Chapter 217: Intention to Recruit

Pei Rumo had always been a serious person and there was hardly ever a smile on his face. His subordinates would usually acknowledge his order with a stiff expression unlike Pei Qingfeng’s guards who would joke around with their master.

When the personal attendant saw the secret guard commander leaving, he immediately entered and informed Pei Rumo, “Master, this servant took the opportunity to clear up your room. I lit up some new incense and sunned the bedding.”

Pei Rumo didn’t move and thoughts flew through his mind.

Why is Ying Lan and Luo Chu so close? Can it be because of her medical skills? Maybe it is her status as the Third Prince’s fiancée? 

Soon enough, Pei Rumo denied his second guess. After all, why would these people of the martial world bother about the status and false reputation given out by the imperial clan? None of that made sense.

In that case, he must be doing it for Luo Chu’s medical skills. It seems like she has already joined the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. She probably joined after returning to the general’s residence. Otherwise, why would the commander of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence be so respectful to her? He even visited her so frequently… Even if the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s commander cherishes talents and respects the wise, the treatment that he provided was fit for a founding member.

As soon as this thought appeared in his head, he recalled plenty of details related to the matter. Now that he thought about it, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s commander seemed to be paying attention to Luo Chu since a long time ago. During the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, he stopped moving when someone yelled her name. When he saw her retreating with the severely injured Pei Qingfeng, he withdrew from the battle and disregarded the Green Flame Eagle. It seemed weird back then but he recalled the presence of the silver-haired man beside her in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range and beside Ying Lan during the disciple exhibition. In this world, it was extremely rare to find two identical-looking individuals, let alone two handsome men with silver hair. From the looks of it, Luo Chu had probably joined the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence with the identity of Divine Physician Bai a long time ago. Now that her identity was already exposed, there was no need to hide her relationship to the faction any longer. 

Tsk Tsk, Luo Chu is truly adept at hiding. She is an incredible person exceeding my expectations.

“Master? Master? This servant is talking to you. Why aren’t you responding to this servant after such a long time?” That personal attendant noticed that Pei Rumo was unresponsive and after waiting for some time, he brought his master back to reality.

“I will not be taking a rest. Help me grind some ink. I am going to write an invitation card.” Pei Rumo immediately instructed his personal attendant. He wasn’t listening to that attendant as there was something more important to do.

That attendant acknowledged his orders and started to grind the ink. Pei Rumo raised his brush and thought of a reason to convince Ying Lan to accept the invitation. After thinking for a long time and running through countless simulations in his head, he started writing.

After writing the invitation card, Pei Rumo spoke to his attendant, “After the ink dries, bring the letter to the Remote Paddy Inn. Get the boss out and hand this invitation over to him. This is an invitation for dinner two days later. Remember, you need to hand this invitation over to the boss behind the scenes.”

“Yes, this servant understands. Does Master need to do anything else right now? If you don’t, please take a break. This servant sees that Master is overworking himself. I know that Master cares for the world but your body can’t hold out for long. Please take a break in order to avoid overexhaustion.” When that attendant saw that Pei Rumo had the time to take a break, he started to nag at his master.

Pei Rumo was annoyed by his attendant and immediately decided to rest in order to stop the nagging. He quickly turned and walked towards his courtyard.

When the attendant saw his master ignoring him and walking away, he was shocked. “Master, where are you going now?” The attendant felt annoyed as his master wasn’t taking good care of himself.

Pei Rumo rolled his eyes. He felt that if he didn’t state what he was going to do, the attendant would follow him back into his bed. If that were to happen, he would probably need to spend even more effort to get rid of his servant. He quickly explained himself, “What else can I do? I am going to rest. Aren’t you urging me to take a break?”

When the attendant heard his master’s reply, he felt gratified and felt that his constant nagging had finally worked. He nodded and bowed in order to excuse himself.

After taking a few steps, he turned around and spoke to Pei Rumo. “This servant changed your quilt and it is extremely fluffy and comfortable. However, it might not be enough to cover Master’s body. Even though the sun is still in the sky, the weather is getting colder. If Master wishes to sleep, please remember to keep yourself warm.”

“I understand. Is there anything else?” Pei Rumo felt very annoyed by his attendant’s constant harping.

After thinking for some time, the attendant felt that he had to repeat himself since his master hadn’t been paying attention to whatever he talked about. He felt that it was better if he reminded his master one more time. “Another thing. This servant lit another incense in order to better Master’s sleep. If you aren’t used to it, let any one of the servants know and they will change it back to the original one. Sister Zi Su will bring them to you.”

“Alright. If there is nothing else, hurry up and deliver the invitation card!”

That attendant seemed to have detected a trace of annoyance in Pei Rumo’s voice. He immediately made his way to the Remote Paddy Inn.

When the attendant arrived at the Remote Paddy Inn, it wasn’t time for lunch yet. Other than several customers who were there for a late breakfast, the entire hall was empty. The two waiters in the restaurant were goofing off and taking a nap while the innkeeper didn’t bother about them. He was meddling about with his abacus.

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