Chapter 214: Cai Ling’s Worry

Bai Luochu took the opportunity when Cai Ling was thinking about the thief to look at her expression. She noticed that this servant girl wasn’t as anxious as when Bai Luochu had just returned. In the end, Bai Luochu decided to tease the servant girl. “Why don’t you ask me how I learned about such matters?”

Cai Ling looked up at Bai Luochu and her eyebrows knitted together. She looked at Bai Luochu for a moment before speaking up. “Mistress is always together with the princes or with Commander Ying Lan. It isn’t a difficult thing for you to know so much. Furthermore, Mistress possesses remarkable abilities and it won’t be hard to learn of such matters.”

When Bai Luochu heard Cai Ling’s praise, she was speechless for a moment. She didn’t know if she should tell Cai Ling about the fact that she was the thief she was talking about. Before Bai Luochu could make a decision, Cai Ling had already fired off her question.

“Mistress, you are only speaking about the Phoenix King Valley. What about you rushing off to meet Commander Ying in the morning?”

Bai Luochu felt a little headache. She didn’t intend to talk about it, but it looked like she didn’t have a choice.

“I rushed over to look for Ying Lan because of this matter.” Bai Luochu didn’t know what excuse she should use. In the end, she decided to answer Cai Ling in a straightforward manner.

Cai Ling’s eyes flickered several times and she came to a conclusion in her mind. “Ahh! Could it be that... Mistress, let me guess, are you thinking of making a move on the Phoenix King Valley Elder?” She knew that her mistress had always been antagonistic towards the Phoenix King Valley and it wasn’t impossible for her to make a move on them when they were at their weakest.

“I am not thinking of making a move on him...” Bai Luochu reassured Cai Ling. Well… I already made my move.

“Then what exactly is it? Mistress, hurry up and tell this servant. This servant is begging you to let me know...” Cai Ling was truly anxious as she shook Bai Luochu’s arm. She acted like a child who was throwing a tantrum.

“The thief that stole the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s spirit ring and wiped out all the treasures inside... was me...” Bai Luochu felt a little guilty as her voice got softer as she spoke.

Cai Ling’s hands stopped instantly as though she was able to accept the giant impact of the news.

After a long time, Cai Ling whispered, “Is Mistress telling the truth? Mistress isn’t teasing this servant, right?”

Bai Luochu truly couldn’t bear to see Cai Ling’s bitter and agonized expression. She closed her eyes and nodded silently.

After seeing Bai Luochu’s affirmation, Cai Ling’s eyes widened to the size of plates and she burst out with a high-pitched yell, “Mistress, you must be crazy! How can you...” Cai Ling suddenly recalled that it wasn’t wise for others to learn of such things. She lowered her voice again and she complained to Bai Luochu, “Mistress, how can you make a move on the Phoenix King Valley?”

Bai Luochu already knew that Cai Ling would complain and she quickly explained herself, “You don’t have to worry. I already made plans with Ying Lan the moment you gave me the news in the morning. Everything will turn out for the best. If I am to really battle against the Phoenix King Valley Elder, it is still uncertain who will gain the upper hand.”

Cai Ling obviously knew that Bai Luochu was trying to comfort her, but she didn’t nag at Bai Luochu again. After all, she was the servant and Bai Luochu was the mistress. Cai Ling only wished for Bai Luochu to be safe.

“Mistress, in terms of ability, wisdom, shrewdness, and medical skills, you aren’t inferior to the Phoenix King Valley Elder. In regards to strength, Mistress is definitely weaker. The Phoenix King Valley Elder is too old and he is already old enough to turn into a demon spirit! Mistress’ cultivation journey has just begun. Mistress might possess outstanding talent but when compared to the elder, the difference is like night and day. If something happens to you, what are the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence going to do? Isn’t the palace a faction you painstakingly created?”

“Things are already at this stage and there is no need to speak about it any further. Right now, I can only respond accordingly. Don’t worry, everything is fine.” Now that Bai Luochu was facing Cai Ling, she really couldn’t say anything else.

In the next few days, Bai Luochu passed her time by cultivating and coming up with plans for the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s future development. Ying Lan and Cai Ling were extremely nervous and on edge as they were afraid that the Phoenix King Valley Elder might come knocking on their door. As the person who instigated the trouble, Bai Luochu continued her daily routine as though nothing was wrong.

With such a mentality, Bai Luochu’s cultivation progressed by another level.


Bai Luochu casually made her way to the Remote Paddy Inn as she prepared to finalize the plan of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s development.

“Right now, the Remote Paddy Inn, the High Leisure Teahouse, and the Silk Flower Pavilion is doing well. Our information network is also growing day by day into a large network. However, in my opinion, it is far from enough.”

Ying Lan nodded in agreement, “It is indeed the case. Even though these shops will be able to supply us with enough money and information, if we really wish to expand the scale of our contacts, this is far from enough. After all, it is a little forceful for these businesses to worm their way into making friends with the customers.”

When Bai Luochu saw that Ying Lan had the same opinion as her, she quickly spoke of her plan. “That is the exact reason I want to establish a merchant or auction house. Such places are the best when forming relationships. Regardless of sellers or buyers, there will definitely be a time when they will ask us for favors. That will be the best time to form a relationship with them.”

“Mistress, I thought of these things before but it is difficult to put such a plan into action.” Ying Lan immediately talked about the obstacles they would face.

Bai Luochu muttered for a moment and said, “I don’t have any experience in such matters. After hearing your concerns, I feel that my plan isn’t feasible. Since we are not experienced in this field, why don’t we hire some people who have experience? As for the construction, we can just look for several artisans. For the manpower we need, we can poach veterans familiar in the field. It will be a smooth journey upwards. What do you think?” Bai Luochu looked at Ying Lan with a passionate gaze and she hoped that Ying Lan would agree with her proposal.

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