Chapter 197: Agreeing

Bai Luochu really didn’t know what to do. Lu Wenshu found a perfect reason and made her unable to refuse. She couldn’t possibly admit that she was Bai Luochu and say: Lu Wenshu, you are the culprit who caused my death! I can’t wait to tear you apart with my two hands! Get lost you annoying fly!

Right now, she could only place her hopes on Pei Rumo to refuse Lu Wenshu’s invitation. She would use him as an excuse to retreat.

Bai Luochu didn’t think that a single statement from Pei Rumo would sever her hope.

“Divine Physician Bai, why are you behaving this way? Lu Wenshu just wants to apologize to you and you are coming up with all sorts of excuses to reject him. Can’t you just go for dinner with him? It’s an excuse to clear up all the misunderstandings between the two of you. You can even drink and chat happily in the inn! Since you feel so insecure, I shall accompany the both of you in case you act like a frightened rabbit.”

Bai Luochu had no choice but to agree. Pei Rumo had already spoken and she couldn’t overrule his choice.

Pei Qingfeng wasn’t able to sit still when he heard that Lu Wenshu wanted to invite Bai Luochu for a meal. After living in the general’s residence for such a long time, he was able to notice Bai Luochu’s stance towards Lu Wenshu. Not to mention the fact that one of his secret guards was stalking the man. Pei Qingfeng was clear about Lu Wenshu’s actions.

Pei Qingfeng might not know about Bai Luochu’s feelings for Lu Wenshu, but based on the fact that she agreed to meet him raised some alarm bells in Pei Qingfeng’s head. Lu Wenshu was some serious bad news in Pei Qingfeng’s mind.

Originally, Pei Qingfeng thought about joining the dinner as well. He never thought that Pei Rumo would come up with such an amazing reason for him to attend.

Pei Qingfeng immediately spoke up, “In consideration for the relationship between the imperial clan and the Phoenix King Valley, I was going to stay here even though the battles are boring. However, First Brother is really brilliant. Without saying a word, you found an excuse to leave early for dinner. Doesn't this make you look bad? After all, I was the one who suffered an injury in the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. I was unable to move around for quite some time and now that my injuries are fully healed, there is nothing to be apprehensive about. Why don’t I go along with you? I won’t be letting Young Master Lu down.”

Lu Wenshu’s smile froze. It seemed as though the Second Prince was really interested in Bai Luochu. Since he had already brought up the apology as a reason, he couldn’t refuse Pei Qingfeng’s presence.

“If Your Second Highness is willing to come, I will be honored. Why don’t we go together?” Lu Wenshu might seem indifferent, but he was actually cursing at Pei Qingfeng in his heart. Even after cursing for a long time, his anger remained in his belly.

Pei Rumo was amused when he saw the silent fight between Lu Wenshu and Pei Qingfeng. He wasn’t familiar with Lu Wenshu, but due to his Emperor Father’s request to recruit the man, Pei Rumo went out of his way to assist him. He was willing to offer some assistance to Lu Wenshu because he wanted to see his Second Brother’s reaction. When he saw how Pei Qingfeng was acting, he confirmed his guess. Pei Qingfeng probably knew about Luo Chu’s true identity long ago. He probably tagged along in order to protect her. Luo Chu was no longer the wastrel and even his Emperor Father had brought up the topic of engagement. When the old emperor refused the Phoenix King Valley’s alliance marriage, Pei Wuchen didn’t say anything. It seemed as though his third brother no longer looked down on Luo Chu.

Pei Rumo almost burst out in laughter. If this was really the case, it seemed as though an interesting show was about to play out. His two brothers were fighting over the same woman. Coincidentally, she was the Third Prince’s fiancée. It was a show where two dragons were fighting over a phoenix. He never imagined that this would happen when he rescued Bai Luochu from the Bestial Battle Arena. He merely wanted to create some hindrance for his Third Brother. He didn’t want Pei Wuchen to successfully obtain the Phoenix King Valley’s assistance. Looking at the current situation, he would be able to pull his second brother into his camp as well. If such an incident happened in the imperial clan, his Emperor Father was surely going to blow his top. When the sandpiper was hunting for clams, the fisherman would be able to catch both of them. In the end, he would be the best candidate for the throne.

Tsk tsk tsk, Luo Chu looked like a fragile and weak woman but she brought him a ton of pleasant surprises. He didn’t know if the Cloud Water Nation would be able to retain its peaceful atmosphere. If her appearance swept up a storm in the capital city, he wouldn’t be able to tell if his decision to save her was a good one.

“My elder brothers are thinking of themselves. How can you abandon your younger brothers here when you go for dinner at the capital’s number 1 restaurant?” The one who spoke was the brainless Fifth Prince who wanted to be involved in everything.

“Why don’t I speak with the Elder about this? We can invite everyone to the Drunk Immortal Inn for dinner. It can also prevent criticisms towards our imperial clan.” After Pei Wuchen knew that Luo Chu was Divine Physician Bai, his attitude towards her changed drastically. He wanted to approach her during dinner. When he saw that his fiancée was going to have a meal with other men, he felt that there were knots in his heart and couldn’t feel at ease.

The rest of the princes agreed promptly. Lu Wenshu thought that since he was the one who suggested dinner, he should be the one to speak to the elder. If Pei Wuchen went, he might be blamed for siding with the imperial clan.

Lu Wenshu said to Pei Wuchen, “This matter started because of me and it also involves the imperial clan and the Phoenix King Valley. If Third Prince is to seek out the elder, there might be some repercussions. Why don’t I ask the elder in your stead? This way, he won’t be able to find fault with you.”

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