Chapter 201: Inside the Spirit Ring

“That is merely a coincidence. You spared no effort in tracking down the eggs… Tell me, where did the Phoenix King Valley hide the egg? You were unable to locate it for so long...” Bai Luochu didn’t claim the credit for herself. After all, Ying Lan was the reason behind the rise of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence.

“Mistress, you will never think of it. The elder hid the egg in his personal spirit ring.”

“Spirit ring?” Bai Luochu was confused. A spirit ring was a common accessory in the cultivation world. Many cultivators would wear one in order to store their artifacts or items for the sake of convenience. When spiritual energy was supplied to the ring, a storage space could be opened up. The space could be large or small and depending on the ring, living creatures could be placed into it. The exact function would be dependent on the quality of the spirit ring. After dripping a drop of blood on the ring, the spirit ring would be bound to the owner, ensuring that no one other than the owner had access to the items inside. Of course, there were exceptions. When an individual’s spiritual energy could wipe out the spiritual energy imprint on the ring placed by the owner, the items in the ring would be up for grabs.

“Isn’t it just the Green Flame Eagle’s egg? Is there a need for such exaggeration? Why did he place it in his personal spirit ring?” Bai Luochu couldn’t understand the importance the elder placed on the egg. The Green Flame Eagle was merely an upgraded means of transport to her.

Ying Lan smiled helplessly in response and explained to Bai Luochu, “My incredible Mistress, do you think everyone is like you? Do you think all of them are spirit beast magnets? Putting aside your insanely powerful spiritual energy, you have so many spirit beasts around you. They were like cabbages growing along the side of the road. After getting bored of a beast, you’ll swap it out with another.”

Bai Luochu suddenly thought of something and she quickly nodded. Ying Lan was right. Not everyone could form so many contracts with spirit beasts. It was no wonder the elder treated it with such importance.

When Ying Lan saw that Bai Luochu had understood the importance of the Green Flame Eagle to the Phoenix King Valley, he continued, “It is obvious how important this Green Flame Eagle youngling is to the Phoenix King Valley. Mistress, I am afraid that this operation will be extremely risky. Are you really going to make a move to retrieve the egg? Isn’t two enough?”

“Ying Lan, this is my promise to the Green Flame Eagle. In my previous life, I saved its life. In this life, I can’t disregard its children. I cannot allow its child to fall into the hands of those pretentious members of the Phoenix King Valley.” Bai Luochu’s expression suddenly turned solemn.

Ying Lan had no choice but to shake his head helplessly. He should have expected that his mistress wasn’t going to change her mind… He was wasting his energy when trying to persuade her.  

Since his mistress had already decided, he should do his best to help her. Ying Lan started to spew out all the information he knew about the egg, “Mistress, according to my investigation, this is a dangerous exercise. We need to make a watertight plan to ensure that nothing goes wrong. The two of us need to coordinate well with each other and if we have the slightest slip up, our plan might fail. If you have already made up your mind, this subordinate will give you all the information you need.”

Bai Luochu didn’t say a word and she simply raised her chin slightly. With a wave of her hand, she signalled for Ying Lan to speak.

Ying Lan didn’t hesitate, “The Phoenix King Valley is now staying in a manor at the outskirts of the capital city. Even though there are no imperial soldiers, there are still core disciples guarding the place. The elder’s residence is guarded even more heavily in the night. I was certain that the elder had the egg, but I was never able to confirm the exact location. I was only able to discover the exact location during the last day of the disciple selection.”

Ying Lan seemed rather tired and poured himself a cup of tea to ease his thirst. “The elder’s courtyard wasn’t defended by the disciples on the last day of the selection. I sneaked onto the roof in order to get a better look and I noticed that his spirit ring was one of a superior grade. Sending my divine sense into the spirit ring, I was struck by the backlash and almost exposed myself.”

“Were you injured?” When Bai Luochu heard Ying Lan’s experience, she didn’t continue speaking about the spirit ring. Instead, she cared for his well being.

When he heard her question, Ying Lan felt warmth welling up in his heart. He immediately replied, “I wasn’t injured. It was a good thing I ran fast, the elder wasn’t able to catch up to me.”

“That’s great. About the spirit ring… You said that the elder wore it wherever he went. Was there a time when he took it off? It would be a difficult task to retrieve the egg otherwise.” When Bai Luochu noticed the difficulty of recovering the egg, her heart sank.

“There was… However, Mistress will have a hard time if you plan to personally retrieve the spirit beast egg...” Ying Lan hesitated for a second and Bai Luochu became more curious.

“Speak! When does he remove the spirit ring? Why are you stammering? Is there a need to hide anything from me? Hurry up and spill it.”

Ying Lan complained with no end. Mistress still behaves as though there are no differences between men and women It’s just....

Ying Lan had no choice but to reply, “When the elder is showering, he takes the ring off in the bathroom.”

As soon as Ying Lan answered, Bai Luochu was struck speechless. She blamed herself for asking that question.

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