Chapter 212: Words of Reproach

“Mistress, when I went out to get some stuff, I chanced upon the departing disciples. Originally, it should be a lively and joyous farewell, in order to show the joy of their successful disciple recruitment. However, all of them looked sad and miserable. When accompanied by their immortal-like and prideful clothing, people may think that they were attending a funeral!” Cai Ling naturally knew the grudge between the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and the Phoenix King Valley. When she spoke about their sorry appearance, she was extremely happy. After all, her enemies were suffering right now. How could she not be happy?

Bai Luochu still wasn’t awake. When all was said and done, she was the culprit behind their foul mood. She even stole the elder’s prized possessions. She wasn’t surprised that they were leaving in low spirits at all.

“This isn’t the strangest thing...” When Cai Ling saw that Bai Luochu was still uninterested, she started to build up the suspense.

Bai Luochu’s curiosity was aroused by Cai Ling’s words. Her eyes that were about to close were slowly opening and she opened her mouth to question Cai Ling, “Tell me about it. What is strange about it?” Everything Cai Ling said was within Bai Luochu’s expectations. It didn’t matter if she listened to Cai Ling’s narration. However, now that there was something out of her expectations, she had to know. If Cai Ling said that it was strange, it was definitely something noteworthy.

When Cai Ling noticed that she had successfully attracted her mistress’ attention, she gained a boost in morale. “Mistress, you aren’t aware of this but the leader of the group is Feng Wan’er. The elder is staying behind in the capital city. No one knows what he is trying to do.”

“What did you say? The Phoenix King Valley Elder is staying in the capital?!” Bai Luochu was still a little drowsy but she snapped awake at Cai Ling’s words.

Cai Ling was shocked and she stammered in reply, “That’s right, the Phoenix King Valley Elder is staying in the capital city. Is there a problem, Mistress?”

A problem? This was a huge problem!

“Hurry up and help me freshen up. I am going to visit the Remote Paddy Inn.” Bai Luochu immediately wore her clothes.

When Cai Ling saw how impatient her mistress was, she knew that something serious had happened. 

As soon as Bai Luochu freshened up, she headed straight for the Remote Paddy Inn without eating breakfast.

When she arrived, she rushed into the study room without even looking at the innkeeper. The only thing the innkeeper noticed was a gust of wind and a faint shadow that flashed by. In his opinion, he was seeing things due to the lack of sleep.

Ying Lan was still seated in front of his table when Bai Luochu rushed into the study room. His eyes were staring blankly into space and he was obviously contemplating something. He was shocked to see Bai Luochu appear in front of him. “Does Mistress have something important to tell this subordinate?”

Bai Luochu could see that Ying Lan was as steady as a mountain. However, she didn’t know if he knew about the situation. However, she felt relieved that there was someone here to discuss things with her and she immediately started talking. “Feng Wan’er is leading the Phoenix King Valley’s departure group and the Phoenix King Valley Elder is staying in the capital city. Do you know about this matter?”

Ying Lan nodded silently.

“Do you know what this means?” Bai Luochu immediately followed up with another question.

Ying Lan let out a sigh before speaking, “Sigh, of course I do. It seems like the Phoenix King Valley Elder will not rest until he finds the culprit. We might have gone a little overboard this time.”

“With my current strength, if I fall into the hands of the Phoenix King Valley Elder, my fate is sealed. I reincarnated with such difficulty and don’t wish to die so early.” Bai Luochu had always been steadfast. The reason why she rushed here to look for Ying Lan was because she didn’t wish to waste her reincarnated life.

When Ying Lan heard his mistress’s words, he didn’t offer any suggestions. On the contrary, he snorted to express his dissatisfaction, “Hmph, Mistress finally learned how to cherish her life. What have you been doing so far? Since the day we reunited, you have never been safe. Look at us now! Before our wings could grow, we offended the Phoenix King Valley. How is that cherishing your life? You are finally coming down to discuss things with me… My great Mistress, this subordinate is really begging you to be a little more reserved. Right now, you are no longer that evil dao witch who can kill a bunch of Phoenix King Valley’s members with a single slap. Can you stop creating trouble before we regain our original strength? If you really feel like stirring up some trouble, why not turn to your relatives in the general’s residence?

Bai Luochu was speechless after hearing Ying Lan’s harsh words. She was truly a little reckless after she had reincarnated and had completely forgotten about the fact that her current strength was incomparable to that of her previous life. She stuttered in reply, “I’m just not used to it… Moreover, I promised the Green Flame Eagle! You should know that once I made a promise, I never go back on my word.”

After hearing the word ‘promise’, a stinging pain appeared in Ying Lan’s head. He disregarded the relationship between them and yelled at her, “Promise... If Mistress is now in a superior position and no longer needs to worry about your safety, it is fine even if you promise others that you are going to bring down the moon in the sky. However, you need to care about the Palace of the Brilliance Resurgence and you even need to deal with the imperial clan! Right now, the Phoenix King Valley and Lu Wenshu are still in the capital city! How long can you hide the fact that you reincarnated? Why are you talking about promises now?!”

“I understand, but...” Bai Luochu still wanted to retort but Ying Lan interrupted her again.

“But what!? Just because of a single promise, you gave Lu Wenshu an opportunity to exploit you. You even died a miserable death! Haven’t you suffered enough?!”

The room fell silent once again and Bai Luochu lowered her head. Ying Lan didn’t know what she was thinking about but he knew that he had been too blunt.

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