Chapter 219: The Attendant’s Opinion of Ying Lan

“Commander Ying, are you okay? Why did you accept it? There is an old saying, ‘Being close to the sovereign can be as perilous as lying with a tiger.’ Even though the First Prince is still just a prince, his temperament is exactly the same as the old emperor. He is sinister and hard to predict. I’m afraid it will be bad for you to attend the dinner by yourself.” There was a concerned expression on the innkeeper’s face. Those who didn’t know would think that Ying Lan was marching towards the gates of hell instead of going to a feast organized by a prince.

Instead of complaining, Ying Lan laughed and explained, "Old Zhang, do you think nothing will happen if I declined this invitation card?"

Old Zhang understood the meaning of Ying Lan's words. Even if Commander Ying was the Palace Master of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence, he was still a tier lower than the imperial clan. Old Zhang opened his mouth and wanted to say something but swallowed the words back down in the end.

"I will be visiting the general’s residence at noon tomorrow. Prepare Divine Physician Bai’s favorite snacks. It has been a long time since Mistress had her favorite snacks. She should be craving for some.” Ying Lan might be thinking of a lot of things, but he didn’t allow the innkeeper to notice.

When the attendant returned to the First Prince’s residence, Pei Rumo was still asleep. The attendant felt that it had been too long since his master took a good rest and decided that it wasn’t too late to report the matter after his master woke up.

As such, the attendant made his way to the study and packed the room before Pei Rumo’s arrival.

It was almost lunchtime and seeing that Pei Rumo had yet to wake up, the attendant stopped everything he was doing and decided to head over to the main courtyard. He was shocked when he opened the door of the study and ran into Pei Rumo. 

“Has the matter been settled?” When Pei Rumo saw his attendant leaving his study, he casually threw his question out.

“In response to Master’s question, this servant completed the task. Master doesn’t have to worry.” The attendant replied respectfully.

Pei Rumo nodded and stepped into the study. He noticed that the study room was much tidier compared to before and became slightly confused. “You packed the room?” The study room had plenty of imperial notices and there were some that involved the Cloud Water Nation’s secrets.

That attendant raised his head and noticed a cold expression on Pei Rumo’s face. "Yes. This servant tidied up the room while you slept. I wanted to report to Master but I ran into you the moment I left the room. I wanted to report back to you the moment I came back but I realized that Master was still asleep. As such, I came over to tidy the room before notifying Master. If Master is afraid that there are missing items, please take a look. This servant didn’t open any imperial notices.”

Pei Rumo glanced at the attendant with a profound light flashing in his eyes. "I’m not blaming you. However, I’m afraid someone might have touched something when both of us were absent.”

When the attendant heard what his master said, he understood that Pei Rumo wasn’t suspecting him of anything.

After heaving a sigh of relief, he heard Pei Rumo’s voice in his ears once again. "Did you meet him? What did you talk to him about? What is your opinion of that person?”

It was obvious that this attendant knew who 'that person' was. He immediately replied, "In response to Master's question... This servant is a crude person and in this servant's opinion, I think he is a merciless fiend."

"Oh? What do you mean?" Pei Rumo became interested in the attendant’s description.

"I am not afraid if Master laughs at me. This servant has served you for a long time and I have seen many things. I managed to survive in the capital city and I feel that my experience is not lacking in the slightest. This servant feels that the aura around him is similar to Master’s. This servant had to gather all my courage when handing over the invitation card.”

"Hahahaha, is this person truly as formidable as you say?" Pei Rumo laughed heartily when he saw the wronged expression on his attendant’s face.

When the attendant heard Pei Rumo's laughter, he felt rather embarrassed. In order to prove his worth, he quickly added, "Master must believe me! That person was smiling at first but when I pointed out his identity, the air around him changed! Even those high-ranking officials will not cause such a change when they become enraged.”

"Were you not overly nervous? How is there such a powerful person in a small inn?" In Pei Rumo's opinion, Ying Lan was just the leader of a small faction. It was impossible for him to possess a powerful aura.

After seeing Pei Rumo's disdainful expression, the attendant became anxious.anxious. "That is not all. This servant is sure that the man is extremely powerful. He seems ordinary but he is like an artifact sword hidden in an unadorned sheath. The sword looks ordinary from the outside but contains a sharp and cold murderous aura. Moreover, it feels like he had been through countless battles before. Had he not been revealing himself in public all the time, this servant might have mistaken him for a secret guard who crawled out from a pile of corpses.”

After hearing his attendant’s evaluation, Pei Rumo’s expectations soared. After all, his attendant had been following him for a long time. He might be rather childish but he knew that Pei Rumo hated exaggerations. If he was able to speak of such things, it meant that Ying Lan was an extremely capable individual. It seemed as though he had to be more cautious during the dinner feast in two days. If he was a little careless, he might fall into a deep pit dug by others.

"You don't have to be overly concerned. Since he is willing to accept our invitation, he doesn’t have a grudge against us. Why don’t you start thinking of the dishes we will serve him during the feast? When all is said and done, we are the ones who exposed his identity first and took the initiative to deliver the invitation card. We even forced him to attend. If the food isn’t to his liking, won’t my First Prince’s residence become the laughing stock of the world? If news travel out, no one will say that you are incompetent. Rather, everyone will say that I, Pei Rumo, can’t teach my servants well." In order to calm his attendant down, Pei Rumo quickly gave out his next set of instructions.

"But Master, that person is really shrewd… You don’t know how..." The attendant seemingly wanted to persuade Pei Rumo but he was interrupted mid-sentence.

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