Chapter 232: Fancy Reasons

The reception pavilion became silent for a moment. After a long while, Bai Luochu no longer wanted to stay in the residence. She stood up and said to Pei Rumo, “If the First Prince has nothing else to say, I shall leave first. After Your First Highness’ reminder, I realized that I should properly increase my strength. I shall return to my residence and make the most of my time by cultivating.” Bai Luochu didn’t give Pei Rumo a chance to make her stay and immediately walked towards the entrance.

When Ming Lu saw that Bai Luochu was actually harder to deal with than Ying Lan, he immediately exclaimed, “How can she do this?!” His eyes were as wide as saucers and filled with disbelief.

Pei Rumo had already expected the conclusion and didn’t think there was anything worth getting angry over. On the contrary, he saw how his attendant was fuming like a goldfish and immediately laughed, “Haha. Do you understand why I have to write so many invitation cards? She isn’t as simple as you think. Back then, she was a wastrel that couldn’t cultivate and she used her special skills to survive in the Bestial Battle Arena. Afterwards, she used her medical skills to build up her reputation in the capital city. She was even able to catch the attention of so many princes. Don’t you think I should recruit someone like her?”

Ming Lu was shocked initially at how rude Bai Luochu was acting. However, after he heard his master’s description of her, he was filled with admiration. “Back when Sister Zi Su was serving Young Lady Luo Chu, I have already heard Sister Zi Su’s admiration for how hard she worked even though she possessed extremely high talent. However, that was the end of it. After Master described the things she had achieved over the months and after the encounter today, I feel that she is indeed an outstanding person. She is worthy of Master’s appreciation.”

Seeing how Ming Lu was feeling regretful, Pei Rumo didn’t say anything to console him. This child had been protected by the members of the residence since a young age as they saw him as Pei Rumo’s younger brother. Pei Rumo didn’t allow Ming Lu to follow by his side at all times and would only let Ming Lu serve him in the study room, as such, he was naturally short-sighted. It was fortunate that this child was intelligent and it wasn’t too late for him to learn. If he was taught properly, he would surely become a good assistant for Pei Rumo.

“15 minutes later, make a trip to the general’s residence and deliver the second invitation card.” Pei Rumo gave his instruction and headed to the study room.

“Another invitation card?” Bai Luochu saw the card in Cai Ling’s hands and forcefully held herself back from tearing up the invitation card.

Cai Ling felt that something was wrong with this First Prince. Why couldn’t he say everything at one go? Why was he troubling her mistress every other day?

“Alright... I would like to see how many types of medicine he has prepared in his gourd for me!”

For consecutive days, Pei Rumo invited Bai Luochu to his residence for various reasons. He would invite her to admire the flowers one day, and might even invite her to see some rare item the very next day. Bai Luochu simply played along with Pei Rumo and visited the First Prince’s residence every single day. Everyone who was keeping their eye on her thought that she had taken up a task as a physician in the First Prince’s residence.

Of course, Pei Rumo prepared all these various reasons simply because of one thing... to recruit Bai Luochu.

On the day when they admired flowers...

“They say that no flower can bloom for a hundred days. A human won’t be able to stay well for a thousand days either. If something happens to you in the future, wouldn't it be good to have someone to speak up for you?’ Pei Rumo pointed something out.

Bai Luochu didn’t hold herself back, “There is something wrong with Your First Highness’ words here. I once read a method in an ancient book that the flower can be soaked in a special fluid in order to preserve its color and shape. Even though it has never been done before, there is indeed a method to do it. How can you say that no flower can bloom for a hundred days? If that is so, why can’t a human stay well for a thousand days? Isn’t a thousand days merely three years? How many individuals lived out a peaceful life for three years?”

There was a day when they admired a rare item...

Pei Rumo thought for an entire night and finally prepared a pretext that he believed couldn’t be refused. He said to Bai Luochu, “People are easily interested in unusual things. However, this interest is temporary and once it dies out, no one will care about the item anymore. It will lose its value.” His intention was obvious. Pei Rumo was trying to say that Bai Luochu’s reputation as Divine Physician Bai might be great now, but the worship that others had for her would subside. In the end, she would still be the orphan daughter no one cares about.

“This thing is merely a non-living thing and will never change. No matter how hard someone likes it, there will be a day they lose their interest. A human being is different, one can wear a different attire every day and can even constantly research some interesting toy. After all, a human being isn’t a mere object.” Her final statement was obviously poking at Pei Rumo for comparing her to a non-living thing that would sell for a good price.

Bai Luochu and Pei Rumo interacted with each other a lot and Bai Luochu was either cultivating or visiting the First Prince’s residence. She had completely forgotten that there was someone at the Second Prince’s residence whose neck was aching from how hard he anticipated her visits. Bai Luochu didn’t even think that apart from the secret guards sent by the First Prince, Pei Qingfeng had also sent out his elite secret guards to protect her from any attacks from the Phoenix King Valley in the dark. As such, Bai Luochu’s every action for the past few days had been caught by the Second Prince’s secret guard. The secret guard was still hesitating if he should report this information to his master, after all... Young Lady Luo Chu getting close to the First Prince was something that his master probably didn’t want to see.

“This ungrateful lass. If I didn’t look for her, she wouldn’t bother thinking of me. Fancy that I nearly died because of her. How can she ignore a patient like me?” Pei Qingfeng was in his residence as he grumbled like a neglected housewife about how Bai Luochu hadn’t been visiting him for the past few days.

“Master, the secret guard that had been sent to protect Young Lady Luo Chu is back. He said that he needs to report something to you.” Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard informed him.

“Is there information about Luo Chu? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and bring him in!” Pei Qingfeng immediately became energetic after hearing that there was information about Bai Luochu. He quickly prepared himself to meet the secret guard.

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