Chapter 226: Both Taking a Step Back

After Ying Lan listened to Pei Rumo’s condition, his mind was filled with a myriad of thoughts. He thought about how Pei Rumo was hiding some sort of ulterior motive behind his action. Furthermore, Pei Rumo only started his idea of recruiting the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence because of his close relationship with Bai Luochu. Could it be that Pei Rumo was conspiring against his mistress?

When he heard what Pei Rumo said, it seemed as though the First Prince was prepared to sacrifice quite a lot in order to rope in the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. He could even say such disgraceful things like giving the title of National Sect to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence, making it look like he was extremely sincere. Too bad no one knew who he was actually targeting.

The bestowment of the title was something that could only be done by the ruler of a nation. It seemed as though Pei Rumo had an intention of seizing the throne and Ying Lan couldn’t agree to the deal so easily. He couldn’t throw everyone into the abyss because of a wrong decision by him.

Ying Lan came to a conclusion and immediately refused Pei Rumo’s suggestion, “I am indebted to the First Prince’s preferential treatment, but I have to seek Your Highness’ forgiveness as I cannot agree.”

Ying Lan lowered his head as though he was waiting for Pei Rumo to blame him.

Instead of flying into a rage, Pei Rumo became confused instead. With his conditions it was impossible for the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence to reject his offer. Ying Lan had only contemplated for a short moment before rejecting him. It made Pei Rumo rather curious about the origin of their faction. He felt that there was a massive power backing them.

Pei Rumo raised his brows slightly and asked Ying Lan, “Why don’t you tell me the reason for the rejection? Are the conditions I offered not tempting enough?”

When Ying Lan heard Pei Rumo’s composed voice, he raised his head and replied, “It isn’t due to the First Prince’s offer being unattractive. On the contrary, I believe that no one will refuse the First Prince’s offer. Even though I am very tempted after listening to it and can feel Your Highness’ sincerity…”

Ying Lan paused for a moment to observe Pei Rumo’s expression carefully. When he didn’t notice any abnormal reaction, he started to talk again, “Being tempted is my own business. Right now, if Your First Highness is trying to recruit Ying Lan alone, with such generous conditions, I will not hesitate to agree. However, I am representing the entire Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and my choice today might allow everyone to enjoy great status and wealth. However, if my decision today is a wrong one, everyone might be consigned to eternal damnation. I might be the Palace Master, but there are many things I need to discuss with the members before I can agree to your proposal. I cannot give you an answer right now.”

“Is that all?” After Pei Rumo listened to Ying Lan’s explanation, the corners of his mouth curled upwards and it seemed as though he was in a pleasant mood.

Ying Lan couldn’t understand Pei Rumo’s expression but he still replied, “That’s right. I feel that I do not have the capability to save the entire Palace of Brilliance Resurgence by myself when we face danger. As such, I do not dare to make the decision by myself. The Palace of Brilliance Resurgence is established with everyone’s efforts and I cannot risk the lives of my brothers. Although wealth and riches are obtained through risks, the current Palace of Brilliance Resurgence can be considered stable. I hope Your First Highness will not feel that I am someone without ambition.”

“Hahaha, I didn’t misjudge you. Palace Master Ying Lan is someone who values sentiment and loyalty. You can be considered a good man. However, I do not wish to give up on our relationship. What do you think we should do?” Pei Rumo laughed heartily first before his tone turned sharp. He tossed the ball into Ying Lan’s yard and his eyes were narrowed as a dangerous aura was emitted from his body.

Ying Lan’s thoughts jolted and felt that after waiting for an entire night, this pretentious fox had finally exposed his tail. The price of seeing this fox’s tail was rather costly and if he didn’t offer a satisfactory answer today, there was a chance he might not get to leave the residence.

Even though he was facing a much more dangerous Pei Rumo, Ying Lan felt more composed than before. Dealing with the real Pei Rumo was much easier than dealing with a pretentious Pei Rumo. The current First Prince had thoughts that were easier to read.

There wasn’t a trace of fear on Ying Lan’s face as he smiled brightly at Pei Rumo. His thoughts flew through his head as he thought of an excuse which would allow him to leave the residence unscathed. 

“There is no harm in me and Your First Highness each taking a step back.” Ying Lan still had a refined smile on his face as he addressed Pei Rumo.

“Oh? What does Palace Master Ying Lan mean?” Pei Rumo withdrew the dangerous aura and a smile made its way to his face.

“Your First Highness has the intention to recruit us and even arranged for such a feast. As a guest, I cannot possibly brush away Your First Highness’ good intention. I am also someone who values loyalty and cannot make this decision for my brothers. I hope Your First Highness can keep an open mind with regards to our alliance. Give me some time to discuss with my brothers before returning with an answer. What do you think?”  Ying Lan’s face didn’t change as he voiced out his suggestion.

Pei Rumo’s smile disappeared and the air between them became stale. He stared at Ying Lan as though he was trying to see through his thoughts.

Ying Lan was a secret guard for Bai Luochu in her past life. How would it be so easy for someone to see through his thoughts?

Pei Rumo looked for quite some time but couldn’t figure out Ying Lan’s intentions. He knew that if he continued to push Ying Lan, there would be no way to retreat. He had no choice but to compromise, “Alright, I shall comply with Palace Master Ying Lan’s suggestion. My conditions shall remain and once you make a decision, my residence’s door shall always remain open.”

“Since that is the case, Ying Lan shall thank Your First Highness.” Ying Lan cupped his fist and added, “It is late and there are plenty of things waiting for me to handle at the Remote Paddy Inn. If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.”

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