Chapter 229: Guan Yue’s Strategy

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier? If Divine Physician Bai didn’t suggest it, are you preparing to suffer alone regardless of what happens to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and Divine Physician Bai?” Meng Luoping felt angry after hearing what Ying Lan said. It wasn’t because Ying Lan had failed to avoid Pei Rumo’s secret guard. He was angry because Ying Lan wasn’t treating them like brothers.

“It is fine. Things are already at this juncture and we can no longer go back. In my opinion, Pei Rumo has taken a liking to Divine Physician Bai’s medical skills. He feels that our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence has yet to establish ourselves firmly and he wants to recruit us in order to strengthen himself. He probably isn’t hostile towards us. Now that Ying Lan has rejected his offer, who will he target next?” Guan Yue looked at the agitated Meng Luoping and immediately mediated the situation by changing the subject.

Ying Lan contemplated for a moment before probing the both of them, “Do you mean... He will directly look for Mistress?”

Guan Yue nodded in response, “That’s right. In two days, Divine Physician Bai will definitely receive his invitation. There is no need to worry. Divine Physician Bai has never suffered a loss even after living in the First Prince’s residence for such a long time. The worst case scenario is for us to be stuck in a deadlock.”

“If it is truly as you say, the only thing we can do now is to take care of the business on our side. We have to allow Mistress to be at ease.” Meng Luoping gradually calmed down after hearing Guan Yue’s analysis and provided the most suitable solution.

Ying Lan nodded repeatedly as an indication that he had agreed. After some consideration, he spoke again, “Even so, Mistress has to know about this matter. It is already late and why don’t you both stay here for the night? I will make a trip to the general’s residence tomorrow morning.”

At this current moment, it was rather peaceful at Bai Luochu’s side. Bai Luochu had just completed her daily cultivation session. It was another useless day as she failed to breakthrough to the next level. As she racked her brains for a way to advance to the next level, a sneeze came out of the blue.

Cai Ling just happened to enter the room and she heard Bai Luochu sneezing. She quickly closed all the windows before complaining, “Mistress, this servant has already told you so many times to close the window when you cultivate at night. The weather is getting colder right now and you will definitely catch a cold if you refuse to take care of yourself. Look at yourself!” As Cai Ling criticized Bai Luochu, she took out a cloak from the wardrobe and covered Bai Luochu’s body.

“I am fine. There is no need to worry about me.” After she spoke, she started thinking of ways to break through.

Cai Ling stood at the side and waited for Bai Luochu to complete the train of thoughts. When the moon made its appearance high up in the sky, Cai Ling felt that it was getting late. She started to persuade her mistress, “Mistress, this servant knows that you wish to quickly progress in your cultivation. However, haste makes waste. Maybe you will experience a breakthrough after waking up in the morning?”

“Silly girl, how can such a thing happen? If I can really achieve a breakthrough while sleeping, the techniques and spirit medicine used for cultivation will lose all its value. Whatever. I am really tired right now. Help me wash up and I shall go to bed.” Bai Luochu smiled and said to Cai Ling.

Cai Ling felt elated that Bai Luochu was finally going to rest and she hopped up to help her mistress clean up. She helped Bai Luochu to the bed before leaving.


After finishing her breakfast the next morning, a manservant reported at the door that Ying Lan was here to visit her. Bai Luochu recalled the instruction she had given him and understood that something must have happened. Otherwise, there should be no reason for Ying Lan to visit her. “Ask him to look for me in my courtyard.”

A short moment later, Ying Lan stepped into the room before closing the door tightly behind him. This wasn’t the secluded courtyard and the Bai Luochu didn’t know how loyal the servants were.

“Mistress, this subordinate knows you are busy and shall skip the greetings. Today, I am here to report about the situation during the feast. As for how we will deal with the First Prince, I shall leave it to you.” Ying Lan was truly in a hurry to report and skipped the formalities.

“Yesterday night?” Bai Luochu frowned as she tried to recall the major event that happened the night before. After a short while, she realized that it was the day Ying Lan had met Pei Rumo for dinner. She then instructed Cai Ling, “Cai Ling, go and guard the door. Do not let anyone come near.”

Even though Cai Ling wanted to stay behind, she knew the immensity of the situation and she quickly left the room.

“Speak. What is so important that you have to rush all the way over here early in the morning?” Bai Luochu nodded to Ying Lan.

Ying Lan was out of breath from all the running he did and he paused for a moment before speaking, “Yesterday night, I visited the First Prince’s residence. Mistress is right. Pei Rumo wants to rope in our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. However, this subordinate feels that he has an ulterior motive and absorbing our Palace is just a pretense. He is only interested in bringing Mistress under his wing.”

“Why?” Bai Luochu couldn’t understand and asked in return.

“Pei Rumo brought the topic of Divine Physician Bai up during our conversation and if he was truly paying attention to us, the person he should be thinking of recruiting should be Guan Yue. This also confirmed my previous guess that he was the one observing you in the shadows. How else would he know that we were meeting regularly and your connection to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence?” Ying Lan spoke seriously.

Bai Luochu was lost in thought. When Ying Lan realized that his mistress wasn’t responding, he continued, “After discussing with Guan Yue and Meng Luoping the night before, this subordinate felt that I should inform Mistress about Pei Rumo’s plan as soon as I can. This way, you will be able to make your preparations. Because of Guan Yue’s connections, he understands Pei Rumo better than Meng Luoping or myself. According to him, Pei Rumo will be targeting you next and his invitation will be arriving soon.”

“Me? Why will he do that?” Bai Luochu felt that Ying Lan was speaking some sort of alien language.

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