Chapter 213: The Whole Story

Seeing how despondent his mistress was, Ying Lan immediately knelt down with a ‘plop’ and apologized to Bai Luochu, “This subordinate has overstepped his authority and spoke out of turn. Will Mistress please issue the punishment.”

Bai Luochu was silent for a period of time before she said, “You disrespected your superior and should be punished, however, you spoke the truth. Stand up, I will not punish you.” Bai Luochu thought that Ying Lan was right. In her previous life, she trusted Lu Wenshu because of the same exact reason. She never expected to die a miserable death because of it. She was an evil dao witch! Why did she care so much about promises?

“Mistress...” Ying Lan wanted to say something but was interrupted by Bai Luochu.

“It’s fine, stand up. It’s all in the past now and there is no point arguing over these things. Right now, we need to think of a countermeasure to deal with the Phoenix King Valley Elder.” Bai Luochu helped Ying Lan up to show him that she really didn’t blame him.

Ying Lan no longer harped on the matter and he quickly thought of a suggestion.“Early this morning, I learned about the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s intention. I wanted to send Mistress away for some time to lie low, but I recalled Mistress’ identity as Divine Physician Bai. Since your identity had already been exposed, our plan might be revealed if you left. In this subordinate’s humble opinion, Mistress should continue living a normal life. This should be the best course of action.”

Bai Luochu muttered for a moment and felt that apart from Ying Lan’s method, there was no better way to deal with it. She nodded her head but spoke up as well. “Now that the matter of the Falling Cloud Mountain Range is over, I think we need to come up with a plan on the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s development. Moreover, the Green Flame Eagle is in our hands…”

“This subordinate looks forward to it. Please be cautious as the Phoenix King Valley Elder is a ruthless person. Now that he isn’t able to complete his mission, he might just vent his anger out on someone else. It is best if you can avoid him. If you really meet him in person, try your best to not reveal any flaws. If you are captured by him, it won’t be easy to escape.”

“Of course I will be cautious. I exhausted too much of my spiritual energy when breaking through the restriction the day before and if there is nothing else, I shall return to the general’s residence.” A drowsy feeling swept through Bai Luochu’s body and she quickly bade farewell to Ying Lan.

As he knew how intense the operation was, Ying Lan didn’t urge Bai Luochu to stay behind. He bowed respectfully to send her off.

Bai Luochu made her way back to the residence and thought about how she was going to enjoy her rest. She didn’t realize that she was being watched by several parties.

However, as soon as she entered the general’s residence, she caught the sight of Cai Ling pacing around the entrance with a distracted expression on her face. Bai Luochu thought that something had happened and she quickly asked the anxious Cai Ling, “Did something happen in the residence?”

When Cai Ling heard Bai Luochu’s voice, she hurriedly raised her head. When she saw that it was indeed Bai Luochu who was standing in front of her, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Mistress, you left so hurriedly and didn’t even notify this servant. This servant has been too worried to sit still in the residence. I was waiting for Mistress’ return!”

Bai Luochu felt a trace of warmth in her heart after hearing what Cai Ling said. Even though she was a servant girl Bai Luochu chose at random, the little girl was really considerate. “I was too anxious and forgot about you. If you wish to know, follow me.”

Cai Ling knew that her mistress was about to speak of extremely confidential matters. It was highly possible no one else should learn of the contents of her speech and Cai Ling obediently followed behind Bai Luochu to the secluded courtyard.

“Don’t you think the Phoenix King Valley is acting strange?”

Cai Ling turned around and closed the doors of the room tightly as she was afraid that Bai Luochu’s voice would leak out.

“They were in such low spirits because the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s spirit ring was stolen the night before. All his treasures and even the Green Flame Eagle’s egg was stolen. You came with me to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range and learned about the importance the Phoenix King Valley placed on the egg. Now that it is lost, all of them are responsible for it.” Bai Luochu picked out the important points and stated them clearly to Cai Ling.

“Oh… Why is the elder staying behind?” Cai Ling didn’t understand the meaning behind the elder’s actions and she continued to question Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu muttered to herself and pondered for a long moment before she said to Cai Ling, “He is staying behind to look for the culprit. Otherwise, he won’t be able to justify himself to the Valley Master when he gets back.”

“Tsk tsk. Mistress, in this servant’s opinion, the thief will suffer greatly in the hands of the elder. Even if the thief doesn’t die, a layer of his skin will be peeled off.” When Cai Ling heard of the elder’s true objective, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the thief.

Bai Luochu nearly laughed out loud. She felt that Cai Ling had a rich imagination. She thought about the expression Cai Ling would have on her face if she found out that Bai Luochu was the thief she was talking about.

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