Chapter 206: Knocked Out

“Hey, was that a shadow?” One of the outer valley disciples noticed a shadow flash by.

“Don’t... don’t scare me. I’m afraid of demons and ghosts. If one appears, I will probably faint from shock. You’ll have to carry me back then.” The other patrolling disciple spoke nervously.

“I might have seen wrongly. There are plenty of crows here… Let’s go back. Those core disciples are going to attend a feast, leaving us pitiful beings here to guard the manor. Life is really unfair.”

“Exactly! Sigh, inner valley disciples are humans, outer valley disciples are also humans. Why are we treated worse than Feng Wan’er’s dog?”

“Why else would there be a saying that goes, ‘can’t be compared to a dog’? The Phoenix King Valley seems glamorous on the surface, but it is a massive pile of crap on the inside. Because of their reputation as one of the Three Great Immortal Sects, no one will believe us.”

“All of them are going out to have fun while we slog our guts out. The elder is strong enough, why are we even here? Let’s go back to bed.”

The two of them quickly returned to their room for a nice sleep.

“Did the flowers blossom? The smell is pretty good.” As soon as one of the disciples spoke, the other started taking deep breaths.

“It smells pretty good, but this is the first time I smelled something like this. It is rather unique.”

Bai Luochu was hiding behind the walls of the courtyard and silently counting down, “Three, two, one. Fall.”

Just as Bai Luochu finished her countdown, the two disciples fell over. At the same time, Bai Luochu heard plenty of bodies in the manor falling onto the ground. All of them seemed to be affected by the sleeping incense. Bai Luochu immediately headed to the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s room where Ying Lan was waiting.

When Ying Lan saw her walking towards him, he knew that she had completed her task. His only job was to wait for the elder to enter the bath.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder wasn’t in a hurry as he slowly took his clothes off in the bathroom. Just the process took thirty minutes.

As the Phoenix King Valley Elder was taking off his clothes, Ying Lan noticed that he placed the spirit ring where his clothes were. A plan immediately started forming in his head

As Ying Lan thought about his plan, the elder entered the bath. Ying Lan ignited the black bottle and the fragrance slowly drifted towards the elder.

“Huh?” The Phoenix King Valley Elder spoke with doubt, “Who is burning this unique incense? I shall praise him tomorrow.” The elder started praising the smell of the incense. He reclined his body into the bath as he closed his eyes to rest. He didn’t know that this was a unique incense made by Bai Luochu to deal with him.

After a long time, the Phoenix King Valley Elder didn’t fall asleep. Ying Lan couldn’t help but feel anxious and he looked at Bai Luochu. She shook her head at him and caused Ying Lan to regain his composure.

Finally, Ying Lan noticed that the elder’s head was slowly drooping. It had already been a long time since Ying Lan lit the sleeping incense.

Bai Luochu couldn’t help but shake her head secretly. It seemed like her strength was still incompetent and was unable to extract the essence of the medicinal ingredients. Otherwise, the Phoenix King Valley Elder wouldn’t take such a long time to fall asleep.

When Ying Lan confirmed that the elder was already asleep, he immediately sneaked into the room and retrieved the spirit ring. He handed it over to Bai Luochu before listening to her instruction, “Throw all his clothes out into the courtyard. Leave nothing here!”

Ying Lan didn’t understand Bai Luochu’s intentions for doing so, but he still carried out her order. Ying Lan knew that she wouldn’t ask him to do something useless. She definitely had her reasons for doing so.

“Go, head towards our destination, hurry!” Bai Luochu executed her movement skills with all her might and sprinted towards the forest in the southwest direction.

Ying Lan quickly followed behind her. This forest was quite a distance from the manor and even though they rushed over as quickly as they could, there wasn’t much time left.

Bai Luochu had already completely examined the treasures in the spirit ring on the way here. Apart from the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling, she noticed plenty of other valuable items. There were some that would greatly benefit her cultivation and there were some precious herbs she could use to refine peerless elixirs. Since she had already stolen the spirit ring, why should she leave anything for him? Since a grudge was already formed, there was no harm in making it worse.

“Mistress, how is it? Is the egg inside?” Ying Lan was very anxious. He had spent a lot of time and effort, but if the youngling wasn’t inside, it would be an utter waste of effort. There was no doubt Bai Luochu would be extremely disappointed.

Bai Luochu nodded. It seemed like the operation wasn’t carried out in vain.

“There is not a lot of time left. I will open up the restriction on this spirit ring in a moment. No matter how sleepy the elder is, he will wake up the moment I open the ring. We will need to run away as quickly as possible.”

Ying Lan quickly piped up with his suggestion. “Mistress, we should leave the ring here before rushing back to the city. He won’t be able to track us down.”

“On my signal, we will rush towards the city. What do you think?”

Ying Lan nodded his head.

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