Chapter 239: The So-Called Zhenlong Chess Play

How could Pei Rumo not understand that Bai Luochu was drawing the line between them by explaining Zhenlong Chess Play? Even though they might be hostile to each other, they were able to coexist in harmony. Wasn’t this the situation they were currently in?

Even though the two other parties were able to read between the lines, Pei Rumo was the First Prince and the deal between the two wasn’t clear. As a result, Pei Qingfeng and Lu Wenshu didn’t have a clear idea as to what they were referring to. 

“Divine Physician Bai must be tired after such a long day. Why don’t you head back to the general’s residence for a break? Ming Lu, escort Divine Physician Bai out on my behalf.” Pei Rumo gave his instructions.

Pei Qingfeng felt there was no meaning to continue staying after Bai Luochu was gone. Turning his wheelchair around, he left the First Prince’s residence. As for Lu Wenshu, he felt that it was inappropriate for him to stay and quickly returned to his room.

A short moment later, Ming Lu came back.

“Master, did you really lose? No matter how this servant looks at it, the white pieces are at a disadvantage.” Ming Lu assumed that Pei Rumo threw the game in order to improve Bai Luochu’s impression of him.

Pei Rumo withdrew his gaze from the chessboard and answered Ming Lu’s question, “I have lost. The white stones might look like they are at a disadvantage, but in reality, no matter where I put my next piece, the white pieces will be able to turn the situation around. The story of her Zhenlong chess play isn’t complete…”

“The Zhenlong chess play was developed by two good friends who were chess experts. The one with the black stones had an impulsive nature and he started the game being extremely aggressive. The white stones gave way time after time but after many moves, the black pieces reached a dead end. In order not to jeopardize the friendship, the player with the white stones called the game a draw. Since then, the game has been recorded into the history books. After analysis by numerous generations of chess players, they realized that no matter where the black piece lands, the black pieces would face a crushing defeat.”

Ming Lu seemed to have recalled something and he exclaimed, “Oh, I nearly forgot. Young Lady Luo Chu asked me to deliver a message when she left.”

Pei Rumo raised his brows slightly and he felt curious. Why would this lass take the initiative to speak first? With a nod of his head, he indicated for Ming Lu to speak. “What message does she have for me?”

Ming Lu scratched his head and revealed an awkward expression before speaking, “Master, this message is rather strange. However, Young Lady Luo Chu ordered me to relay it to you word for word. ‘Deliver a message to your Master: Top left 3-9, Bottom right 3.’ This servant doesn’t understand…”

Pei Rumo was invigorated after hearing this message and immediately looked at the board. He realized that the positions were empty and quickly placed a black stone.

After seeing the transformation in the board, Pei Rumo chuckled to himself, “I thought she was going to be nice for once… turns out, she was demonstrating her strength.

“Demonstrate her strength? What does Master mean? This servant is getting even more confused.” Ming Lu saw Pei Rumo muttering to himself and felt that his master was going crazy.

“She solved the Zhenlong chess play… She is trying to tell me what no matter which side of the board she is on, she will be able to win the game. This lass… She doesn’t allow anyone to take advantage of her.  She probably agreed to the game just to deliver this message.” Pei Rumo explained to Ming Lu.

Ming Lu might not be able to play chess, but he understood the might behind the Zhenlong chess play. He felt that Young Lady Luo Chu was much more incredible than what his Big Sister Zi Su made her out to be. No one knew if Pei Rumo was going to be able to recruit such a talent.

Ming Lu lowered his voice as he whispered to Pei Rumo, “Master, are you still going to recruit Young Lady Luo Chu?” He was afraid that he would infuriate Pei Rumo and his voice became softer as he spoke.

Pei Rumo shook his head and looked towards the entrance of the residence. “She isn’t a person without aspirations. It is impossible for her to be restricted by anyone and it is probably hopeless for me to try and rope her in. I wonder what kind of witchery the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence used to recruit so many outstanding youths. No matter what, I can’t treat her badly as she is someone who places heavy emphasis on feelings. If we treat her well, we might be able to ask for help in the future.”

Pei Rumo left for the study after speaking. He had wasted too much time these past few days and the imperial notices had already stacked up to the height of a mountain. He felt that he should hurry up and complete all his overdue work.

Pei Rumo might not have said anything else but thoughts were running through his head. He knew that Pei Qingfeng and Lu Wenshu both fancied that lass but he didn’t know who she had in mind. After all, her personality was like clouds in the sky, unpredictable and formless.

By the time Bai Luochu returned to the general’s residence, she was famished. Her stomach growled and she felt as though her chest was touching her back. After an entire morning of playing chess, her brain was hurting. “Cai Ling, hurry up and serve my lunch. I am starving.”

Cai Ling was shocked when she heard the order. “Mistress, why are you back so early? Didn’t you eat at the First Prince’s residence? I… I assumed that you won’t be coming back for lunch and asked the kitchen to…”

Cai Ling’s voice became softer the more she spoke. After all, she was a servant and it was her fault for not planning ahead.

“What did you say? There is nothing for me to eat?” Bai Luochu was already seeing stars due to her hunger and she snapped at Cai Ling.

“Mistress, I am sorry! I didn’t plan ahead and I will immediately ask the servants to whip something up. There will be better dishes for dinner!” Cai Ling was about to rush towards the kitchen before the last of her words entered Bai Luochu’s ear.

“Forget it, forget it. Come back.” Bai Luochu stopped Cai Ling quickly. She had been eating lunch at the First Prince’s residence for the past few days. She didn’t request for her lunch to be prepared either. Since she didn’t eat at the First Prince’s residence and had to go hungry, Bai Luochu felt a little irritated and snapped at Cai Ling in a fit of anger.

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