Chapter 218: Scalding Invitation Card

“Innkeeper, call your boss out. My Master tasked me to deliver an invitation card.” Pei Rumo’s attendant stood in front of the counter and spoke to the innkeeper who was doing his accounts.

When the innkeeper heard what was said, his hand that was using the abacus paused. He was thinking to himself, Did Commander Ying’s identity get exposed? Even if that is the case, I can’t admit to it so easily. The innkeeper acted as though he didn’t know anything and said, “What is this young brother talking about? Aren’t I, the innkeeper standing right here? Where else can the boss be?”

“You can stop pretending. My Master is the First Prince. Do you think there is anything he doesn’t know inside this capital city? Since I am here to look for the true boss of the Remote Paddy Inn, he naturally knows everything happening behind the scenes. Hurry up and inform him. If there are any delays, neither of us can bear the responsibility.” The attendant was pressing hard and acted as though he wouldn’t rest until he achieved his objective.

The innkeeper was still struggling and he seemed determined to portray himself as the boss of the Remote Paddy Inn. However, the heavens were set on thwarting his plans as Ying Lan walked through the entrance as the two of them were stuck in a deadlock.

As soon as Ying Lan entered, he noticed a constipated expression on the innkeeper’s face. There was another man who wore clothing made of luxurious materials in front of him but it seemed like clothes servants would wear. Ying Lan immediately became suspicious. “Old Zhang, what is going on? Is this person looking for trouble?”

When the innkeeper heard Ying Lan’s voice, instead of a relieved expression, a bitter one appeared on his face. He thought about how there were better times for Commander Ying to return but he had to appear when the man in front of him was looking for the true boss of the Remote Paddy Inn. There was no longer a way for him to hide the truth.

As for the attendant, he turned his body the moment he heard Ying Lan’s voice. The man standing in front of him wore a plain black robe. However, he had a calm and steady aura around him and a single look was enough for the attendant to know that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

It looks like this man should be the Remote Paddy Inn’s true owner.

Even though he hadn’t confirmed Ying Lan’s identity, he gave a polite greeting. “Is sire the true owner of the Remote Paddy Inn? If you are, please accept this invitation card. My Master told me to personally hand it to you. After taking the card, please attend the feast held in my Master’s residence.”

When Ying Lan heard the attendant, the warm atmosphere in the inn became frigid. He emitted a murderous aura and a mountain-like pressure pressed down on the attendant.

The attendant was lucky that he had been serving Pei Rumo instead of anyone else. Out of all the princes, Pei Rumo was the fiercest and he never had a smile on his face. If anyone were to commit a sin, he would punish the sinner in public in order to set an example. The First Prince’s residence even had a punishment hall used to punish the servants. The attendant had been serving Pei Rumo for a long time and was doing fine. How was it possible for him to bow down to Ying Lan’s pressure?

When Ying Lan saw that the attendant wasn’t fazed in the slightest, he laughed heartily. “Hahaha, you have some guts. Tell me, who is your Master? I need to know the identity of your Master before I can accept the invitation, right?” Ying Lan didn’t directly admit that he was the hidden boss of the Remote Paddy Inn but it was clear that he didn’t deny it either. Moreover, he even asked for the identity of the person sending the invitation card. Even the attendant couldn’t help but praise in his heart: The owner of the Remote Paddy Inn is a true master.

He knew he had to quickly reply Ying Lan as it would bring shame onto the teachings of the First Prince’s residence otherwise.

“In response to sire’s question, this servant’s Master is none other than the First Prince of the imperial clan. My Master doesn’t hold any malicious intent when inviting sire to the feast, please do not worry.”

Ying Lan’s eyes squinted slightly and asked in return, “Why don’t you tell me how a servant like you knows the intention of your Master?”

That attendant wasn’t embarrassed at all and instead, a smile blossomed on his face before he replied Ying Lan, “This one isn’t afraid of being laughed at. I have been serving His First Highness for quite a number of years, hence, I understand my Master rather well. My Master is the eldest son of the imperial clan and there are plenty of eyes monitoring him every day. They are watching his every move in order to find an opening to exploit. If my Master shows any malicious intent towards you, he won’t be doing so in public. There are plenty of people and too many mouths. I should avoid some topics and I hope sire knows what this servant is trying to say.”

Ying Lan looked at the invitation card and thought hard about whether he should accept.

It was as if the attendant had sensed Ying Lan’s hesitation as he immediately pushed the card closer to Ying Lan. “It is best for sire to accept it. This one still has to report back and if my Master doesn’t see me after waking up, things won’t be good for the both of us.”

A smile was still on the attendant’s face but it was so pretentious to the point where anyone could tell it was fake. The attendant was obviously trying to intimidate Ying Lan.

Ying Lan muttered for a moment before he reached out to receive the invitation card. “How can a nobody like me let down the First Prince’s kind intentions? I hope this young brother can report back to His First Highness that I will be there two days later. I hope the food will not disappoint me.”

Ying Lan had already accepted the invitation card and there was no change in the attendant’s expression. Of course, that was on the surface. In his heart, the attendant heaved a sigh of relief.

It’s more tiring to deal with this man than to deal with Master. After all, I know nothing about him. If I say something wrong and make him angry, I might even die without knowing the cause of my death.

“If that is the case, this servant shall no longer impose on sire. I shall return to the residence.”

After finishing his statement, the attendant bowed headed straight for the First Prince’s residence. Ying Lan was left standing in the hall and he looked at the back of the attendant, seemingly thinking of something.

What was the reason behind the First Prince’s invitation? Ying Lan couldn’t understand. It seemed as though he had to find some time to speak to his mistress.

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