Chapter 205: Nightfall, Operation Start

Night fell and Ying Lan carried a night suit into the secluded courtyard. Handing the suit to Bai Luochu, he left the room and patiently waited at the back door.

“Let’s go.” In less than half the time it took to burn a stick of incense, Bai Luochu flew out of the back door as she made her way towards the Phoenix King Valley’s manor.

Bai Luochu never expected herself to be spotted along the way. Much less by Pei Rumo who was on his way to the general’s residence to look for her.

“Master, Young Lady Luo Chu seems to be heading towards the mountains where the Phoenix King Valley is. Do you want to follow her?” The coachman asked.

Pei Rumo muttered for a moment before replying, “You don’t have to. We might be exposed if we head over there now. I will head over there myself. Please bring the carriage back to the residence.” Pei Rumo alighted and shot towards Bai Luochu.

After Pei Rumo’s figure disappeared, the coachman turned the carriage back towards the residence.

As Pei Rumo followed Bai Luochu, more doubts popped up in his heart.

What kind of unspeakable secret does Luo Chu have? Putting aside the fact that she has been targeting the Phoenix King Valley, she chose to act against them in the night. This is really strange. I wanted to look for her to discuss the next stage of our plan but caught her in the act instead. What in the world are you scheming now?

As Pei Rumo muttered to himself, he executed his movement skill to the fullest. He was afraid he would lose track of Bai Luochu in the middle of the night. If that were to happen, he would never be able to catch up to her.

Bai Luochu was speaking to Ying Lan as they made their way towards the Phoenix King Valley. “Listen up. Time is pressing and I shall speak along the way. Remember my instructions and don’t mess up.” Bai Luochu took out two medicine bottles and one of them was white, the other was black. She placed them in different colored bottles so that Ying Lan wouldn’t mix them up.

“Hold these two bottles properly. Ignite the black one and blow into the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s room. There are extra ingredients in the medicine in order to knock the elder out. If we inhale the smoke, we will be affected as well. The white bottle is the antidote. Before lighting the black bottle up, hold the antidote in your mouth. You cannot swallow it. It will lose its effect if you swallow it.  Because of the time constraint, I only made two antidotes. If you mess up, there isn’t anymore, do you understand?”

“This subordinate understands. What about Mistress? What are you going to do?” Ying Lan noticed that Bai Luochu had only given him his instructions. He was afraid she would secretly do something dangerous.

“I will ignite the sleeping incense in all four corners of the manor. Once the outer valley disciples fall asleep, we will make our move.”

Ying Lan nodded. He pushed his movement skill to the limit and the both of them flew towards the manor.

“Snap.” Right at this moment, a snap brought them back to their senses.

“Wait a minute.” Bai Luochu reached out to stop Ying Lan, “Did you hear the sound of a tree branch snapping?”

“I didn’t. Mistress, there isn’t anyone around us. Are you too nervous?” Ying Lan frowned slightly to express his doubts.

Bai Luochu shook her head and said to Ying Lan, “I might be too nervous, but it is better to be careful.”

Ying Lan nodded in agreement.

Of course, the person who snapped the branch was Pei Rumo who was tailing the both of them.

When he saw that Bai Luochu had left, Pei Rumo let out a breath of relief before continuing his pursuit. The forest was too dark and he carelessly stepped on a tree branch. If not for the dark surroundings, he wouldn’t have exposed himself. He didn’t know how the two of them were able to see so clearly in the dark when executing their movement skills to the limit. When he thought about it, Pei Rumo became even more curious. How was it possible for Bai Luochu to possess such skills?

Bai Luochu and Ying Lan managed to arrive at the manor after the time it took to burn one stick of incense.

“Did you bring the map?” Bai Luochu extended her hand to ask for the map.

Ying Lan responded by immediately retrieving the map and handing it over to Bai Luochu. The trees covered the sky and even during the daytime, it would be difficult for light to enter the forest. Bai Luochu gathered her spirit qi into her palm and silently recited an incantation. A ball of light appeared in her hand and illuminated the map. 

After observing for a long time, she came up with her plan. Bai Luochu kept her spirit qi and instructed Ying Lan, “I will enter through the front of the manor. After knocking out all the outer valley disciples, you will enter from the back and head straight for the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s courtyard. Wait for him to enter the bath before igniting the sleeping incense. It has a faint fragrance and those who inhale it will have a nice nap till dawn. Even if the Phoenix King Valley Elder wants to look for someone, we will be long gone by then.”

Bai Luochu was about to fly into the manor, but Ying Lan stopped her. “Mistress, why don’t I go first? Wait till I knock out all these outer valley disciples, I will head straight for the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s room. You can just keep a lookout for me here.”

Bai Luochu naturally knew Ying Lan’s concern. However, she was the mistress and she knew she shouldn’t be a tortoise hiding in her shell. She pushed his hand away and flew towards the manor.

Ying Lan hastily made his way to the other side of the manor. He was afraid she would run into some danger.

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