Chapter 194: Already Have a Faction

“Keep quiet! You are the cause of all this trouble! I even violated the ancestors’ rules because of you! I persuaded you earlier but you didn’t take a step back. Why are you refusing to admit defeat now? If you agree to bet, you must accept the loss. You should’ve anticipated that something like this would happen if you lost. There is nothing else for you to say.” The Phoenix King Valley Elder was afraid that the merchant’s son would use cultivation resources to threaten them and his tongue would slip. If that were to happen, the Phoenix King Valley wouldn't be able to take a step back. This young man had already created dissatisfaction in the audience and he must not be allowed to create another disturbance.

The young man seemed as though he wanted to say something else but he swallowed his words. His serious injury, coupled with the elder’s formless pressure caused him to be unable to speak.

He fainted due to the pressure the Phoenix King Valley Elder was emitting.

When the Phoenix King Valley Elder saw the young man fainting, he let out a breath of relief. As soon as he turned to look at Guan Yue, the expression on his face had changed.

According to the elder, the white-clothed young man was more suitable as a disciple. It wasn’t only because of his strength, but his demeanor was much more fitting for the Phoenix King Valley’s image. If he wasn’t the elder of the Phoenix King Valley who had to put the interest of the sect before himself, he would definitely accept the white-clothed young man as a disciple into the inner valley. Just his strength and attitude was enough for the Valley Master to accept him as a disciple. However, he was a descendant of a declined aristocratic clan and wouldn’t be able to help the Phoenix King Valley develop. There was no choice but to throw him into the outer valley. In the case where he achieved outstanding results as an outer valley disciple, it wasn’t impossible for the elder to personally recommend the white-clothed young man into the inner valley.

This was the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s brilliant plan. However, he didn’t know that Guan Yue didn’t hold the Phoenix King Valley in high regard at all.

“What is that Phoenix King Valley Elder doing? He has been dilly dallying for quite some time now.” Ying Lan noticed that the elder was standing still like a pillar and felt very strange.

“He is in a difficult situation.” Guan Yue didn’t feel surprised and replied. It was as if he wasn’t the person who caused this entire mess.

“Mm? What do you mean?” Ying Lan couldn’t understand.

Guan Yue stayed silent for a moment before explaining, “According to the rules, now that the young man has lost, I am the new disciple of the Phoenix King Valley. I know that young man too well. He is always using his family ties to behave arrogantly. Right now, the elder is probably thinking of a way to keep him as a disciple while dealing with the audience members.”

Ying Lan fell silent. He wasn’t sure if Guan Yue was willing to stay in the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence if the Phoenix King Valley Elder offered him a spot. After all, everyone knew how high Guan Yue’s aspirations were.

“Young master, this old man will now officially represent the Phoenix King Valley to invite you as a new disciple of my Phoenix King Valley. After you enter the valley, I hope you can continue to cultivate diligently and contribute to this continent in the near future.” The Phoenix King Valley Elder spoke respectfully to Guan Yue.

According to the Phoenix King Valley Elder’s plan, Guan Yue should be shedding tears of gratitude after his invitation. However, what in the world was going on? Guan Yue was looking at him with an expression of disbelief. Could it be that he had turned silly from joy?

The elder’s eyes seemed to be failing him. Guan Yue was staring blankly because he didn’t wish to waste his energy to deal with the elder. He was looking at the elder as though he was a fool. Guan Yue couldn’t believe how self-centered the elder was. Did he think that everyone wanted to join the Phoenix King Valley? The elder had totally forgotten the fact that Guan Yue had participated in the selections and was enraged because he failed.

The Phoenix King Valley Elder assumed that Guan Yue was overjoyed and immediately ordered him around. “Young friend, please join the group of disciples. When the time comes, we will be departing together.”

“I don’t think I’ve expressed my agreement to join the Phoenix King Valley. I wasn’t the one who issued the challenge. Your disciple was the one who insulted my parents and I had to defend their honor. I do not intend to join the Phoenix King Valley. I hope Elder can withdraw your decision.”

Bai Luochu’s heart that was about to leap out of her throat relaxed. After all, Guan Yue was a prideful person and if he chose to join the Phoenix King Valley, she couldn’t say anything to stop him.

The elder’s face changed a little and he immediately asked, “Young friend, what is the meaning of this? If you are resentful because our Phoenix King Valley didn’t choose you during the selections, it is indeed our fault. We have misjudged a pearl as a fisheye. If you have anything you aren’t satisfied with, why don’t you enter the valley and discuss it with us?”

Guan Yue felt that this old man was very annoying. Was the elder retarded or did he not explain it thoroughly? Since the elder was forcing him to explain himself, he couldn’t let him down.

Guan Yue didn’t say anything else. In his eyes, the Phoenix King Valley Elder was mentally handicapped and it would be useless to explain anything to him. After Guan Yue heard what the elder said, he shifted his body and stood behind Ying Lan to express that he was a member of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence.

“Young friend, you... you are already a disciple of another sect?” The Phoenix King Valley Elder was stuck in an awkward situation. He didn’t expect for this young man to already belong to a sect.

“It cannot be considered a sect... We are people who failed the Phoenix King Valley disciple selection and have established a small faction to support one another.” Meng Luoping knew that Guan Yue didn’t wish to say anything else. If they wanted to make the Phoenix King Valley look bad, someone else who failed the selection should speak up.

When the words left Meng Luoping’s mouth, everyone fell silent. They started to size up the members of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence who were beside Ying Lan. They were shocked when they noticed the group. It seemed as though the white-clothed young master had his reasons for refusing to join the Phoenix King Valley.

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