wenshu is aware of your reincarnation?”

Bai Luochu shook her head and spoke helplessly, “I can’t confirm anything. Because of his personality, it will be hard to verify that he knows about my reincarnation. There is something I am curious about. Shouldn’t he be promoted after the incident? After seizing the inheritance and the manuals, why is he still looking for me?”

“Is he actually going through so much trouble to look for you?” Ying Lan remained unconvinced that Lu Wenshu still had Bai Luochu in his heart.

“Yes, he has been sounding me out all this while and I can see that he is still looking for me. After seeing the way I act, he sticks by my side all the time. I don’t understand the reason behind his actions. Is it possible for him to feel that my death wasn’t miserable enough and he has to do it again in order to uphold justice to the world? Does he wish to kill me again in front of the world such that my soul scatters and I will never enter the cycle of reincarnation?” Bai Luochu sounded like she was mocking herself 

“Bah... Mistress, please refrain from cursing yourself. I managed to locate Mistress after so much trouble and if something happens to you under my watch, I can only follow you in death to offer my apology.” Ying Lan spat after hearing Bai Luochu’s analysis. He quickly stomped on the ground to offset Bai Luochu’s curse.

“Alright, there is no need to worry. Lu Wenshu’s exact objective has to be analyzed again. I am not here to debate with you. If he truly wishes to make a move on me, we need to prepare ourselves.” Bai Luochu saw that Ying Lan was extremely serious and she couldn’t help but correct her words.

“That is a good plan, I shall comply with Mistress’ instructions. Lu Wenshu is now residing in the First Prince’s residence and Pei Rumo has always been a cautious person. If Lu Wenshu is really planning something, he won’t be able to hide it from Pei Rumo. Now that the incident with Pei Rumo is over, it will be best if Mistress can make use of your time to cultivate.”

When Bai Luochu heard Ying Lan’s analysis, she felt at ease. He was the only person Bai Luochu could trust completely.

Ying Lan sent Bai Luochu to the entrance of the Remote Paddy Inn. Alarm bells suddenly went off in her head and she stopped in her tracks. “Did the Phoenix King Valley make any moves?”

Bai Luochu stared at Ying Lan as though she was afraid he would lie to her. Under her death stare, Ying Lan crumbled and reported everything to Bai Luochu. “Mistress, to be honest, the Phoenix King Valley has been searching through the entire city for the culprit. The people sent by the Phoenix King Valley are members of the commandment hall… They specialize in searching for evidence and interrogation. I am worried that Mistress will be worried and failed to make the report. This subordinate feels that Mistress should hide away in the general’s residence for the time being.”

Bai Luochu didn’t say anything and stood at the entrance while quietly looking at the serene streets.

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