Chapter 202: Planning the Operation

The awkward atmosphere filled the courtyard but Bai Luochu didn’t want to waste anymore time. She quickly formed a plan.

“Since that is the case, we will split up.”

“Split up? What is Mistress planning to do?” Ying Lan realized that Bai Luochu already had a plan and he was interested in listening.

“One day before the Phoenix King Valley returns, everyone will be busy packing and resting up. They will be at their weakest then and the elder will not think that we are bold enough to make a move at that exact time. That is precisely the reason we are making our move then.”

“After splitting up, you will take care of the Phoenix King Valley Elder. I shall take care of the disciples. After grabbing the spirit ring, we will meet up and rescue the youngling.”

“I do not have any issues with the Phoenix King Valley Elder. However, there are too many disciples. If there are only outer valley disciples, it won’t be a problem. If those core disciples surround you, Mistress won’t be able to escape easily.” Ying Lan sounded very worried.

“I’m not done. For the core disciples, I will look for someone to draw them away. As for the outer valley disciples, there is no need for me to be afraid of them with my movement skills. With some sleeping incense, they won’t be awake to stop me. You are in for a hard time as you will have to face the elder. When we start our mission, I will provide you with stronger sleeping incense. Grab the spirit ring and we’ll be good to go.” Bai Luochu revealed a shrewd smile.

“Are we coming back immediately?” Since they were preparing a plan, they couldn’t leave doubts unanswered.

Bai Luochu muttered for a moment and explained, “We must not. After we break through the spirit sense on the ring, the elder will definitely wake up. When he learns of the location of the ring, won’t we be inviting disaster onto ourselves? In my opinion, we should look for a forest where we can hide and conceal ourselves.”

“The Phoenix King Valley is living in a manor at the outskirts of the capital city. There are rows upon rows of trees directly to the southwest. That is a good place to conceal ourselves. When I was nearly discovered by the elder, I hid there for a period of time before making my way back.” Ying Lan immediately provided a solution.

Bai Luochu nodded in agreement and was very satisfied with Ying Lan’s suggestion, “Since that is the case, that shall be our plan. Prepare a night suit for me and after the Remote Paddy Inn closes for the day, look for me in the general’s residence. We shall depart together.”

“What about the core disciples and the sleeping incense...” The main plan had been settled and there was nothing else to discuss. The minor details were missing for the plan to work.

Bai Luochu’s thoughts spun rapidly and after contemplating for a long period of time, she finally made a decision, “You don’t have to worry about such things. Tomorrow night, just bring a night suit over. If possible, bring a map of the surrounding area of the manor. I will provide the sleeping incense and the antidote to you by then.”

Ying Lan was rather worried even after Bai Luochu’s reassurance. However, he knew that she wouldn’t allow such a small thing to ruin her plan and he quickly left the courtyard through the secret tunnel.

After Ying Lan left, Bai Luochu checked the stock of the remaining medicinal ingredients. The sleeping incense had to be used on the Phoenix King Valley Elder, but an ordinary sleeping incense would be ineffective. She had to refine a stronger version in order to knock the elder out for a long time. She was looking for ingredients to refine the stronger incense.

As for those core disciples... Bai Luochu brought out the box with all her refined elixirs and rummaged through it. After searching for a long time, she finally found an unremarkable red ceramic bottle. She opened it up and confirmed that the thing inside was the one she had been looking for before closing the lid with satisfaction. She weighed it in her hand and muttered softly, “It seems like I will have to go ask him for a favor tomorrow. That old fox... I wonder if this elixir will be able to satisfy him.”

Who else could she be referring to other than the Second Prince, Pei Qingfeng?

The next day, early in the morning, Bai Luochu completed her morning cultivation and she entered the study room. She ground some ink and started to write on a piece of paper.

When Cai Ling entered to deliver breakfast, she was rather surprised, “Why is Mistress writing a visitation card so early in the morning?”

Bai Luochu was startled when questioned by Cai Ling. Instead of explaining herself, she asked Cai Ling in return, “Do you think he will meet me?”

“Mm... This servant doesn’t know. Normally, a card is supposed to be sent one day in advance. If they are busy, the card has to be delivered several days in advance.” Cai Ling carefully explained the use of the visitation card.

Bai Luochu felt awkward after listening to Cai Ling’s explanation, “I need a favor from him... However, is this too last minute?”

“Who is Mistress going to visit?” Cai Ling didn’t wish to crack down on her mistress’s character, hence, she asked prudently.

Bai Luochu looked up and replied, “I am visiting Pei Qingfeng. I have to ask him for a favor.”

Cai Ling laughed, “Since it’s the Second Prince, Mistress can feel at ease. Just go ahead and show up. The Second Prince doesn’t need to attend the imperial court assembly. He is free all the time.

Even if His Second Highness isn’t free, as long as you show up, His Second Highness will surely spare out some time.

Of course, Cai Ling wasn’t going to say such things to Bai Luochu. She wasn’t looking for a scolding right now. It was a pity Pei Qingfeng had to fall in love with this emotionless robot.

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