Chapter 207: Successfully Escaping

Bai Luochu took a deep breath and started her attempt to get rid of the restriction on this spirit ring. The clash of spirit energies was extremely dangerous. If she wasn’t careful enough,  she would be hit with a backlash strong enough to turn her into a retard.

Bai Luochu didn’t tell Ying Lan about the consequences of the failure when breaking the restriction. If she told him, it would be the same as cancelling the mission altogether. With Ying Lan’s personality, he would rather tie Bai Luochu up than to allow her to risk her life.

Even so, Bai Luochu decided to risk it. She had already promised the Green Flame Eagle she would do anything in her power to retrieve its children.

Bai Luochu closed her eyes and gathered her spiritual energy. In Bai Luochu’s mind, her spiritual energy was gathering and it eventually formed a white spot on her palm. When she opened her eyes, she slammed the spot of spiritual energy into the spirit ring.

In the spirit ring’s world, the spirit qi barrier was shattered by a glowing rock from the outside world. The glowing rock was none other than Bai Luochu’s spirit qi.

As soon as the spirit qi barrier shattered, Bai Luochu didn’t hesitate. She plundered all the treasures in the spirit ring before throwing it onto the ground. “Ying Lan, run!” 

The moment the words left her mouth, a gust of wind was kicked up in the forest. A lonely spirit ring, sparkling with radiance, remained on the spot where the both of them were. The two of them were nowhere to be seen.

The instant Bai Luochu broke into the spirit ring, the Phoenix King Elder’s spiritual energy was damaged. He woke up with a start and started coughing violently.

Luckily for him, Bai Luochu wasn’t strong enough. Otherwise, he would have already turned into a retard after suffering such a strong hit to his spiritual energy.

Even if that was the case, the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s face was deathly white. He already knew that the ring was stolen when he woke up. He could feel that the water in his bath was already cold and when he lowered his head, his clothes were gone. Something clicked in his mind and he realized that he had been played.

He jumped out of the bath and started looking for his clothes. He wanted to put on some clothes before chasing the thief but he noticed that all his clothes were gone. Without a choice, he yelled loudly, “Someone, hurry up and bring my clothes to me!”

No matter how loudly he yelled, there was no response. The only reply came from the rustling leaves and the cawing crows.

“A bunch of useless fools.” The Phoenix King Valley Elder knew that the outer valley disciples had also been knocked out by someone. He had no choice but to run out naked and strip off one of the disciples’ clothes before putting it on himself. Once he was clothed, he shot towards the location of the spirit ring.

By the time the Phoenix King Valley Elder arrived, Bai Luochu and Ying Lan were already back at the general's residence. The only thing the elder found was his plundered spirit ring.

The elder wasn’t wearing any underwear and he stood in the middle of the woods with a spirit ring in hand. He stared blankly into space and as a gentle breeze blew past him, the elder felt that his legs were a little cold. The only thing colder was his heart.

This was the first time he had brought a group of disciples out of the valley. He didn’t know what kind of bad luck he met with. First, it was the Green Flame Eagle’s information leaked by the disciples leading to the fight in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. Next, he tried to recruit an outstanding disciple but Feng Wan’er’s shortcomings were exposed. Finally, he offended the merchant’s son during the disciple exhibition and wasn’t even able to obtain the white-robed man as a disciple. He originally wanted to return without any more losses but never in his wildest imagination did he expect that his spirit ring would be stolen. It was fine if his treasures were stolen. However, how was he going to explain to the Valley Master that the egg was missing?

“If I ever find out who did this, I’ll make his life a living hell. I will let him know the consequences of offending the Phoenix King Valley!” The elder roared at the top of his lungs and he smashed his fist into the tree beside him. The tree snapped in the middle as birds and beasts ran away as fast as they could.

On the other side, Bai Luochu was already back at the secluded courtyard in the general's residence. She was panting loudly.

Ying Lan might also be exhausted but his strength was superior to Bai Luochu. His reaction wasn’t as exaggerated as Bai Luochu’s. Under the moonlight, Bai Luochu’s complexion was ghastly white and Ying Lan felt that it was rather strange. If they were merely escaping, why would his mistress be so pale? Could it be that his mistress was injured?

“Mistress, are you injured? Why is your complexion so bad?” Ying Lan asked with concern.

Bai Luochu felt rather guilty as she had hidden something from Ying Lan. She immediately shifted her eyes and explained to Ying Lan, “Nothing is wrong. It is rather taxing to break the restriction on the spirit ring. After all, there is a large gap in strength between me and the Elder. Furthermore, I was forcefully breaking the restriction. It is natural for me to be exhausted.”

Ying Lan could see that Bai Luochu was hiding something from him. He knew that his mistress had done something risky because of her promise to the Green Flame Eagle. Since it was already over, he shouldn’t stress her out even more.

Ying Lan thought about it and quickly switched the topic. “Mistress, why did you ask me to throw his clothes away?”

“He is someone who cares a lot about his reputation. After throwing all his clothes away, he will definitely look for some clothes before coming over to chase us. Throwing his clothes away gives us more time to get away. Who cares about his clothes? Do you think that my taste is strong enough for an old man like the Phoenix King Valley Elder?” When Bai Luochu explained herself, she didn’t forget to make fun of Ying Lan.

Ying Lan  knew that his mistress was teasing him, but he denied everything anyway. “This subordinate doesn’t have the intention to do that. This subordinate understands that Mistress’ order was the correct one and only learned of your intentions now. I hope Mistress will not blame Ying Lan.”

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