Chapter 234: Each Having Ulterior Motives

The personal guard patted on the secret guard commander’s shoulder after hearing the latter’s complaint, indicating that he had also suffered the same fate. “Alright, I went through the same thing. Just endure it. This Luo Chu is simply a witch and as long as she is involved in something, Master wouldn’t act like himself. Instead of complaining constantly, why don’t you accept the situation? Be like me. But then again, Master is always thinking of her. What did you report late exactly? Why is Master so angry?”

“For the past few days, Young Lady Luo Chu had been constantly invited by the First Prince to his residence. She went to the First Prince’s residence for three consecutive days. I was afraid that Master would be heartbroken after knowing this, hence, I reported a little late. Who knew that Master would...” As the secret guard commander spoke, his voice became softer and softer as he realized that he was the one at fault.

“Then you really deserve it.” That personal guard took his hand off the secret guard commander’s shoulder. He even started to mock him. “Do you not understand that our Master is considered our ancestor while Young Lady Luo Chu can be said to be our great aunt? If something happens to your great aunt, won’t you pay more attention to it? Furthermore, looking at how attentive our Master is to Luo Chu, it is possible that this great aunt might just skyrocket and turn into our ancestor’s wife.”

“But Young Lady Luo Chu has an engagement with His Third Highness, right?” The secret guard commander couldn’t understand the complex relationship between them.

“Do you really think that Luo Chu must marry the Third Prince? Putting aside the fact that if our Master is going to allow Young Lady Luo Chu to marry someone else, even His Majesty won’t care about whichever prince she marries. With Young Lady Luo Chu’s current capabilities, no one can look down on her. The only thing His Majesty wants is for Young Lady Luo Chu to enter the imperial family. Do you think His Majesty cares about some age old promise? Forget it. What’s more, according to Young Lady Luo Chu’s temperament, if the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial clan forces her to marry someone that she doesn’t like, it is possible that she might drug the entire Cloud Water Nation’s imperial clan.” When the personal guard heard that the secret guard commander still didn’t understand the situation, he immediately explained whatever he knew to this slow-witted freak in front of him.

Looking at the bewildered expression on  the secret guard commander’s face, Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard knew that nothing he said was going to be effective. He quickly chased the secret guard back to the general’s residence. “You better hurry up and return! If you’re a little late, no one will blame you. However, if Young Lady Luo Chu suffers some mishap, do you think Master will boil or fry your flesh?”

The secret guard commander responded to the personal guard’s words by heading straight to the general’s residence as though his foot was smeared with oil.

When the secret guard commander was far away, the personal guard closed his eyes and let out a sigh, “Sigh. You created so much trouble, but I have to clean up the mess in the end. You are truly making things difficult for me. If I stretch out my head, I will have to suffer the blade, if I cower, I still have to suffer from the blade. I better hurry up and extinguish the fire.” After grumbling, the personal guard opened his eyes and readied himself for death as he entered the study room.

As soon as he entered the study room, he detected a gloomy atmosphere and he quickly turned his gaze to the source. A face as black as the bottom of a pot met his gaze and the words became stuck in his throat. He knew that he had to consider his next words carefully in order to avoid a dressing down.

“To the general’s residence! I want to clarify things with Luo Chu. I am still recuperating here and have been waiting for her to visit eagerly, so much that my neck has gotten longer by a few inches. Look at her! She is having such a great time enjoying the romantic air in Pei Rumo’s place!” Pei Qingfeng finished his statement and immediately turned his wheelchair towards the door. He was ready to head over to the general’s residence.

That personal guard quickly stopped Pei Qingfeng, “Aiyo, Master, you must not go like this.”

“Why not?” Pei Qingfeng was obviously muddled due to anger and was behaving just like a hoodlum.

“Think about it. What kind of excuse are you going to use if you suddenly head over? Did your injuries suddenly reopen? That won’t be enough to deceive Young Lady Luo Chu, furthermore, you should be resting in bed if you are truly injured. As such, this method won’t be appropriate. Putting that aside, even if you went over, what excuse can you use to interfere with the affairs between Young Lady Luo Chu and His First Highness? You cannot go. Even if you are to go, if Young Lady Luo Chu truly wishes to make a trip to the First Prince Residence, she will find a way to climb over you.”

“Why don’t you tell me what I should do?” After hearing his personal guard’s justification, Pei Qingfeng instantly calmed down as he knew that the advice was reasonable. He wanted to think of a method that could satisfy both sides.

The personal guard smiled in response and immediately suggested his idea, “If you recklessly visit the general’s residence, others will say that you are acting without justification. If you visit the First Prince’s residence instead… no one will be able to criticize you. Master is the Second Prince and there isn’t a problem for you to visit your First Brother, right? In His Majesty’s eyes, you will be able to earn the merit of being respectful to your brothers. In this subordinate’s humble opinion, Master should visit the First Prince’s residence tomorrow morning. You will be able to observe them both while you’re at it.”

“Alright, I will do it your way. I will wait for another half a day. I want to see what those two are up to.” Pei Qingfeng stopped what he was doing and didn’t ask to visit the general’s residence anymore.

The personal guard let out a breath of relief and felt that he had finally stopped his master who was about to blow.

At the same time, compared to the somewhat lively Second Prince’s residence, Lu Wenshu’s courtyard was about to explode… Or maybe, the explosion already happened...

“Aiyo, hurry up, where is the water?! Young Master Lu’s courtyard is already on fire, why are you not putting it out?!” Eunuch De Quan was originally invited by Lu Wenshu to have dinner. No one expected a fire to actually break out in his courtyard.

Lu Wenshu was watching the flame that covered the entire sky and there was a faint trace of smile on his face.

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