Chapter 198: Misery Loves Company

Pei Wuchen obviously knew what Lu Wenshu was implying. Because of him, the Phoenix King Valley was preparing to bring up a marriage alliance with the imperial clan. After he led the imperial descendants to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range to capture the Green Flame Eagle, plenty of conflicts broke out. In the end, the Phoenix King Valley obtained one of the eggs while his First Brother represented the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial clan to obtain another egg. If that was the case, it would be fine. After all, the Phoenix King Valley wouldn’t have returned empty-handed. It just so happened that his Emperor Father learned of the rumors behind Feng Wan’er actions. He also learned that Luo Chu was Divine Physician Bai. During the farewell feast, the old emperor rejected the marriage proposed by the Phoenix King Valley and it was equivalent to him slapping the Phoenix King Valley in the face.

After connecting all the dots, some people who were too smart for their own good would overthink the situation. They might think that the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial clan had used the Phoenix King Valley from the very beginning. They then got rid of the Phoenix King Valley after obtaining some benefits.

It was the reason behind the tense relationship between the Phoenix King Valley and the imperial clan. They were wary of each other and treated the other party with extreme caution. If Pei Wuchen went over to the elder by himself, the elder was definitely going to be unhappy. When all was said and done, Pei Wuchen had grown up in the Phoenix King Valley, but now, he was starting to side with the imperial clan. The elder might even feel disappointed and the relationship between the two parties might deteriorate.

“Wuchen doesn’t dare to reject Young Master Lu’s kind intentions. I will have to trouble Young Master Lu to go along with me.” Pei Wuchen already thought of the consequences. As such, he accepted Lu Wenshu’s assistance.

Before Pei Wuchen could speak to the elder, he was interrupted by Lu Wenshu. Lu Wenshu looked at Pei Wuchen and shook his head gently as an indication for Pei Wuchen not to speak first. Lu Wenshu turned around to speak with the Phoenix King Valley Elder.

“Elder, Wenshu has a request and I wonder if Elder can agree to it.” Lu Wenshu bowed respectfully.

When the elder saw that Lu Wenshu was here, a brilliant smile appeared on his face. “Wenshu, it’s you… What’s the matter? You may speak your mind. If I can make the decision, I will definitely agree to your request.” Even the Phoenix King Valley Elder wanted to build a good relationship with Lu Wenshu. Lu Wenshu might be a junior, but there was a saying, ‘the younger generation will surpass the old in time’. This saying was most fitting for a person like Lu Wenshu.

When Lu Wenshu saw how polite the Phoenix King Valley Elder was, he took the opportunity to speak of his plan.

“Actually, it’s nothing much. This junior wants to invite Divine Physician Bai for a meal. However, it seems like the divine physician is not willing to go alone. This junior wanted to invite the First Prince, but all the other princes wanted to come along. They talked about how the Emperor was praising me and putting them down. As such, this junior wants to take the chance to ease their frustrations. This junior remembers that the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial clan has a great relationship with the Phoenix King Valley. If I bring them away, I’m afraid you will blame me. In order to prevent you from feeling upset, I brought along His Third Highness. I hope that you can agree to this junior’s request for the sake of His Third Highness.”

Since Lu Wenshu already made up such a good excuse, the elder would look bad if he didn’t agree. He quickly gave them his permission but kept Pei Wuchen behind. He said that he needed to speak with Pei Wuchen before allowing him to attend the dinner.

“Wuchen, if you can use this opportunity to make friends with Lu Wenshu, you better remember the Phoenix King Valley. Even if you can’t get into his good books, try to pull him closer to you. Your Emperor Father might have rejected the alliance marriage between the Phoenix King Valley and the Cloud Water Nation, but the relationship between us still exists. Never forget that.” It was clear that the elder was threatening Pei Wuchen.

Pei Wuchen knew what the Phoenix King Valley Elder meant and immediately responded, “Wuchen understands. A day as a teacher, a life as a father... That is the Valley Master’s place in Wuchen’s heart. The Phoenix King Valley can be considered Wuchen’s second home and I won’t allow you to suffer a loss. Wuchen will keep Elder’s teaching in mind. My brothers are waiting for me and Wuchen shall make a move first.” Pei Wuchen cupped his fist and bowed as he left the practice grounds.

The tense situation between the Phoenix King Valley and the Cloud Water Nation was putting Pei Wuchen in a difficult spot. Right now, Pei Wuchen was like a mouse inside the bellows as he suffered from winds from both sides. Originally, he thought that the Phoenix King Valley was going to bring him plenty of benefits. He never expected that the old emperor would be the rock in his path. Moreover, after receiving a lecture from the elder, he didn’t feel too good.

Pei Wuchen bumped into Lu Wenshu along the way. Just as Pei Wuchen was feeling doubtful, Lu Wenshu spoke out, “Since we came together, we should return together. What if they think I sold you away?”

Pei Wuchen heard Lu Wenshu’s words and understood that Lu Wenshu probably thought of something after noticing his unpleasant expression. Lu Wenshu was trying to make him feel better. Pei Wuchen immediately thanked Lu Wenshu, “Many thanks to Young Master Lu. If you didn’t come along with me, things might have gone south.”

Lu Wenshu mocked himself, “There is no need to thank me. No one can understand your current feelings more than me. How can one deal with their sect and their feelings at the same time? It is impossible to satisfy both sides.”

Pei Wuchen fell silent after hearing what Lu Wenshu said. He did hear of the matters between Lu Wenshu and the evil dao witch. They said that Lu Wenshu had received orders from his sect to get close to the evil dao witch, but never expected to fall in love during his mission. Not only did he disobey his sect, he also defended the evil dao inheritance. He even protected them from the orthodox sects. He even secluded himself after the entire affair.

These so-called rumors were things Pei Wuchen couldn’t mention in front of Lu Wenshu. He was afraid that Lu Wenshu would fly into a rage when he heard about such matters.

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