Chapter 220: The Hard to Fathom Pei Rumo

“There is no need to say anything else. Just prepare the things. It is unnecessary for you to be concerned about anything else. After all, this is the First Prince’s residence. I know he seems rather shrewd and he should know that it is in his best interest not to create trouble here. You may be dismissed.” Pei Rumo spoke and interrupted his attendant.

When the attendant saw that his master already had a plan in his heart, he quickly withdrew.

Early the next day, Ying Lan picked a time when Bai Luochu had ended her morning cultivation session to visit. He brought the invitation card with him.

“Mistress, Commander Ying is here. He says that he has something urgent to discuss with you.” Cai Ling saw that Bai Luochu was still eating her breakfast and she didn’t dare to disturb her.

Bai Luochu who was busy shoving food into her mouth paused and muttered softly, “He is here very early today. It seems like there is truly something urgent.” She raised her head and said to Cai Ling, “Ask him to head to the secluded courtyard. I will make my way there after breakfast.”

“Yes, this servant understands.” Cai Ling responded respectfully and she went to the entrance to bring Ying Lan into the residence.

Bai Luochu watched as Cai Ling walked towards the entrance and the speed at which she stuffed the food in her mouth increased. If Ying Lan came in such a hurry, there had to be something serious he needed to report. The faster she obtained the information the better.

Ying Lan arrived at the secluded courtyard and placed the invitation card on the table and he paced around the room. He was extremely nervous as he awaited Bai Luochu’s arrival.

“What’s going on? What is so urgent that you have to rush over early in the morning? This isn’t like you.” This was the main reason Bai Luochu hurried over. Ying Lan had always done things in a calm and concise manner. If something caused him to panic, it would undoubtedly be a huge matter.

“Mistress, why don’t you look at the invitation card on the table before making a decision?” Ying Lan pointed at the card on the table and Bai Luochu picked it up carefully before reading it.

As she read through the card, her brows knitted together tightly. Her expression became increasingly awful.

“This invitation card is given to you by Pei Rumo?” Bai Luochu looked at Ying Lan and asked.

Ying Lan nodded silently and said, “Yesterday, when I returned to the Remote Paddy Inn from the general's residence, I noticed a person dressed in luxurious clothing but with the style of a servant. That person happened to be in a dispute with the Remote Paddy Inn’s innkeeper. He seemed a little abnormal and this subordinate realized that he wasn’t going to let things rest so easily. After asking a question, the man immediately uttered my name and pointed out this subordinate’s identity. It seems like he knows something.”

Bai Luochu placed the invitation card down and mumbled for a moment before speaking, “It isn’t a big issue for him to find out about your true identity. Back then, when he rescued me from the Bestial Battle Arena, he managed to investigate Luo Chu’s background. He even wanted me to cause the Third Prince some trouble. Not to worry, nothing will go wrong.”

“This subordinate isn’t worried about this, this subordinate is worried that if the First Prince continues to investigate, he might find out about this subordinate’s old identity. Mistress’ true identity might even be dug out.” Ying Lan spoke of the concern in his heart.

“It won’t happen. Even if he finds out about your old identity, there is no way he will think that I am the evil dao witch. After all, this matter is simply unimaginable. If that day really comes, my strength will be much higher and even if I cannot win in a battle against him, I can escape. Furthermore, the First Prince is a person who won’t move without benefits. If he learns of my true identity, he will make use of the information to blackmail me in order to get the most out of it. He will never kick up a big fuss because of it.”

After hearing Bai Luochu’s explanation, Ying Lan started to calm down. After all, the heavens had already pitied his mistress to let her reincarnate into another body. He had to protect her no matter what in order to not let a tragedy happen again. 

“This subordinate has something he needs Mistress to clarify.” Ying Lan cupped his fist and bowed to Bai Luochu respectfully.

Bai Luochu raised her brows slightly when she heard what he said. She became a little suspicious of his overly nervous attitude. “Oh? What else is the problem? Why don’t you say it.”

“I wonder if Mistress remembers that this subordinate mentioned about the secret guards around the general’s residence?” Ying Lan raised his head and looked at Bai Luochu. After seeing her nod, he continued speaking, “This subordinate suspects that the secret guard was sent by the First Prince. After seeing this subordinate so close to Mistress, he probably invited this subordinate over to learn about the reason behind our relationship. I do not understand why the First Prince wants to invite me over by using a feast as an excuse.”

Bai Luochu reached out and handed the invitation card back to Ying Lan. She smiled and consoled him, “There is no need to be worried. He is a person who does things with a clear intention in mind. If he really wants to harm you, he will never invite you over publically. I have lived in his residence for a long time and I understand that he is an extremely paranoid person. Even when he first brought me in, my eyes were covered up. If he really wants you dead, he will send someone to kill you on a moonless and windy night.”

“Mistress, even if he doesn’t want to harm me, isn’t it strange for him to invite me, a nobody in the capital city, to a feast?” Bai Luochu’s words might have calmed Ying Lan down, but his heart was still filled with doubts.

“Have you been listening to me?! He won’t make a move unless it benefits him! Right now, he thinks that he can make use of you. Hence the reason behind the feast.”

“Make use of me? Even if he knows of this subordinate’s true identity, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence is still a small faction right now. What is in it for him?”

Bai Luochu involuntarily rolled her eyes after hearing Ying Lan’s reply. She thought that it was a good thing for Pei Rumo to invite Ying Lan into his residence. This would allow Ying Lan to learn about the chaotic situation in the capital city.

“Do you think Pei Rumo is a fool? Guan Yue was in the limelight during the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples exhibition. He even rejected the Phoenix King Valley’s invitation and admitted that he was from our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. Since that day, our faction entered the eyes of those people! Now that Pei Wuchen no longer has the support from the Phoenix King Valley, Pei Rumo wants to take this chance to expand his influence.”

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