Chapter 221: Bai Luochu’s Deduction

“Mistress is trying to say that Pei Rumo has been trying to increase his influence in the imperial court all along? Now that Pei Wuchen lost his support from the Phoenix King Valley, Pei Rumo is trying to recruit people from the martial world into his faction?” Ying Lan finally understood what Bai Luochu was trying to say.

Bai Luochu nodded as though she agreed with what he said, but she immediately spoke of the things Ying Lan didn’t consider, “It is still hard to say if Pei Wuchen lost the support of the Phoenix King Valley completely. After all, he is the last disciple of the Phoenix King Valley Master and also Feng Wan’er’s beloved man. It is uncertain if there will be a turn for the better. However, with my understanding of Pei Wuchen’s character, he will definitely put in more effort when dealing with the affairs of the imperial court because he knows that it is impossible to form an alliance with the Phoenix King Valley through marriage.”

“As for Pei Rumo who has been fully immersed in the imperial court for such a long time, he already has a stable influence in the imperial court. He won’t be anxious that Pei Wuchen is trying to challenge him. Instead, he will probably observe Pei Wuchen’s every move before revealing everything to His Majesty, be it intentionally or otherwise.”

“Reveal his moves to His Majesty?” When Ying Lan heard Bai Luochu’s deduction, he widened his eyes as though he didn’t understand why the dispute between the First and Third Prince would be related to the old emperor.

Bai Luochu shook her head helplessly. Ying Lan was still unable to straighten out his thoughts on this matter. Therefore, she had no choice but to put in some effort in her explanation.

“You might not know this, but our Emperor has always been suspicious and he is trying to balance the power of the princes. This is the reason he tolerated Pei Rumo’s presence in the imperial court. He knew that Pei Wuchen had the support of the Phoenix King Valley. He wouldn’t allow either side to become too powerful but now that Pei Wuchen lost the support of the Phoenix King Valley, the old Emperor would target Pei Rumo in order to balance out the influence between them. Pei Rumo’s authority would be given away for sure.”

“As such, it is in Pei Rumo’s best interest to withdraw from the messy situation. He will be able to avoid displeasing his Emperor Father and he can even make use of this chance to recruit powers outside the imperial court. The reason why Pei Rumo will get the chance to reveal Pei Wuchen’s actions is because Pei Wuchen is stupid compared to himself. When Pei Wuchen notices Pei Rumo’s withdrawal, he will definitely make a move thinking that it is his time to shine. When he tries to win over the heart of the people to expand his influence, His Majesty’s ire will surely be aroused.”

After Bai Luochu explained the details of this matter, Ying Lan felt his head clearing up. “This subordinate understands everything now. If it is really as Mistress says, Pei Rumo’s plan cannot be predicted by us. This subordinate shall return to make preparations. If he tries to do anything funny, this subordinate will report back to Mistress immediately.”

“Alright, I understand. I am going to breakthrough soon and you should know that it isn’t easy for me to cultivate with innately crippled meridians. My meridians are rather fragile due to the lack of spirit qi nourishment. There are always obstructions to my breakthrough. If there is nothing urgent, please do not look for me. As for the affairs for the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence, you should discuss more with Guan Yue and Meng Luoping. We need to trust them since they are already in our faction. In terms of their strength, intelligence, and character, you should be clear about it. Why don’t you make use of them and allow them to assist you? Won’t it be much better than cracking your head open?”

When Ying Lan heard Bai Luochu’s suggestion, he helplessly shook his head and said, “This subordinate understands. Since the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence is already established, this subordinate isn’t the only voice in the faction. If there is anything serious, I will discuss things through with them.”

“That’s great. Don’t you need to go back to prepare? You should hurry up and do what you need to do.” After Bai Luochu analyzed the details of the imperial clan with Ying Lan, she felt very exhausted. However, she didn’t wish to chase him away as he was her close guard. As such, she tactfully dismissed him.

Ying Lan noticed how tired Bai Luochu was and decided to leave. He quickly left the courtyard and made his way back to the Remote Paddy Inn. 

After Ying Lan left, Bai Luochu stared blankly into space as her finger unintentionally tapped on the table. Cai Ling was rather surprised to see Bai Luochu in such a state and felt that there was something bothering her mistress as she had been spacing out quite a few times these days.

“Mistress, are you returning to your courtyard to cultivate? It will be time for lunch soon.” Cai Ling kindly reminded.

Cai Ling’s words pulled Bai Luochu back to reality. She looked up at the sky and realized that the sun was blazing down on her, “I didn’t notice the passing of time…”

“Mistress will lose track of time when discussing serious matters with Commander Ying. Moreover, your cultivation session ended late today. Your entire schedule was pushed back.” Cai Ling couldn’t help but giggle. Mistress is great at everything but will lose track of time when she takes care of her private matters. If I’m not by her side, Mistress will definitely forget to eat her meals.

“Let’s go back to the courtyard. I have things I need to inform you.” Bai Luochu finished speaking and headed back to her courtyard.

As soon as Bai Luochu returned to her courtyard, she started to instruct Cai Ling. She hadn’t even sat down when the words came out of her mouth. “Cai Ling, I am going to break through right now and if there is nothing urgent, do not disturb me. Another thing, my uncle’s family has been too quiet recently. There is definitely something wrong with them. Watch them closely for me and if there is anything serious, inform me right away. I hope I won’t be caught off guard.”

“Mistress, what about your meals?” Cai Ling knew that Bai Luochu regularly forgot to eat when she cultivated. She was really concerned for her mistress.

“There is no need to worry. I will definitely have my meals when it is time for me to eat. Serve my meals as per usual and no matter how much of a hurry I am in, I won’t starve myself.”

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