Chapter 196: Leaving

The Phoenix King Valley Elder could no longer allow things to continue and he had no choice but to speak out. After all, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence didn’t hit them while they were down. He wouldn’t embarrass himself by speaking first. He could even show off the Phoenix King Valley’s magnanimous demeanor as one of the Three Great Immortal Sects.

“‘Those that do not know are innocent’. It seems like we are the ones who broke the rules in the first place. We issued a challenge without making things clear. Since this young master is already the disciple of another sect, we shall not force him to join our sect. We’ll let the matter rest.”

“Since that is the case, Ying Lan shall thank Elder for being so magnanimous. It is no wonder you are an elder of the Phoenix King Valley.” Ying Lan might be a secret guard, but he was the one who handled such problems in the past. He was rather proficient when it came to interacting with other sects.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder chuckled softly and didn’t say anything else. Even though there was a smile on his face, he was already thinking of settling the score with the feminine man.

After this interlude was over, the dying atmosphere heated up once again. It was because of the Phoenix King Valley’s invitation to Guan Yue after the challenge. They actually kept their promise this time… Even though Guan Yue didn’t enter the Phoenix King Valley, everyone fired up after his fight. Many individuals who failed the selections challenged the new disciples and the fight lasted all the way into the evening.

Bai Luochu found it rather dull as none of her subordinates were the challengers. It was boring for her to look at all these clowns fighting the new disciples. Just because Guan Yue managed to defeat his opponent didn’t mean that they were strong enough to do so. With their pitiful strength, it would be a surprise if they manage to win.

As for the new disciples… They were striving for victory after looking at how the merchant’s son got kicked out after he lost the battle. They were afraid that a careless mistake would cost them their spot in the Phoenix King Valley. It would be the same as falling back to earth after an arduous climb to heaven.

Throughout the entire afternoon, not a single challenge managed to defeat the new disciples. The Phoenix King Valley Elder felt gratified that he didn’t accept a bunch of weaklings and his expression slowly brightened up.

Bai Luochu had already seen a member of her palace beating up a new disciple of the Phoenix King Valley. Even if she were to stay for the entire duration of the challenge, it would be boring battle after boring battle. According to her, everyone on the stage was swaying around until the weaker one fell. She was already an expert in her previous life and battles between experts were usually settled in a split second. In the battles taking place in front of her right now, all of their attacks had huge flaws. It was as though she was watching children playing with each other as they rolled around in the dirt and threw sand at each other. Bai Luochu eventually decided to leave.

“Your Second Highness, all of these people are doing the same thing over and over again... I’m not interested in looking at the battles and I shall take my leave.”

“Since you aren’t interested in the battles, you should go back and rest well. The imperial clan and the Phoenix King Valley don't see eye to eye currently. It won’t look good on the imperial clan if I leave now. I will get a guard to send you back.” Pei Qingfeng replied.

Bai Luochu refused Pei Qingfeng’s kind intentions, “There is no need to send me back. Nothing will happen in the busy streets. Even though there are many crooks in the capital city, there are plenty of guards patrolling the area. They won’t be able to make a move on me.”

Pei Qingfeng knew that once Bai Luochu made up her mind, no one would be able to change it. He simply nodded and said, “Since that is the case, I shall not force you. Be careful on the way back.”

Bai Luochu smiled and nodded in response. She turned and prepared to leave the practice grounds.

Lu Wenshu had been observing Bai Luochu throughout the whole duration of the disciple exhibition. When he saw her leaving be herself, he couldn’t allow a chance like this to slip away. He immediately stepped forward and exchanged conventional greetings with Bai Luochu, “Is Divine Physician Bai bored of the battles? Are you going to leave right now? This might be the imperial city of the Cloud Water Nation, but it is still inconvenient for you to return alone. I have yet to apologize for the incident at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. Rather than fixing a date, why not do it today? Let me treat you to a dinner at the Drunk Immortal Inn. I will personally send you back to the general’s residence after the meal.”

Bai Luochu’s brows were locked tightly together. Even so, Lu Wenshu maintained his cultured and refined expression as though he didn’t see the fed-up expression on Bai Luochu’s face.

Bai Luochu had no choice but to turn him down, “I have already mentioned to sire that I am not the one you injured. There is no need to apologize to me. I am different from other women and I won’t be easily frightened. It is better for sire to save the silver for yourself. I dislike eating out and it isn’t necessary for you to treat me to dinner. I have survived alone in this capital city and will be able to return to the general’s residence even with my eyes closed. I am grateful for sire’s kind intentions and shall take my leave.” Bai Luochu got ready to leave without giving Lu Wenshu a chance to follow up.

Pei Qingfeng was guarding the general’s residence like an iron barrel during the past few days and Lu Wenshu wasn’t even able to approach it. Now that he found a chance, he wasn’t going to give up so easily. Lu Wenshu immediately reached out his hand to obstruct Bai Luochu’s path.

“If Divine Physician Bai thinks that rumors will fly because of a dinner with me, you may also invite His First Highness. After all, he is your benefactor. With him around, you won’t feel uncomfortable, right?” Lu Wenshu thought that his plan was flawless. He wanted to see what other excuse Bai Luochu would come up with.

Bai Luochu felt a pulsing pain in her head. When did Lu Wenshu turn into such a shameless person? He wasn’t like this in the past. Why was he so annoying after her reincarnation?

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