Chapter 210: Mournful Departure

Pei Rumo was on a lookout in the nearby forest since the very start of the operation. If he had recklessly charged into the manor, Bai Luochu would be able to detect him. He decided against barging in and waited outside the manor to watch the show unfold.

After seeing Bai Luochu and Ying Lan disappearing from the manor, Pei Rumo wanted to return to the First Prince’s residence in order to avoid drawing attention to himself. If the Phoenix King Valley were to suspect him, his losses would outweigh his gains.

Just as Pei Rumo was about to retreat, he heard the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s enraged roar. Since he was already here, he decided to continue watching the show.

After listening to everything, he learned of Bai Luochu’s actions.

Pei Rumo couldn’t help but sneer in his heart. This lass was truly bold. She actually dared to barge into the manor with two people… It was a surprise she managed to complete her mission without a hitch. If the members of the Phoenix King Valley learned that she was the culprit, she would be in deep trouble. Pei Rumo sighed silently and hoped that she would be fortunate enough to escape from the Phoenix King Valley’s clutches. If they were to look for revenge, even the imperial clan wouldn’t be able to protect her. Even though the two of them were making use of one another, Pei Rumo wished for her to be safe.

At dawn the next day, everyone saw the Phoenix King Valley’s majestic departure. However, the atmosphere seemed to be deathly stale.

“Hey, why are the members of the Phoenix King Valley acting as though their parents had just passed away. Take a look at the atmosphere, How is this a triumphant return? It wouldn’t be excessive to say that they are going to attend a funeral.” There was a busybody who couldn’t control his mouth as he blabbered on.

“Shush, be quiet.” The person beside him seemed to be on good terms with him shushed him. He didn’t wish for his friend to invite disaster by speaking out of turn. He spoke softly to the busybody, “How can commoners like us point and gossip about the Phoenix King Valley? Even His Majesty has to show them respect. Are you trying to make them attend your funeral?”

The busybody’s face turned ghastly pale as he didn’t actually think of the consequences of his words.

“They are probably sad that His Majesty didn’t accept their marriage proposal. Let’s go. I hope your head doesn’t roll off your shoulders.” The one who spoke was the owner of the buns stall. Even though he was speaking to others, his hands remained nimble.

The gossip on the street ultimately vanished into thin air, like the fragrance of the buns.

However, things were different on the side of the imperial clan. All the princes were watching the disciples carefully.

“Your Highness, when the Phoenix King Valley departed today, they looked rather depressed. This subordinate has yet to find out the reason. Furthermore, the leader of the return trip is Feng Wan’er and not the Phoenix King Valley Elder. This subordinate feels that something is amiss.” The secret guard reported back to Pei Rumo.

How could Pei Rumo be in the dark? From the looks of it, the lass made a ruthless move. How could this be called thievery? She had taken the life out of the Phoenix King Valley. It seemed as though the elder wasn’t going to let it rest. Why else would he remain in the capital city? He was probably waiting for the thief to let his guard down before swooping down for the catch. In Pei Rumo’s opinion, the elder was wasting his time. The lass had always been a shrewd being and it wouldn’t be easy for her to reveal a flaw.

Even though that was the case, Pei Rumo was a little worried. He passed an order to the secret guard, “Pick a few personnel to guard the general’s residence around the clock. Keep watch of Luo Chu, make sure nothing happens to her.” Pei Rumo wasn’t protecting Bai Luochu so that she could become an important factor to defeat Pei Wuchen for him at the crucial moment. He was protecting her because of her secret. Pei Rumo wanted to see how an orphan girl like Luo Chu was going to achieve her great plan.

As for Pei Qingfeng, he did the exact same thing. Early in the morning, he sent his personal guard to check on the Phoenix King Valley.

“How is it? What is the situation at the Phoenix King Valley?” As Pei Qingfeng asked his question, he casually raised his cup of tea to his mouth. It seemed as though he wasn’t as irritated as when he sent his guard to deliver the invitation.

“The Phoenix King Valley members look depressed. It seems like they have met with some sort of disaster. The elder is staying behind and may this subordinate be so bold as to ask Master if the matter has anything to do with Young Lady Luo Chu?”

Pei Qingfeng placed his teacup down and looked at the guard. “If I feel that this is completely unrelated to her, will you believe me?”

The guard cursed silently. Pah! Who will believe something like that? She requested for you to keep the core disciples here. Right now, they look like someone killed both their parents. If she isn’t related to this incident, am I the one related to the incident? Am I actually mentally handicapped?

Of course, the guard could never say something like that out loud. Right now, everyone in the Second Prince’s residence knew that as long as Luo Chu was involved in something, their Master would be as well. Moreover, he would do anything she asked. “Tsk, Luo Chu is truly a femme fatale. She can actually mesmerize Master to such an extent.”

A myriad of thoughts flew through the guard’s mind and he shook his head. He didn’t believe it.

“Since that is the case, why are you asking me that question? If there is nothing else, send more secret guards to protect the general’s residence.” Pei Qingfeng gave his instructions.

“Why are we protecting her?” That guard was puzzled and couldn’t understand Pei Qingfeng’s intention.

Pei Qingfeng snorted and felt that his personal guard was getting increasingly foolish. “Heh, in your opinion, why is the elder staying behind?”

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