Chapter 195: Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s First Public Appearance

There were only slightly more than ten individuals from the faction that the white-clothed young master was in. It wouldn’t be too much to say that this group of people were outstanding like dragons and phoenixes. Apart from the white-clothed young master that fought on stage, there was also a silver-haired man in the group. He had a unique bearing and looked as though he was an immortal of frost who walked out from the land of the extreme north. There was also a black-clothed man who stood together with the white-clothed young master. With the silver-haired man in the mix, they formed a sharp contrast. Looking at the black-clothed man, he was positioned at the front and center of the group. He had a steady aura and looked to be the leader of their faction.

“Oh? It looks like the white-clothed young master’s faction has plenty of hidden talents. No wonder he doesn’t fancy the Phoenix King Valley.” The Fifth Prince piped up. He was speaking without thinking and it was fine if he was to drag himself into the water... Too bad his casual statement dragged both parties towards the edge of a war.

When Pei Wuchen saw how they were insulting his sect, he couldn’t sit by the side and do nothing. He immediately said something so that the Phoenix King Valley could have a way to step down.

“Everyone has their own aspirations. As long as the faction helps others, it is a good faction. There is no such thing as noble or lowly, strong or weak. It doesn’t matter if the faction is big or small. As long as they are righteous and will eradicate the evil from this world, they are a good faction. The Phoenix King Valley has a strong and deep foundation with a thousand year heritage. Right now, even a small faction can possess so many talented individuals. It proves that the new generation is getting increasingly capable and it is a blessing for the world.”

One had to admit that Pei Wuchen’s speech was truly brilliant. He managed to subtly praise the Phoenix King Valley and the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence at the same time. The Third Prince was truly smooth and slick as his speech didn’t offend either side.

Pei Rumo held Pei Pei Wuchen in contempt. This Third Brother of his spoke empty words all the time and seemed to be extremely involved in the state of the world. But his political achievements were in a mess and Pei Rumo would be the one to clean up behind him. The two of them weren’t birthed by the same mother, but they were of similar age and were strong candidates for the throne. There was no way they could avoid clashing with each other.

Pei Rumo felt that Pei Wuchen was overly pretentious, but he did look upon the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence in a new light. After all, they had established themselves in just half a month and possessed the ability to face the other sects. They definitely had a strong foundation. Putting aside the fact that their members had power beyond their peers, simply the fact where Guan Yue defeated a new disciple of the Phoenix King Valley was enough proof of their strength. Moreover, they used this incident to show that their moral integrity was superior to those of the Phoenix King Valley. Pei Rumo’s attention was drawn to them as he had been secretly nurturing his own faction before this incident.

“Seeing how elegant and righteous that white-clothed young master is, there is no way his faction will be weak. There seems to be no weaknesses as well. We cannot underestimate them.” Pei Rumo spoke highly of the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. However, he was thinking of looking for the commander for a chat. He wanted to recruit all the members into his faction and even if he failed to do so… it would be a good choice for him to build a good relationship with such a strong faction.

“This Prince’s brothers have given enough praise. Look at how all of them are so refined and cultured… It isn’t a stretch to think that the other members of their faction behave the same way.” Pei Qingfeng couldn’t be bothered to speak most of the time, let alone shower praises. Right now, he gave the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence a firm approval in public. Furthermore, not every faction would be able to obtain the Second Prince’s approval.

Bai Luochu heard Pei Qingfeng and nodded with gratitude. She might have been blind in her past life, but her vision was clear in this. The Palace of Brilliance Resurgence had only been established but already gained approval from many heavyweights. These ‘seniors’ that started the faction made contributions that must not be unnoticed. Of course, Bai Luochu was elated because Guan Yue actually rejected the invitation from the Phoenix King Valley and chose to stay with the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence.

Ying Lan allowed the princes to complete their praises before turning his gaze to Bai Luochu. He noticed that his mistress was nodded with a gratified expression and he felt that it was time. He offered his thanks to the princes, “All the princes have overpraised us. The Palace of Brilliance Resurgence is just a newly established faction, how can we compare ourselves with one of the Three Great Immortal Sects? We are indebted to everyone’s praises and I shall represent my Palace of Brilliance Resurgence to thank everyone.” Ying Lan finished his speech and bowed respectfully as he had to show some respect to the imperial clan. Ying Lan might have said that they couldn’t be compared to the Phoenix King Valley, but in fact, he meant that it was a disgrace to be compared to them. The Phoenix King Valley was just a despicable faction. How could they be compared to the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence? It was a faction his mistress poured her life work into...

Pei Wuchen helped the Phoenix King Valley find a path of retreat, but everyone present, including the princes of the Cloud Water Nation, were praising the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. The Phoenix King Valley Elder’s face was contorted and he didn’t look too good. When Ying Lan noticed the expression on the elder’s face, he wondered if he should take this chance to strike at the Phoenix King Valley.

“I wish for Elder’s forgiveness. My members are young and frivolous. They are ignorant because of their inexperience. He responded to the challenge because your member insulted his parents. No matter what, he is already a member of my Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and he won’t be joining the Phoenix King Valley. If he joins the Phoenix King Valley, it can be considered an unlawful plundering of skills. It is a huge taboo in the cultivation world. If this violates the rules set by your Phoenix King Valley, I apologize in the name of the Palace Master of my Palace of Brilliance Resurgence.” Ying Lan bowed and expressed his apologies.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder had a smile on his face but he was close to vomiting blood. In order to recruit Guan Yue, he had thoroughly offended the merchant’s son. After all that, Guan Yue actually belonged to another faction… Even with the apology of the ‘Palace Master’, the elder felt that there was a hidden meaning behind his words. They were blaming the Phoenix King Valley for violating the rules first and criticizing their new disciple for insulting their member’s parents. Weren’t they pushing all the blame to the Phoenix King Valley? In order to uphold the Phoenix King Valley’s image, the elder was unable to speak out. He could only swallow the ball of anger in his stomach.

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